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    This came from a Kemper moderator about W/D/W for the Stage:

    MONITOR OUTPUT with Output Source "Stack" and the usual Kone settings.

    MAIN OUTPUT with Output Source "DLY/REV Wet" to full-range cabinets.

    HEADPHONE OUT to FOH, or S/PDIF OUT with Output Source "Master Stereo" or just mono via SEND 1 with Output Source "Master Mono".

    My latest, and best, combo is a Boss SY1000 with one of the modeled guitars feeding the Kemper, via the sub out. Also, I can add 3 other instruments, usually guitars, with their own separate great sounding AIRD amps. It's a great combination, especially if you desire multiple amp and guitar sounds. Incredibly flexible routing.

    MONITOR OUTPUT with Output Source "Stack" and the usual Kone settings.

    MAIN OUTPUT with Output Source "DLY/REV Wet" to full-range cabinets.

    HEADPHONE OUT to FOH, or S/PDIF OUT with Output Source "Master Stereo" or just mono via SEND 1 with Output Source "Master Mono".

    Well, I have always been thrilled with my Kemper, and am amazed at how many wonderful free upgrades have been offered, over the years, as I bought my first one 8 yrs ago.

    So, as I decided to have a second rig, with my newest Stage purchase, and I decided to use the Stage as my MIDI controller, for my Boss SY1000, which is an absolute killer combo, by the way. So I use two expression pedals into the Stage, and use both PC and CC changes to control my SY. Since I mostly use vol (cc#7) and wah (cc#1), these exp pedals are used in their natural inputs, to make things simpler. However, when on one patch, I decided to use wah to pitch settings, I could not get the pedal to control the pitch on my SY, as I kept trying to send CC#4 to the SY, but to no avail. Then I accidentally used CC#1 to control the SY pitch, and it worked!!!

    So, my request, I believe, would be helpful to many, if implemented, for the CC# sent via MIDI to automatically change when wah to pitch is selected, which I erroneously assumed it would. So, if you select wah to pitch, the CC# output will also change from CC#1 to CC#4. It may not be a very crucial addition, but would be helpful when using the stage as a MIDI controller, as I spent a couple of hours troubleshooting, before I stumbled onto the solution. Thanks again for an incredible piece of ever evolving gear!!!

    To set up the PC# for the SY, make sure the Midi send on the Kemper is the same as the midi receive channel on the SY.

    You need to then press edit on the KPA, and then system to go to the soft button "Slot settings", where it will give you the option to use different program change #s to send to the SY.

    In this video, beginning at 2:30, Midi program change is addressed.

    At 4:00, midi program change assignment is addressed.

    Hope this helps. The video tutorial is below.



    which guitar synth are you using , and what features are you controlling with MIDI Designer

    Using it with my GR30, of course it will work with anything midi. I prefer it over foot switch control, because every patch I use is on one page, and there is no tap dance to get to, let's say a program 3 banks away on a foot controller, which also takes up floor space, and the iPad is mounted on my mic stand. Using it solely for patch change, but the app also will send CC messages, and I do have a mute button setup as well as CC#7 for volume, which looks like a horizontal slider. Before I got my Stage, I had the screen split on an iPad with one side synth patch changes, and the other KPA patch changes. The iPad runs to a iConnectivity MIDI2+, but is not wireless.

    Now that RM can be wireless from an iPad, an HXstomp size mini Kemper would make sense. If you are going to do away with buttons, then wireless touch is necessary, IMO. I use an iPad with Midi Designer app to control my guitar synth now. It does work with the KPA as well, but RM would be more complete, most likely, a lot less programming.


    The next step now is a Kemper Kombo amp, that would be the creme de la creme!

    Yes, I am expecting that as well, as it would give Remote sales an added boost, for new buyers, and what a package that would be !!!

    What I'm wondering is how is it that the specs, especially the weight, is listed as the same for both the powered and unpowered cabinet? Thrilled to see it finally available though, but what is the weight?

    Before the Kemper was announced, no one in the public had imagined such a thing would be invented, generally speaking. Mr. Kemper is likely to bring an even newer technology, that maybe is or isn't related to the KPA . The Virus synth series has also been unique, so I suspect there may be something coming that is also unique, once again.

    This past year, I purchased my second Kemper(Stage), and since I am a 13 pin guitarist, a Boss SY1000.

    This combo takes it over the top, as I can send the Guitar model of my choice, out of the sub out of SY into the Kemper, and still use the surprisingly great SY amps, to create the second amp, going out of the main out, into my mixer. When I use dual amps, in this manner, I put the SY delay, with a few millisecond delay, mix full delay, out of the SY's main out, and it gives me a really nice double tracked sound, when combined with the Kemper. The other killer features on the SY are just icing on the cake. Great combo!!!

    Seems like a great product! To me, the form factor of the QC is its strongest point - small footprint, large touch screen, ample back panel, ease of use, etc. However, is the sound any BETTER than my (2) KPAs, enough to switch? Not to my ears. Also, durability questions will take years to answer, whereas, KPA has proven to be dependable with fantastic support. Since I have a KPA rack, and a Stage, it may be tempting to sell one of them, and see, first hand, if I prefer the QC. However, I too suspect that our resident genius does have more aces up his sleeve, in regards to the Kemper future world, so rather than investing in becoming a QC early adopter, I believe I’ll wait until the dust settles.