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    I've just had a few hours using mine. Compared to the FCB (which I have also) the first thing that hits me is that rig switching is noticeably faster to my ears. Second thing is using an outboard vol pedal (a Yamaha FC7) feels much smoother and more consistent.

    Looks like mine is a dud too - just arrived today. The brightness control on the remote LCD worked for a while then it stopped. All the functions are fine but the screen isn't illuminated. It all seems to work but you just can't see any detail as the backlight isn't there. Gutted. Tried a different network cable but still the same.ill get onto support.

    Danne69, I ordered mine on 14th Jan at 16.53 with order ref 246831 - I'm in the UK so the numbers look in sequence.Mine is due next week though.I don't know how the dates are worked out?

    I take it when the remote is ready to ship we will have options of how to pay? I ordered using pay in advance which seems to have allowed payment to be deferred until shipping.

    Amm paying up front? Sorry, I marked my order to 'pay in advance' as per online store notes which means I pay when only when its ready to ship.Not a lot wrong with that. Eventually I'm sure the remote will be sold standalone via stores in the normal way. There could be a number of reasons why that is not possible initially. The way I look at it Kemper didn't want to hold their entire inventory until production had geared up but they still wanted to get some early units out there to loyal supporters like an early promo run. Thats never gonna fit with bulk supply to very large music retailers was it? Kemper could have held their water, not show it at NAMM, and waited until Q3 - I'm glad they didn't. Sweetwaters name is also prominent here - they are the one at fault not Kemper.

    I don't recall seeing Kemper mention any other option to buy the remote except via the Online store. It seemed very clear the early bird was just that - aimed at those who registered early and were active on the forums to know about it.

    I know its not the same thing but I bought a guitar on Ebay a while back to go from the US to UK. To insure it properly you needed to have the correct value disclosed so that's where the customs assess it from for import duties etc.If your seller insures it then its protecting him from loss or damage in transit (not you in other words) - its his name on the insurance docs and he pays for it. A simple concept but very often misunderstood among ebayers but who assume the buyer claims etc.
    Your local customs office (or online) should be able to work out the correct fees based on the agreed value for insurance purposes.If seller is sending by Fed Ex then it will cost more, but is a safer option as they can usually include insurance. My guitar? It arrived damaged. Seller had sent it in what looked like an ok case and in the standard cardboard box but that wasn't enough. Anytime since I suggest (unless its in something like a Hiscox or flight case) using 2 pieces of 1/4 " plywood strapped to either side of the case - not very heavy,should still fit in a standard box but is as strong as hell and cheap too.

    If the price is wrong then the market will adjust.Maybe street pricing will come in at a lower figure than the full RRP.But I think its a tool of the trade for those serious players maybe playing live.Yes,the FCB works, its cost effective.But if I was playing in front of a paying crowd I would still want the best gear I can find and afford. And I thought the CLR was expensive! To each his own.