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    I had a few hours rehearsal yesterday night, with lots of uncontrolled stomping. With 8.7.17 public beta the issue did not re-occur. All previous rehearsals had at least one occurrence. This is a good development

    I am also on Monterey. I get an announcement to upgrade to RM3.3. Download proceeds to an amazing 139% instead of 100%, then installer shows up in taskbar but doesn't open a window. Right clicking and choosing "show all windows", gives the message "no available windows". So it doesn't work for me (for the first time in a very long time).

    Tried again today: installer started and error message appears: "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1.). Couldn't open "Rig_Manager_3_3_40.pkg"

    I was also surprised. I had the dropout issues with the beta when stomping from preset 4 to 1, hence the comment of the bass player.

    However, my stage is at the latest and greatest.

    But your questions are super useful and this one provided most likely at least one answer:

    Are you using an effect loop? Was it active and perhaps external gear lost connection?

    No, not that I know, but .... looking in the clean Fender profile, which I got long ago from the public rigs, there was an effects loop that was off - and when trying all buttons on the stage it was activated by effect button III. Then obviously the sound was gone as there was no effect connected to the loop.

    It is altogether possible and actually very likely that I pushed that button III by mistake. So that left the question: in performance mode, is the effects loop still in the last state after a power cycle. And yes, after reboot it was still engaged and therefore no sound, so this profile is logically explained now. I pushed all kind of buttons and likely also have hit button III again while in that profile to get it working again.

    I'll remove that unused effects loop from the chain.

    However what still puzzles me is that in my recollection, I could not get a sound of any profile at that point. I was a bit panicked, everybody waiting for me... My clean was down, but my brown and lead didn't work either, and that I don't get yet. I only use a handful of profiles so there wasn't much to choose at that point until it started working again.

    I'll see if it happens again, and then I'll video whatever I see and hear.

    Thanks Burkhard!

    I had sudden loss of sound during rehearsal last week on my stage OS 8.7.10.

    I use a DXR10 as monitor, connected by jack, and a single volume pedal.

    I was at preset 1, stomped to 3, all good.

    Then stomped back to 1 --> no sound out. 3 tuner lights were still registering guitar input.

    The bass player snickered : another beta?

    I powered down and powered up --> no sound.

    We played with jack cables --> no sound.

    I then stomped to 3 and back to 1 - and sound was back, yes!

    So that's the first thing I will try when it happens again.

    I tweaked my toaster and stage differently. Toaster stays at home for playing over studio monitors, stage is always packed for playing in band over DXR10. The home sound and band sound are very different. They don't have to match.

    I must say, once I like the sound I stop tweaking and start playing.

    So it probably could be better but since I love the sound coming out it's good enough.

    In my opinion time spent with exercises to improve playing pays off more in the end than time spent tweaking an already (very) nice sound.

    Same with buying guitars. At some point the guitar is sufficiently good, the benefit of an even nicer guitar is small (it took me about 5 guitars to get there, and 5 more to realize there wasn't that much to gain anymore.) The guitar is no longer the bottleneck, I am!

    i have my powered kabinet 1 year now and think i will sale it, cause it doesn't work for my Coverband. My Yamaha dxr10 does the job better with more balls.

    Reason 1: the sound is harsh without enough bottom end. Tried all possible Options in frfr and with the speaker imprints.

    It sounds thin and weak and too harsh.

    Reason 2: if i change my angle to the speaker or the Position on the stage, the sound get lost.

    I m so sorry that i will sell it, but my expectations were not fulfills.

    I feel the same. I tried it but I also went back to the DXR10 because of precisely what you write. With the DXR pointed up to my head, I can always hear myself clearly. This was not true for the Kemper Kabinet.

    I have had a similar issue a few times with a Stage. Reboot, problem stayed. Then I unplugged the volume pedal, and after another reboot it was OK and I replugged the volume pedal. But I don't know if the volume pedal was related or not, or if it was the 2nd reboot that fixed it.

    I find the DXR10 not at all good for home use, way to middy, and a little fan buzzing, but I find it FANTASTIC for band use. As wedge you can point it from the floor to your head even if there's little room and it will always cut through the mix, even when there's another guitar or a sax blaring next to you, and does clean and dirty quite well. I also own the power Kabinet, but still use the DXR for band rehearsals. With 14.6 kg it's on the heavy side (mkII is 13.9 kg), but it also is a solid piece of gear and it has a good carry handle, and you can get a nice soft cover for it. With DXR in one hand, the stage in a backpack and guitarcase in the other hand, I can transport everything in one trip from the car. I use it since 2013.

    instrument cable (6,3 mm mono jack) goes to monitor out on Kemper, for stereo the other mono jack from the other CLR is connected to direct output/send on Kemper.

    btw lately for jamming I mix the Kemper together with backing track into my old old monitors (HR824 mk1), using a Behringer UMC404HD. Plenty nice for play-along. I like to keep the decibels where the already existing beeps in my ears due to stupidity in the past do not get worse over time.