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    As far as I'm concerned the KPA is the best thing ever for a guitar player. Even if there was no updates whatsoever I'd be totally happy with the sounds I'm getting. The fact that I know there are further good things to come just makes it even better.For now I'm happy to look at it like I have a bunch of great amps at my disposal. But I understand the guys who want all the bells and whistles right now..

    I don't mean to piss on your parade but I'm a bit paranoid about latency so I wrote Yamaha and asked what the figures are on the DRX and it's 2.2ms which is a little too much for my tastes. Yes I know, that's the same as standing 2ft farther from the speaker, but remember, latency is cumulative and the KPA already introduces like 3.5ms.

    Interesting point Deny.I wonder where the latency is introduced within the DRX? Is there some dsp going on? Would this apply to all similar speakers? Or maybe all speaker drivers have a natural latency.

    sorry didn't see your reply at the top of the earlier post - yes it is the flash reset - I am quite certain I was having the same issues - the wiKPA manual has the method to follow.But it did seem to cure all the noise and artifact issues I was hearing.My kemper is a month old and came with the latest firmware.Hope it works for you.

    Thanks for your help.
    Morgan Dual 40 Clean, it's one of Andy44's profiles from The Amp Factory.
    Guitar is a custom Telecaster, neck pickup, it's a Lindy Fralin vintage (so passive and low output, by no means I'm going to clip the input with something like this). Guitar is direct in the KPA. Clean sense is at 3.5.
    Firmware it's the latest, 1.6, but I also tried to downgrade to 1.5 with no improvements.
    I also tried system reset, flash format and reinit, reinstalling from USB. Nothing changed.

    Had the same issue and solved it by using a full factory reset as per the WiKPA unofficial manual 'Tips & Tricks for the KPA (wiKPA) - For those who want to get to know their KPA far above what's in the manuals :)'

    Make sure you do a backup first!

    I think I had a similar issue again more noticeable on cleaner profiles.I did a full factory restore as per the unofficial manual you'll find on the forum.It seems to have cured this problem for a backup first of course!!

    Just got a kemper amp, it does sound great, but I've noticed most rigs seem to have a quite noticeable amount of a sort of clicky noise when I play, after a bit of fiddling I've found that it seems to happen when the pick attack control is anywhere other than zero, will try to post some clips later. Is this unusual? Is it possible that I would have got a bad unit?

    I was having a similar problem with a kind of clipping noise and other artefacts. My guitar also seems to be noisier as well. I followed the factory reset as per the un official kemper manual you will find elsewhere on the forum.
    I did a backup then a full reset and this has cured it.may be worth a try. :D

    Yes I can hear this too though not on the attacks of the notes it's more on the decay and not on all the notes played...I have been hearing similar on clean profiles.I thought it was just noise poking through on the note decays but it does sound very similar to this.Again reduced all the vols to keep the LEDs in the green and checked the clean sense.would be interested to find out what this is?

    Totally unrelated to anything Kemper, but If I may be so cheeky, I wanted to ask here considering there is a lot of knowledge around these here parts!
    Im working on this album currently and the artist has done a theme style song lets say for maybe the next Pirates of Caribbean movie or similar!.. anyway. I dont often use samples much, especially ones I have to source. however that time has now come.
    So I need some great hi-res thunder/rain/wind/ a ships bell, segulls etc.. where does one get these from?

    I tried to search and all I got was free low quality rubbish ones.
    Thanks for your help, and sorry for interrupting your day.

    you could have a look at alternatively you may find similar within some of the music library companies ie DeWolf who have a lot of specialist sound libraries..

    Yeah I can hear it, almost like a very slight distortion.Not sure what this would be but in my short time of using the Kemper I've noticed that you do have to be careful on all the input and output settings.The led indicators are just that - 'indicative' rather than bang on showing every transient there. If I didn't know anything else abut the profile and settings I would say it does sound like a very slight gain is kicking in there, or possibly it wasn't a 100% clean profile to start off with.

    I got the Kemper last week - a nice black lunchbox from Thomann, it came preloaded with latest version firmware and rigs, and also got an email from Thomann with a few more profiles to boot!

    I have been a guitar player for almost 40 yrs and used many types of amp and guitars etc.I played professionally for a number of years as well as studio work and songwriting. I looked into the Kemper as my main amp is a single channel low wattage valve amp ( a cornford carrera) and I was getting a little frustrated by its limitation of sounds.

    So my thoughts on the Kemper so far is that it is an outstanding bit of kit. There is a bit of a learning curve but not too bad IMO- the ease that I can reproduce certain sounds is really what I find most impressive...also I have learned quite a bit about different types of amp that I never even knew existed! I have been listening to and tweaking the profiles and rigs so haven't even got to do any profiling yet...but all in good time.

    I am putting the kemper into a mixer then out to a pair of behringer truth sounds great but I may look into other options as well.I really like the way the kemper takes a stomp in the front end too!

    The only limitations are that it is still a product which has areas that are not yet fully developed, but for my purposes this is ok-I am able to work with the kemper fine as it is. Fantastic sound machine.