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    Just played the last rehearsals for the gig in saturday and oh boy was that a joy! I have a Matrix GT1000fx with my KPA and today I had Mesa 4*12 as a cab and this ZXL12p as a monitor. ZXL did good! Very good! We played metal (2 guitars, bass, synths and pretty hard hitting drummer) and ZXL was totally loud enough, thats for sure :) Clear and punchy! Never been this good sound in rehearsals :thumbsup:

    Finally got this EV ZLX12p on my hands and had a change for a quick test. I am a newbie in guitar (let alone FRFR stuff) so I don't have any experience to compare it to :) We had a RCF 310A at our rehearsal place so I kind of compared this to it. So, here's my few cents (not a review really):

    + ZLX is very loud! Was louder and bigger sounding than RCF even with the less volume.
    + Sounds amazing. A lot of punch and very clear sound. Though, the RCF sounded awesome also.
    + Didn't notice any hiss or rattling or anything like that. Not at all. I used my ZLX on the floor in a monitor position with the MODE set to 'Live' and LOCATION set to 'Monitor'. All the other eq settings where left untouched.

    - Was physically just a bit bigger that I expected it to be. This is not really a con, is it :)

    We have rehearsals later today, so I am able to seriously test it in real band use also. I'll return with my notes after that. Also next week, we have rehearsals with the band in which I play bass, so few notes of bass+KPA+ZLX coming soon :)

    I'm sorry if this idea is already been discussed.

    I was thinking if it could be possible to use the same ethernet cable that connects the KFC to KPA to send the guitar signal to KPA also? So that the instrument cable from guitar could be put straight into this floor controller in front of the stage. I would find that very usable.

    IMO this request falls in the general "not enough slots" issue tho...

    I disagree. Having the transpose functionality in Input section would be a lot easier (and better). One could just use Transpose IF needed, and all the rigs would remain the same. It would be totally different than Transpose in Stomp A and locked -> All the rigs would lose their stomp A's. In what situation would one use Transpose in any other stomp than A anyway?

    Hi KPA friends,

    got a pair of EV ZLX 12 in my studio. Have to say that I am very impressed as they are very light, do not hiss, no ventilator, sound very good at low volume and high volume. The guitar sounds through the KPA have all the balls and sparkle I need for my purposes (not metall player..). Also recorded music sound very pleasant. It come with a DSP that allows to adapt to different situations (as wedges, PA etc) and also can manipulate the frequencies a bit for different applications (playback, live, vocals, techno). Compared to my Behringer B212D they sound much better as there is more clarity and punch. The Bs sound very nasal in comparison. For 370 Euro per speaker I think it is a very good deal. Compared it in the shop also with some RCFs (more expensive) that I did not like at all (due to kind of mid focussed sound). Search completed successfully. Keep them.

    Cheers Sacapuntas

    Does it have 2 inputs? I mean can it be used as a monitor for KPA and the signal from PA simultaneously? And can it be used as amp for passive version of the ZXL112 if one has both of them, I mean connecting the KPA into this active ZXL and then output link to passive ZXL?

    Run it on a virtual machine until Mac version come?

    I know it's a pain to make this just to run a little software but.. :S

    This is not an answer either because this still needs the Windows which is not a free OS. So if you are a mac user withOUT Windows, you can't do this either.

    I'm not waiting for footcontroller either because FCB is just great with Uno4Kemper chip. The complete Editor software is also not important because Kemper is so easy to use/tweak. Rig Manager for Mac is the thing I would like the Kemper team to focus now :) New features and bug fixes too, of course.

    No problem at all. However a PC or Mac based editor would be helpful. Having used Axe Edit, I must say that creating and visualizing presets is just easier. I've owned both and feel that the KPA is simply a better device. However, the ease in which a preset is created goes to the Axe.

    Just want to say my opinion on this matter too. Kemper is just so MUCH easier to tweak than Axe because of very straightforward and intuitive user interface, that this editor is not that important. I know its a good tool for Axe because Axes more complex user interface. I prefer Team Kemper to focus on new features and known bugs.

    At the moment a single press turns them on/off, and it takes a long press to get in to edit them. I'd like to see this behaviour reversed, or at least the option to.

    I can't remember where exactly this setting is, but it exists already. System-menu maybe?

    when recording via spdif for reamping purposes I can't record the wet signal with delay and reverb and the di signal at once. is there any way to use those fx and record the dry di-signal (w/o reverb and delay of course) and if not then please move this thread to the feature requests section ;)

    You should check that you have selected "Master mono" for main out in Output section. Then the delay and reverb should be included also. Then just use main output for wet signal.


    I'd also like to use this topic for my request about the front panel quick tuning LEDs:

    IMO, It would be a lot easier to see the tuning if the ONLY the one in the center is lit when the string is in tune (the bubble does not touch the edges of the 'in tune' area). And when the string is flat/sharp, only the LED on that side of the center LED gets lit. In that way, it would be a lot clearer to see the tune than the way it currently works: both side are lit with white light and the green light is used to represent the situation of the tune.