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    My new Rack Profiler came with only the Basics & Profiling Guide. It says, on certain topics, to refer to the Reference Manual. Was this an oversight, that it didn't come with my unit, or where can I find it?

    Well, what an interesting subject! Maybe I will turn on full sustain on my Moog E1-M, without an amp, and just let it vibrate for a whole day, and see if I can tell any differences. It seems there is no real way to measure any of this, except via personal opinion. It seems like it would at least be a great way to "warm up" a guitar before a gig. I know that when I do an "OM" type sound, I can feel my body resonate long after I have stopped the sound. It's worth a try for sure.

    Hello everyone,
    I've had the Rack for a couple of weeks now, and it is really a smile maker! Can't get enough! Happy, happy, happy!!!
    I am using my VG 99 through the spdif of the KPA, which is too cool, but it seems I have to check the spdif box on input
    everytime I turn it on, even though I have stored the rig. I am missing something here, perhaps. Is there a way to store the spdif in, per patch, globally, or anyway at all? I am running channel A from the 99, with no COSM amp, into the KPA spdif in, and then the main outs of the 99, into the effect returns of the KPA in stereo. When I have them together like that, it is such an amazing sound, so I store the rig, but the next day, I must choose the spdif input again, and the mix level of the stereo effects(99), is not where I left it on that patch, but rather where I left it when I shut it down for the evening. Any help would be really appreciated.
    When I first got the rack, I just played straight in, with nothing else, and was blown away! But when I used these two together, I must say it is the most satisfied I have ever been, in my 48 years of playing!
    Thank you Mr. Kemper!!