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    I have had a similar issue a few times with a Stage. Reboot, problem stayed. Then I unplugged the volume pedal, and after another reboot it was OK and I replugged the volume pedal. But I don't know if the volume pedal was related or not, or if it was the 2nd reboot that fixed it.

    I find the DXR10 not at all good for home use, way to middy, and a little fan buzzing, but I find it FANTASTIC for band use. As wedge you can point it from the floor to your head even if there's little room and it will always cut through the mix, even when there's another guitar or a sax blaring next to you, and does clean and dirty quite well. I also own the power Kabinet, but still use the DXR for band rehearsals. With 14.6 kg it's on the heavy side (mkII is 13.9 kg), but it also is a solid piece of gear and it has a good carry handle, and you can get a nice soft cover for it. With DXR in one hand, the stage in a backpack and guitarcase in the other hand, I can transport everything in one trip from the car. I use it since 2013.

    instrument cable (6,3 mm mono jack) goes to monitor out on Kemper, for stereo the other mono jack from the other CLR is connected to direct output/send on Kemper.

    btw lately for jamming I mix the Kemper together with backing track into my old old monitors (HR824 mk1), using a Behringer UMC404HD. Plenty nice for play-along. I like to keep the decibels where the already existing beeps in my ears due to stupidity in the past do not get worse over time.

    I have had the exact same low volume, feels all wrong a number of times now on the stage (which only gets used couple of times a week), and never on my old trusty toaster (which is more on than off).

    Typically need to pull power plug and reboot once or twice to get it back to normal. Once it stayed crappy and I had to play through another amp.

    In my opinion it's a software problem. If you look over the forum there are a number of people with the same observations.

    I'd advise Kemper to get a number of stages, and plug them in once every few days, and check if the sound is right.

    This morning when powering up stage: soft and distorted sound again even at a totally clean profile. Switching profiles does not make it better. No sound at all on headphones, even when turning all the way up. Powered stage down and up --> problem gone.

    It's not the Kabinet in my case. I plugged cable from PowerKab to the lunchbox and sound was OK. My 2013 lunchbox didn't have an issue (yet) even though it has the 8.6.0 beta.

    I reverted to 8.5.8 for the stage, so far works fine. If it reoccurs it is my Stage, if it doesn't then it's the 8.6.0 beta software acting up intermittently at startup. I also found that during the malfunctioning, the input was way sensitive to EMI from my phone to the point of hearing tons of interference. (phone in my right front pocket, so right behind the input jack of a stratocaster). Now that sensitivity is nearly gone (tried a few cables, all have Neutrik jacks). So I wonder whether it's related to software driving the input impedance feature on the stage.

    I had the same at band practice. I had just put the latest beta on it. I also got distorted signals that were supposed to be clean. It appears some settings were not where I remembered them to be, notably presence in monitor output eq in the output section was way up.I don't recall ever touching that setting, but then, that doesn't give 100% guaranty.

    So check your eq settings. At home I played with cables and different guitars, but that wasn't it. I power both kabinet and stage from a split IEC cable, so they are on the same group. Eventually I turned most eq's to neutral and then it was good.

    You could use a cable with 2x IEC. For example Schuko HI-90442 (with Euro plug, don't know if a US version is available). I use this solution with a IEC male to female extension cable to power both cabinet and stage from one wall plug. I duct-taped the connection of extension cable to this splitter cable so that it always stays as one cable assembly.

    There are many cheap usb-wifi dongles that don't need drivers to work with your computer.

    That means there are standardized protocols out there. If Kemper implements one of those, then dongle cost should not be an issue.

    The proprietary protocol between dongle and app is likely and makes sense. It allows Kemper to keep control of the exposed functionality.

    ah if you got a stage , it might be covered :

    True Impedance
    The soft button True Impedance available in PROFILER Stage model changes the impedance of the guitar input of your PROFILER.
    ✓ PROFILER Head and Rack models do not feature True Impedance.
    While “interaction” is an overrated buzz word in the guitar world, it‘s completely true with an analog fuzz effect. The extremely low input impedance of the fuzz causes the volume potentiometer on your guitar to clean out the fuzz very quickly when turned down, which is an extremely welcome feature. Unfortunately, this effect cannot be simulated in the digital world, unless a true low input impedance is presented to your guitar. The PROFILER Stage features a hardware impedance placed in the guitar input to exactly simulate this behavior. Press “True Impedance” to activate this function. Check how the volume pot of your guitar behaves differently with “True Impedance” being switched on and off.
    You will notice an audio drop-out when switching, too. This drop-out will also occur whenever you switch from or to a Rig with a fuzz with active “True Impedance”. This drop-out cannot be avoided as the hardware impedance dramatically changes the incoming level of your guitar in an instance. Consider carefully whether you will make use of the volume pot advantages or benefit from an artifact-free switching.

    Is that for all stages, or only the 2nd genenation with the round venting holes and the extra opamp near the input? Update: I checked, it's also there on Stage purchased around release.

    The Power Kabinet equipped with the ICEpower 300AS Class D amplifier.

    This 300AS was updated Oct 2020 to meet a new safety standard IEC 62368, which I believe is harmonized across US and EU.

    addendum datasheet

    It makes sense to meet the new certification from day 1, so this could have been a factor in release timing.

    Interesting, I wonder if they used a Icepower 200ASC

    or the 200AS1 (designed for guitar cabs)

    The ICEpower 200AS1 features an extremely capable fly back power supply with a continuous power capability of 160W and a short-term power of 300W, combined with a 200W class D amplifier.

    The 200AS1 is designed for use in guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, subwoofers and active speakers without the need for forced cooling. The 200AS1 is pin compatible with the 100AS1 and 100AS2 and shares the same mechanical dimensions and mounting holes.