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    I have to ask, I think your switchback 212 is wonderfully balanced, but having bought the pack, I liked the cab on the OD100 a ton, ¿what are the specs? is it a 2x12? It sounds wonderful with the 69 Marshall (wonderful cleans, never expected that, then I saw it was from Eric Johnson, and it clicked, love it clean, love it overdrived, stock cab and with others), cab mix and matching gives another dimension to this.

    My other question regarding this, I am hesitant to buy your IR packs exactly for those reasons, I do not know how much will be lost from the amp taking out the cab and putting one from an IR conversion. Maybe some magic is lost there. Is it better with the kemper cab pack? I wonder how much do you consider it would be lost, I am in the search for some immaculate 4x12 greenback cab sound with fatthead and a royer mic (gives a very realistic full expectrum of what you may hear in the room in my experience).

    I have 2 different 3P cabs I profile with, a 212 Switchback and a 112 Switchback. They do have slightly different tones. In general, I tend to use the 212 with higher wattage amps, but I do profile other amps with it as well if it's already set up. I use the 112 for lower wattage amps as a rule, but again, if it's already set up and ready to go I'll start with it. Like I said before, I've profiled those same cabs hundreds of times and each Kemper CAB I get from it is slightly different depending on the amp being profiled. Every now and then I get a CAB that works on lots of other stuff. I have a handful that I keep saved as presets and if I come to a rig that I don't like a whole lot tonally, I'll swap cabs to one of my faves to see if it sounds better to me. It just increases my chances of liking a rig. Slight changes in mic position from setup to setup or changes made on purpose... these all have impacts on the finished cab sound, along with humidity, actual mics being used, Chinese Zodiac year, etc.

    As far as the IR pack goes, I am not sure how necessary it is. I would treat it like the saved CAB presets, in that it just gives extra options for rigs that you may not like as is. After all of these years and having made them, I tend not to use them much. I just usually either prefer the profiled CABS or my saved CABS. I just try to limit my options a bit so I can get work done without disappearing down another rabbit hole.

    lonestargtr Have you tried the Kone imprints with the Valvetrain? If so, what do you think?

    Soooo.... I had tried the Kone imprints briefly with my Celestion coax (similar to Kemper Kone) and just really didn't like it but I think it was the coax speaker I didn't like. But today, after reading this, I thought I'd try out the Kone imprints into the Valvetrain. I was very prepared to not like the results as I'm just accustomed to what I normally hear. But I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. Even though the Valvetrain uses a guitar speaker, the amp is voiced to work with the speaker in a way that makes it close enough to flat response that the imprints really work pretty much as intended. Without the Kone imprints, there is a bit of low mid bump and rolled off highs that I get used to and that kind of go away at higher volumes with the Valvetrain. With the Kone imprints, it sounds a little like a layer is removed and it sounds and feels a bit more like an amp in the room, especially at the volume I use in my office. Now, of course, it's a can of worms to decide which imprint I like best with each profile, but all in all, I think it's a great added feature and I can definitely see myself using the Kone imprints at home and maybe even on the road (if going on the road ever exists again). Thanks for the comment and setting me off down this road!

    I've been using the 69 Greenback cab with other profiles, it often makes them sounding great, but I notice that they all end up sounding very similar to the 69 Marshall profile the cab is borrowed from.

    Is that normal, that the cab is so dominant that imparts 90% of the final sound, or I am doing something wrong?

    The cab, to me, is a the tonal fingerprint. The amp portion is more about the gain level and some eq balance levels, but the cab plays a large part in the overall tone. I like to save a few of my favorite rigs' cabs as presets and then use those if I encounter a rig that I don't particularly care for and swap them out. I try my handful of saved cabs and if I still don't like it, I usually take that rig out of my Kemper. I kinda like that the cab separation algorithm isn't "perfect" because even though I use a few of the same actual speaker cabs for most everything, I get very different CAB results because of the different amps being profiled. Even profiles using the same exact cab/speaker can yield varying Cab results which just gives me more options when looking for tones later.

    Here is a collab vid that Bart Dietvorst just released. He asked me to contribute some tele noodling to a track he had and then got a bunch of other guys too. Chicken pickin' is something I love but there are guys that play circles around me, but it was still fun. I'm also attaching the Bogner Metropolis rig here for anyone that wants it. It's just an edited version of the one in my 2020 Pack. Enjoy!

    Boggy Metro Y1 2 BD - 2020-01-13

    My take...starting with the Grab and Go through the Crank and Go, MBritt profiles have more top end than they had pre-2017. You can tweak the EQ and definition to get the older ones closer, but these seem to be more a good way. I wonder if Michael did that at the profiling i.e. turned up the treble etc. or in post tweaking.

    Quite possibly a little bit of both. Also, my preferences have changed slightly and I may have also just improved after having made so many? I'll throw some luck in the mix too. And I did make an effort to try to save my eardrums from excessive tinnitus, so my average listening levels have also dropped a bit, which could also account for more high end in the profiles. If they're better suited for lower volumes, there may be some slight tweaking necessary for really loud gigs. It's a trade off, but I do feel like the newer ones are more balanced. Mic placement may have changed slightly, but not dramatically.

    I was bored at work today, so decided I wanted to make a ditty using the 2020 pack. Unfortunately, I'd left my iLok at home, so had to make do with Logic's Drummer and stock plugs. Ho hum. Anyway, I recorded the different layers with my iPhone and cut them together.

    That is so cool! Thanks! Great playing!

    Hey Michael,

    Do you happen to have a list of all the amp names you used for this pack? I see everything timestamped in this link but I don't know all the official amp names and have no clue what im looking at except a few :). This would be greatly appreciated thanks! Also, what is the TrainWreck amp modeled after? What was the idea in mind with that amp?

    I have to try to keep trademark'd brand names out of my advertising, so it makes me have to be creative a bit with the names. Most are probably easy to figure out. And once you buy the pack, it's easy to see in the amp tags in Rig Manager what they are.

    As long as this post doesn't get shared around too much as it's on a private forum, it should be pretty safe:

    13 LDW = Divided by 13 LDW

    3P AD = 3rd Power American Dream

    3P BD = 3rd Power British Dream

    57 Deluxe = Fender '57 Handwired Tweed Deluxe

    63 VibroV = Fender '63 Vibroverb Reissue

    67 ProVerb = 1967 Fender Pro Reverb

    68 Mars 50 = 1968 Marshall Plexi 50w

    72 Mars = 1972 Marshall Lead 50

    Boggy Metro = Bogner Metropolis

    CA OD100 = Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100

    CA Tripper = Carol Ann TripR

    Mars 800 = Marshall JCM800 (80's)

    Match Club Man = Matchless Clubman

    THat Royalty = TopHat King Royale

    Too Rocky CRS = 2 Rock Classic Reverb Signature

    Wrekt DLM = Trainwreck Dirty Little Monster

    As for the Trainwreck, I'm not super familiar with those amps. It belongs to a friend of mine and supposedly it was made after Ken's death by someone close to him using all the same sourced parts Ken used. Both of the wrecks I've tried had the similar gnarly gain to them, very abrasive, but touch sensitive. It's kinda like the difference between a NASCAR and a production car... no comfort features, bells or whistles, just power and as little in the way of the "engine" as possible.

    Let me know if you have any other questions that aren't covered in the pdf document above, too.


    Thanks for all the kind reviews! I never know when I put something out if it will be as good as what I've done in the past. I only know what I think about it ahead of time, aside from a handful of beta testers. I appreciate the feedback for sure!

    I added a video link in the FAQ section of my site with a tutorial about importing performances. Most of the die-hard Kemper users prob have that covered by now, but it's helpful to people that haven't had it as long. I will be adding more tutorials as well and am welcome to ideas if you have them. I'm trying to make good use of the "stay-at-home" orders and keep trying to be productive. Let me know if you have any ideas.

    Bought the 2020 Pack yesterday, and haven't (yet!) made it past the first profile (13 LDW 3), which to my ears is perfect for getting Trey Anastasio's tone from "Stash". Thanks Michael for keeping the great profiles coming!

    Thanks so much! And that profile in particular is a favorite of mine. I just love the clean tone of that amp. It's strong sounding and clear.

    Some EXTREMELY tasty profiles here... thanks for the effort!!

    Have you given any thought as to which imprints (if any) sound best (closest to what your hearing with the originals) with individual profiles?

    I haven't gotten the Kone yet so I haven't done much with the imprints yet.

    New 2020 Pack is out. Getting lots of questions. These are all new profiles even though some of my personal amps are in this pack and may have been profiled some in the past. These are all new profiles and most of the amps have not been in any packs. There may even be a small Easter egg hidden somewhere since it's Easter here. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

    I've also updated the website a little, adding a FAQ section that I will be adding to over time AND I added a new search bar at the bottom that lets users search for specific amps/brands and if I've profiled that amp/brand, it will take you to which packs contain those.

    Bought the Just Bass pack.

    Not even sure how I'm gonna use it. Didn't see anything specific in the info about whether or not to send these DI Profiles back through an amp rig / Kemper. The demos sound really DI'y to me, so logic tells me that I'd need to reamp them in order to introduce that deep-bass mojo and grit that only a mic'd bass amp delivers, IOW, back through the Kemper.

    Anyway, I bought it seeing as I received a coupon, otherwise I would've waited at least 6 months 'til I could justify the expense. Now that I have it, any thoughts will be hugely-appreciated. Thank you, fellow Kemperites, and possibly Michael. <3

    Most of the bass pack profiles are just preamps so they won't have cabs but there are some cabs on some of the amp peg svt rigs that you can copy and paste if you need that woofier cab sound. Many of the Nashville bass players just record direct with no cabs but it's always nice to have an extra layer in there along with it if you need it.