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    Just got my hands on the TAF 10 pack from Andy. My tone just improved - alot. I'll have to agree with Sharry that the best profiles are the ones you
    never need to touch. I'm not much of a tweaker, minor adjustments to EQ and DLY/REV are what I do. Don't use stomps much either besides an
    occasional treble booster. I found myself playing for hours with this pack and the FUCHS line was a very pleasant discovery ineed. I have reached about 1/3 into the
    profile list so there is still a lot left to explore but it's no doubt that the KPA just got more than its money worth.

    Thanks Andy!

    Tested my new DXR10 today during rehearsal and wow... why didn't I do this long before? ^^:thumbsup:

    I use it as a wedge with the D-contour in mid position (off). Its just like the cab was in front of me.
    The attack and transient response is just amazing. And the low end is suprisingly well expressed
    and tight. In my opinion this speaker (and others like it of course) brings out the true value of the KPA.

    The old active monitor I used to use just don't cut it. I use it for vocal monitoring only now.

    Hi Guys,
    Whats with The Amp Factory web site? I was about to order some profiles and Norton 360 blocked my attempt to access it.
    Is this a false positive or is it a real threat? :huh:?(
    The detailed report don't give any clues to as which the threats are.

    Norton Rating

    Web Site Location Slovakia

    Norton Safe Web has analyzed for safety and
    security problems. Below is a sample of the threats that were found.

    Computer Threats: 22
    Identity Threats: 0
    Annoyance factors: 0

    Total threats on this site: 22

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    I cannot help you with EQing to a better tone cause I have never succeded to do his myself. Maybe other people
    are more persistent than myself and get better results. However, I do know that treating the walls and ceiling with
    audio dampening foam does help. This foam helps with the upper mids and treble frequencies. It will not however,
    make any difference with bass and lower mids. If you don't have base traps/diffusors you can get fair results by putting up
    a bookshelf along the rear wall and fill it up with books. Place books of different sizes and place the books irregularly within
    the shelf. This will help somewhat but do not expect miracles if you have problems in the bass region.

    I have always had good results in my home studio (which is about 15 m2) through my ADAM-A7 studio monitors.
    Some of the studio walls are partly treated with ACOUSTI PRO foam and pyramid foam. The damping is slightly better
    but the room is also smaller than the rehearsal space. These monitors are relatively small but seriously loud speakers yet
    with exceptional clarity. The monitors are backed up by a Samsom Resolve 120 subwoofer.

    OK, so I made some corrective actions. I have not been particulary active on the Kemper pages for some time now so
    I discovered that there has been quite a few updates on the KPA OS :sleeping:=O . The PURE CAB option is a winner for sure
    and I wonder if not mr Kemper and his co-workers has changed the game once again ..... :thumbsup:

    Update of KAOS.BIN from 2.7 to 3.2, activated the Pure Cab option with amount 6-8 on the knob

    Amazing.... The difference is clearly distinguishable. Good days are coming! So, guess what ? I also treated
    myself to a brand new DXR 10 to celebrate the "renaissance". :thumbup::D

    Maybe you meant square meters? A band would hardly fit!

    Oops, a typo. Yes, of course I meant square meters :-)

    I'm aware of the sub-par damping effect of the tiles. The wedge is quite harsh when turned up. At low/medium volume it is passable.
    Its placed on the floor in front of me about 2 meters from the wall facing it. Im standing with my back against the wall with the corner
    about one meter to my right.

    The intended use is with the band in a rehearsalroom and will replace the above mentioned wedge monitor. This room is about 20 m3 and have wooden walls and ceiling which have been covered with ecophon type tiles. I also route vocals to this monitor and this is perhaps not a good idea. Maybe I should keep the Wedge for vocal foldback only.

    It would seem that I would go with the Yamaha DXR and not the 12" but rather the 10" ?
    I read somewhere that the plastic case of the 12" tends to resonate. I'm curious to know why the 10"
    is not prone to the same problem.

    Interesting thread, despite being 1 year old. I'm in the market for a new monitor and need a bit of advice.
    I have been using this monitor for some time now and it gives me a headache when volume goes up. Not very pleasant.

    I have been looking closer upon the ElectroVoice ZLX 12P and the Yamaha DXR 12. Both can double as
    FOH speakers and both have two inputs.
    These two are roughly equal specs-wise and both are medium priced. EV weighs about 4 Kg less than Yamaha which is a bit
    louder on the other hand. The EV speaker is 390 € and the Yamaha is nearly twice as much. I hear nice things about both models.
    I know its a very hypothetical question, but anyway: Wich one should you have chosen and why?

    I also have doubts if this is doable without some serius engineering effort. Due to the small profile file
    I suspect tha the KPA is building some hefty FIR/IIR response lines of of these files with a lot of optimizing math
    involved at startup. I might be wrong of course... and in that case

    Why not?