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    Despite the fact that the PROFILER requires a momentary switch - which the Korg PS 1 seems to be - the ons and offs of the effect modules latch. So one full press/release cycle toggles on or off. First time it's on (or off), next time it's off (or on).

    Instead of switching on/off you could use Morphing the Mix of that delay between 0% and 100%. If you set Rise Time and Fall Time to 0, this is practically like switching on/off. But Morphing allows to select "Momentary" in Rig Settings. And Morphing can be assigned to an external momentary switch. I assume this is a closing switch, so polarity needs to be set to inverse.

    Thanks an absolute million Sir!

    I knew the Morph would work for the mix, but what I wanted to is have it come in for a single note or end of a phrase, then trail out when I let go... Unfortunately not the mix fading.

    The effect switch works, but because it is in the second row I have to hover with my foot in the air.

    So I was looking for a way to just hit something while my heel is planted. It needs to be a single push and release with my foot, too complex timing to do two clicks.

    If one of the Rig buttons could swap with the effects button that would be awesome.

    Unless there is some other option I am missing I guess I'll just have to get use to hovering! :)

    Thanks again!

    Would a pedal like this work only when depressed for an effect assigned to it in the KPA.

    For instance: delay on when you depress but off as soon as you lift?

    I know the Stage will do this if you hold an effect button, but for this application and my feet the effects switches are too far back from the edge .

    I hope that makes sense! I am not knowledgeable on things like this.

    Since I record dry I set it so the Mains were dry, the Monitor out wet.

    Hopefully this spring!! I have to finish my new release first and get past the holidays.

    Going to do the Buckethead thing and play with backing tracks live, at least at first.

    I would need a good sized band to play my weird music.

    Thanks again!

    how about Dual Delay, 100% wet,

    one side with 0ms delay, the other with whatever ms amount you want to use

    Thanks Don

    Couldn't get to work for me though... Maybe I have something set wrong elsewhere?

    I cannot get a delay, any of the delays, to pan or sound panned. I don't even see a "side" in the Dual delay.

    Read the manual, pushed the buttons.

    Couldn't figure the Monitor/Main thing either , have two monitors hooked up, but couldn't get the monitor output to make anything... I did go into output to turn it up.

    What am I missing?

    Probably a sign that I shouldn't gig again.

    I think you have to utilize two different KPA outputs for your desired setup (e.g. Monitor and Direct Out). I'm not in front of my KPA atm so maybe I'm not using the right terms, but I'd dial one output to Mod Mono (signal chain up to the Mod module) and the other one to Reverb/Delay only. If you own a powered Kemper you only have one powered output so you'll need a second amp to fire up the second cab.

    Thanks so much guys, I'll try this later

    I have a stage these days, so a pair of powered monitors

    ... Crossing fingers!

    Hey guys,

    I can't seem to find a way to do this and the search here isn't getting me answers... So if anyone has answers let me know please.

    After my almost 8 years of recording a ton with the KPA I am preparing to start gigging again (long story).

    In any case, when I record I always add delays afterward in my DAW. I record the Kemper like a dry amp, just like every time I would with amps in the studio.

    I record mono and then clone the track and pan it to the side with the delay. I don't want the stereo millisecond thing, I want a paired mono sound... Just one with delay.

    This sounds like my old wet/dry two amp setups I used prior to the Kemper and I am really happy with that.

    With the delay coming out of the Kemper is there a way to have dry on one side and delay only panned to the other speaker (running two cabs obviously)?

    It's a really nice delay, but I'd prefer it only on one speaker... It's too washy for my ears, or too low in the mix.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Thanks for any help!!

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere....

    I mainly use one rig for my gain tones, very simple.

    I have always done these things on the Kemper without the remote when recording, but trying to put together the simplest live format now.

    Basically I am trying to assign on the remote:

    I - Delay and wah (w/expression pedal) - I like to turn off the wah like this so I don't accidentally bump it in, or I can leave it in a cocked position and turn it on preset there

    II - Delay and a T-wah

    III - Pitch shifting with the t-wah and delay

    IIII - is just delay

    It only lets me save the delay in one place

    or the t-wah in one place


    I guess I could make four rigs to do, but just trying to set groups

    This literally covers everything I use on my gain setting

    Am I missing something obvious?

    Sorry, for someone who has used the KPA for 7+ years I feel like a doofus ^^

    Song is awesome, and your playing killer!

    Love the guitar tones, they all sounds great.

    For me the drums are taking over the mix too much though, mainly the kick... But hey, I am a guitarist, so I want to hear you better.

    Your other tunes have have the kick sitting a bit back further, Ortus for example... Wonderfully sick tunes!

    Stellar work though, seriously bad*ss

    errr. DISPLAY

    Perhaps this can be done and I am a dofus....8o

    But it would be incredible to have the display change per rig like it does for the effect.

    I could be 20 ft from my board and look over and see just the color and know where I was.

    (as it is I can barely read the remote display anyway, hahaha)

    Anyhow, if it can be done let me know ... and if not, here's a request! 8)