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    Bought the Just Bass pack.

    Not even sure how I'm gonna use it. Didn't see anything specific in the info about whether or not to send these DI Profiles back through an amp rig / Kemper. The demos sound really DI'y to me, so logic tells me that I'd need to reamp them in order to introduce that deep-bass mojo and grit that only a mic'd bass amp delivers, IOW, back through the Kemper.

    Anyway, I bought it seeing as I received a coupon, otherwise I would've waited at least 6 months 'til I could justify the expense. Now that I have it, any thoughts will be hugely-appreciated. Thank you, fellow Kemperites, and possibly Michael. <3

    Most of the bass pack profiles are just preamps so they won't have cabs but there are some cabs on some of the amp peg svt rigs that you can copy and paste if you need that woofier cab sound. Many of the Nashville bass players just record direct with no cabs but it's always nice to have an extra layer in there along with it if you need it.

    I was able to get in a minute ago with Firefox and Chromium on Linux, plus using Safari on my iPhone

    Very cool and I'd love to buy some stuff, but I can't get to your website. I tried IE, Edge, Chrome, and FireFox from a Windows PC, and Safari from an iPhone and iPad. They all seem to take issue with a secure channel issue. The most useful error came via FireFox; 'Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG". I found your Facebook page and it looks like someone reported the same there (though I don't use Facebook or i would have posted there). Are you actively working on something?

    I can't make it get an error on any machine/device I have. I have heard just a couple people who can't and they seem to be either pulling up a cached version that may have been flagged when I had the security certificate last year or they just have an antivirus program running that's blocking it for some reason. It may be country dependent too, I don't know. But if I can't make it happen it's hard for me to know what to fix.

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    I know a lot of guys are losing gigs and trying to work from home and having a lot of free time in quarantine or social distancing, so I'm just trying to do my part to help out. Good luck everyone and stay safe and best wishes!! Wash your hands often.

    The SSL issue should've been cleared up back in June. Try resetting your clearing the cache in your browser as it seems to be pulling up an old version of the page without the new SSL certificate. I'm not sure why. It seems to be fixed for most everyone by now. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's pulling up fine on every device I have. Thanks!

    I had a day of down time a few days ago when GoDaddy was migrating to a new server and took a while for them to change the DNS. It's up and running now but you may have to refresh to get rid of the old holding page from when it was down. Sorry for the inconvenience


    I'm going to buy a Powertrain, this is probably a dumb question but will it work with a Kemper Kone?

    I'm not sure. I believe Kemper Kone is made specifically to work with a proprietary Celestion speaker that they have been working on with Kemper. I'm not sure if it's identical to the FX12-X200 or just similar. The PowerTrain 50 uses a regular guitar 12" speaker (Eminence Red, White, and Blues) but the voicing of the power amp somehow makes it work. I briefly tried the X200 in one of my 3P cabinets and I couldn't pull it out quick enough. I see people using them with positive results but I have pretty much given up on 2-way speaker systems. I can always hear something fishy around the crossover point or in the high end of the horn.

    Hey Mike,

    I'd be interested in you opinion(s) of the Profiler Stage. Have you had a chance to use one yet?


    I haven’t used the Stage live yet but I have gotten one and have been programming it and getting it ready. It seems really cool so far. I’m still kind of learning where to find things and little workarounds for workflow things that have changed. Our tour schedule has just been so crazy I’m just squeezing in time with it where I can.

    On a side note, I just uploaded a new blog on my site ( with an interview with guitarist Tom Crouch and there are a couple of free rigs included as well. I hope to do more of these in the future. Check it out when you have time.

    MBritt Artist Profile - Tom Crouch

    My sincerest apologies for the website problems of the last two weeks. My site was a victim of a phishing attack via one of the plugins. My web guy assures me that no personal data was lost or stolen but the attack made a mess of things and deleted a lot of files, so he had to go back in and recreate some things. In the meantime, he installed more security measures to try to keep it from happening again. I didn't even have access to it for most of that time to login and I was both on the road and on a short vacation with family but it is now up and running with a fresh security certificate from Google and everything appears fine as it continues to propagate through the internet.

    Our tour schedule is in full swing this year and I will be on the road a lot this summer. If you see us playing near you please let me know. I'm sadly going to miss the Summer NAMM show in Nashville as I will be in the Northwest US. I am pleased to announce that I've started using a new powered speaker on this tour and it's just fantastic. Valvetrain amps' Power Stage 50 is a tube powered speaker that sounds amazing and sounds like a real amp because it is one. It is not an FRFR but somehow sounds right. As a lover of tube amps and a lover of Kemper, it marries the two worlds perfectly to me. I've always struggled with hearing guitar out of a horn/tweeter and I've always been bothered by crossovers because there is an inherent dip and cancellation where the two frequency curves "meet". There is no comb filtering, no phase alignment issues, no frequency dropouts and since it uses a guitar speaker and a tube amp it feels like a real amp and sounds great without the super high frequencies that don't really exist in real guitar amps. It's not an inexpensive solution but for those like me who have struggled to find the perfect speaker for the Kemper, it may be worth looking at. I use the monitor output and leave the cabs on and it sounds almost identical to the tones I get in my Ultimate Ears UE7 iems.

    I will try to post a new rig demo soon from the road. Thanks for your time and again, sorry for the web issues.

    I have D set as a loop and run: TS9 > PoT > KTR > Zendrive. Each on its own sounds like you'd expect, but I'm amazed how well they stack. I use the loop cause I want the wah before the OD/distortion.

    That's kinda what I'm thinking of doing. I have my timmy, archer, kalamazoo, dimension c, and flint in the loops on the Hex into slot D in the Kemper (when the Hex arrives, anyway).

    Yeah, the Flint sounds really great.Love both the reverb and the tremolo.

    I did a comparison a couple of years ago with the Flint tremolo and the Kemper one. I thought the Kemper sounded almost as good, with an edge to the Flint:

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Yeah, the Harmonic Tremolo on the Flint is different than the Kemper trem in that it has a pitch wobble too and I've tried adding a vibrato with the same rate but it's still not the same sound. I went through a ton of profiles and culled about 12 clean rigs to use with real pedals in the loop and they all sound pretty fantastic. The funny thing about the Kemper is that even when I talk myself into doing a gig with a real pedalboard and amp, I end up deferring to the Kemper because it's still so much more convenient than mic'ing a cabinet, plus the fx are more powerful and easier to to program, especially the delays, pitch shifting, (now) reverbs, and the morph function. They are things I just can't do easily on a real pedalboard.

    I did try a pedalboard in front of the Kemper when I first got it and wasn't wowed by the results. I've since heard from lots of Nashville session guys and worked with guys who use pedals with their Kemper on the road and just thought I'd try some pedals in the loop. Granted, the main reason is that I've completely fallen in love with the harmonic tremolo in the Strymon Flint, but I thought why not try some gain pedals in the loop while I'm at it. I'm currently waiting on a Voodoo Lab Hex so I can choose between multiple pedals in the loop, but I'll keep you updated on my progress. It's definitely not a necessity but I feel compelled to try new things so I don't get complacent.

    Ok, so for 5 years I've been using the KPA without any pedals most of the time, except for a Line 6 M9 in the fx loop for chorus and octo verb. And just because I wanted to be prepared for any pop up gigs where I needed a real amp pedalboard rig, I built a pedalboard recently that would cover a whole show (for the most part). It sounds great with my main amps I keep at home and it's been fun to play on. So, this week I've been experimenting with some gain pedals (and a couple other pedals) in the loop of the KPA to see if I could recreate the tones I'm getting from my home pedalboard rig. I can profile the amps with the gain pedals in line and tonally it's pretty close, but I feel like the dynamics are bigger with the gain pedals in the loop.

    Which brings me to my question: How many of you guys use pedals along with the Kemper, either before the KPA or in the loop?

    I'm always looking for live-use-rigs which need not to be tweaked intensely, so MBritt-Profiles could be a good deal for me.

    Can you recommend a MBritt-Profile from the Free-Rig-Platform, which I could check out for use with our Yamaha-DSR112 - DSR118W-P.A.?

    Have you checked out the Free M Britt Rig Pack through Rig Manager or in the downloads section?

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