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    Well, I combine those two by GK13 into SY1000, one of the modeled guitars out via sub out into the input of the Stage. Then I have the rest of the SY instruments going into a mixer via main outs, and the Stage also going into the mixer. It's a great combo, but lately, I'm trying to a smaller rig, without sacrificing sound, and am running the SY as part of an aggregated audio interface into Gig Performer, using the same principle as with the stage, but substituting plug-ins for my Stage. I leave my two Kempers at home for recording.

    It is always interesting to me that 'advancements" for guitar amp tech, are usually centered around perfecting the past tech. What I'm hoping for, is that a genius like CK, actually advances what a string instrument can be made to do. He has his feet in both worlds, and Roland isn't as receptive to giving more than necessary. Only Kemper has delivered way more than promised, after the sale, at no cost, in my 57yrs. as a pro. Please take us out of the 1950's!!!:)

    Well, the members of that forum are very sensitive to issues like that, so the lack of talk about latency, etc., tells me there is no such problem that is noticeable. Every one of my solid bodies have trems, but I have been tempted to put one on my acoustic, or jazz guitars.

    I thought it might be, but honestly it sounded a bit better to me, but that could be psychological, because of seeing the extra controls. tried the new Double Tracker with it, and that was an interesting combo.

    Well, I stumbled onto the Double Tracker before I watched the tutorial on it. In the video, he always selects the DT from the Equalizer effect section, but since I had not watched the video until later, I went searching for it and found it also under Delays/Dual Chromatic!! After you select Dual Chromatic in rig manager, another sub menu appears and Double Tracker appears, with really unbelievably extensive control settings- about 4-5 times the options, as the one in the Equalizer section. And it really smokes!!! Check it out!

    Yes, of course, but I am referring to using the compare feature within one slot. For instance, if you have settled on 7 of the 8 effects in slots, but you are trying to finish the remaining slot, and you wish to quickly, “a/b” check 2 different effects in the one slot , to see which one works best.

    Also, it could be useful, as a “compare” button, when putting together a rig’s effects, where you can listen to two different effects, within a slot, quickly with the touch of a button, or click of a mouse in rig manager.

    Well, for instance, when I started using the double tracker, which I do love, I had to give up a slot forgot what I was putting in that position because this seem to be more important but I had to choose..So that would eliminate having to make that choice during different parts of the song for instance. As far as the latency goes, it is pretty minimal when you’re choosing between two affects, even in browser mode, but of course the wizards at Kemper probably have an answer for any latency.:)

    It would be very nice, since we now have the ability to change the KPA, on the fly, via IOS, to have dual effects, as an example, within each effect slot. More or less like in a buffer for each effect, that could have a one touch switch per effect, within the current rig. This would "increase" the number of effects for use in a rig, without using a second rig preset in Performance Mode. For example, slot A could have a compressor assigned, but also have the ability to have a different effect "in waiting" to substitute, such as a wah, or any other effect. This would give us the ability to either touch a soft button, and/or something like a "long press" on the floor unit, Stage or Remote, to engage the 2nd effect, as a replacement for the original preset. So, this would increase the possible effects within a rig to 16 instead of 8. Hope this makes sense.

    Well, I find it best to have "go to" general performances, i.e. clean, crunch, lead, etc. that would suffice in most any situation, then if I settle into a situation, depending on whether or not I need something more specific for a given song, I can make more specialty patches. In my one man band performances, I never had a set list that I followed, as I would read the crowd, take requests, etc., and I had over 12 hours of backing tracks to choose from. Normally, I would have a set of favorites, that I gravitated to each gig, and I would basically memorize what I used successfully in the past.