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    I have an amp that is not on the rig exchange and I would like to profile it and have it be a very good quality profile. I have no mics, miking experience and would like to use a couple different guitar cabs with it. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. Is there a KPA owner who has access to some nice equipment mics etc. where we could profile the amp and do it justice? The amp is capable of quit a number of different sounds so it may it would be best to take a decent number of profiles.

    I bought a Kemper recently and the majority of time I play at home. Never liked modelers. Took a chance on the Kemper....
    One of the best gear purchases ever. I can get high gain, cranked amps sounds with headphones, at low volume, that sound real and sound awesome. Great clean and in between too.
    I like it more and more each day. I'm glad I quit procrastinating and bought it.

    One of the main reasons I purchased the KPA (second to its great sounds) vice any other modeler was that the KPA is in its infancy and is already competing head-to-head with one of the top modelers today. I think the upcoming updates to the KPA are going to be awesome. I then read a current forum thread, excerpt below.

    poster in thread: If one read my previous posts , he will find about my friend, professional
    producer who is using 2 Virus Synthesizers in a last 15 years or so .

    He told me not to worry , if KPA is going like a Virus, in a few years time we will have everything - effects to dream about it , decent librarian, fantastic Foot Controller , even more better Profiler and amp sound, and maybe few more things only CK knows about...

    CK: Ask your producer friend how we did the development and evolution of the very core sound
    of the Access Virus in the last 15 years.
    His answer might express exactly what our plans are with the Profiler.

    I don't know about everyone else but I found this little golden nugget in the thread to be extremely exciting as a KPA owner.

    This is the first modeler I have purchased. I have always used tubes amps and even use NOS
    tubes. Been checking modelers out for years but never liked them. I looked at other units but from all the clips I heard the KPA consistently sounded better and because so many people would say it was the best gear purchase they have
    ever made. I went ahead and ordered one without hearing it in person. Not liking modelers before I was kind of nervous while waiting for it to arrive.

    I bought the black lunchbox/ham radio version. It looks great, it has such a unique look, like the handle, and is smaller then I thought. The controls and the interface are really well laid out and it is easy to use. Since I only play at home now (hopefully getting out soon) the tube amps were not working for anything but clean sounds. Getting overdriven sounds with pedals just did not work. Quit discouraging actually and cranking up the amp was not an option.

    Verdict after a week: The KPA is awesome. I enjoy playing my guitar even more now. It is great to get the cranked amp sound at a reasonable volume level. And it sounds real not fake or digital. I am happy I bought it. Absolutely amazing
    unit. I'm running it with headphones and will try it through my stereo system for now as I look at other options. The CLR sure sounds like a nice mate for the Kemper at home or away.

    Along with only a couple guitar purchases the KPA the best gear purchase I have ever made. Thanks
    to Chris for making such a revolutionary and great product.