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    This topic has been up several times but I'm still lost in the tonewood forest, so to speak.
    I've been listening SRV for over 20 years so I know his raw powers and raking abilities. I myself have been playing since the 80s so I know that everybody sound different. I've been trying to get that hollow but juicy sound out from the KPA now for three years without a mentionable success. I got fender super and twin profiles from Andy, MB Fender profile, some steel singer profile, a good Vibroverb from TopJimi. In addition I got some free super frofiles from CSRstudios and a nice Srv pack from the member Caveman.
    My guitar is a Tom Anderson alder, maple neck rosewood fb strat with BKP 63 pickups. Strings 10-46 tuned to Eb. I use kh120 neumann studio monitors.

    I would be very gratefull if somebody could give me a srv for dummies tips like:
    Amp with all tone settings. Bias compression tube shape clarity sagging etc.
    Reverb with settings.
    Cab with settings
    Green screamer settings etc to be used in active monitors at home

    Thanks in advance, Retu