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    Hi there fellow KPA users :)

    I just did my first profiling ever. I wanted to give it a try and walk through the whole process to get to know how it is done. So what I profiled was:

    - ENGL Powerball II amplifier
    - Peavey 412JS cabinet (Jensen elements)
    - SM57 / Sennheiser e606 mics.

    Here's the link:

    The package contains 4 rigs on total, 2 made with e606 and 2 with SM57. At first I did the profiles for both mics separately using pretty much gain on the amp (same amount I would use when playing the amp) and then I did both of these again with only a little gain on amp to see how the profile changes. I think these later ones worked better. I also tried to profile the amp using both of the mics at the same time with mixer in the chain but I got a phase error (not sure if this is a right term ;) ) and it sounded bad.

    - with a lot of gain:
    JL's Engl PB2 SM57.kipr
    JL's Engl PB2 e606.kipr

    - with less gain:
    JL's Engl PB2 SM57 2.kipr
    JL's Engl PB2 e606 2.kipr

    I would really appreciate any feedback on what do you think of these. Thanks!

    8o ..this way you loose all the backups as well. I wouldn't do it....

    So? Of course you should always copy your backups from the USB stick to your computer ;) You never know if the USB stick stops working or gets lost even.

    Very good idea, unfortunately not possible with the current version.
    Here's how I access the tuner with my FCB: I have programmed the tuner cc# as the 'secondary' function for each of my Rig switching buttons on the FCB. So first press of that button selects the corresponding rig, pressing it again sends KPA to tuner mode and mutes it.
    Maybe this helps!?


    Thanks for the reply. Yes, i could do that, sure, but now I have programmed the presets buttons so that the first step on button changes the preset and the following steps on that same button taps the tempo. Thats practical imo. I had the tuner assigned to one of the stompbox buttons now and thats ok. I was thinking that, at least, in live situations, it would be nice to have tuner at volume pedal value 0, because you usually turn off the volume between the songs and you usually also tune your guitar then. Not a big issue, but I was just wondering :)


    I just got my FCB1010 with uno chip and got it working properly with my KPA fairly easily :) One thought popped into my mind after playing around with my gear.
    Is it anyhow possible to setup the FCB1010's expression pedal to control the volume AND when the pedal is turned to 0, fire the CC to toggle the tuner? Do you follow me? I think it would be usefull to have the tuner turned on when the volume is turned down. Could this be possible?

    Thanks :)

    Sounds like it's a program you use with your computer. It converts your impulse files into KPA files, and those resulting files are what you have to transform into KPA. I think.