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    Nope. As with Michael Britts profiles on the Kemper, these Yek presets on the Axe Fx sound so good that most of the time I dont need to change a thing. And thru my CLR FRFR speaker they really rock! ; )

    Why would you need presets if all he did is select a model and an appropriate IR?
    If he has to tinker with parameters or mix and match for a while until something 'clicks', then that's what i'd like to learn

    It's not really possible to compare the two devices since they work so differently. You can never really say that this profile and this model's settings 'should sound identical', and i think it has been long proven that neither unit has a 'signature sound' that you can average out.

    What i'm really interested in is the 15 minutes it took to dial up the XFX models.
    Can you have your brother explain in detail, maybe step by step, what he did?

    It always seems as if selecting a model and IR, maybe applying a bandpass should do it.
    What's involved in making a good XFX sound?

    You can use Looper position option even without changing anything in debug menu. It works right away on the page 4 in the system settings. It's the fourth soft button (rightmost). The page is grayed out, but still working. :)

    That's good to know, i never considered trying. Thanks!

    As for your question, i'm using my own MIDI board. NRPN is essentially a set of 4 CC# in a row, so i'm treating them as such since it is easier to implement on my particular system.

    I've been using it for the past couple of days via CC# - today i went live with it for the first time and it works perfectly.
    Important addition to the arsenal if the Kemper is an all-in-one guitar tool.

    You think there's a chance we'd get the looper position (pre/post) option available to us? Or am i pushing it?
    It's currently locked away in the 'remote' section of the settings.

    You're going to show me that while having three different cabs makes the profiles sound different,
    having the same cab/mic combo makes different amps sound similar.

    That's not a bad test, and a pretty interesting claim - but i don't think it's what you set out to prove. It compares the Kemper Profiler to itself.
    If you now try a 6505, 5150 and a 333XL through the same cab, i'd expect them to sound very similar, through the Profiler or otherwise.
    If you toss the Satan in, maybe the Profiler just doesn't capture that particular amp well.
    Maybe the similarity in 'gain structure' you're hearing is due to your preamp and not the Profiler. Maybe it's Youtube's downsampling :)

    It may sound like i'm trying to excuse the Profiler - i've no intention of doing that, i'm actually pretty interested, however -
    correct me if i'm wrong, but what you wanted to show was that the Profiler has a distinct 'gain structure' while the actual amps vary. It's not something that the amps do, it's the fault of the Profiler;
    So i'd expect your test to include the actual amps and compare them to the Profiler.

    I'm gonna do a 100m sprint with three contestants to measure the effect different shoes have on their speeds.
    One contestant is tall, the other never ran in his life and the third is a Nobel prize winner.

    If one of them wins, what information have i gathered on the shoes?..

    If you show me that 3 direct amp profiles through different cabs have a similar gain structure while the same three amps through the same three cabs, mics and positions don't -
    then we have a valid comparison.
    When everything is equal apart for the Kemper's gain structuring, then you can learn about Kemper's gain structuring.

    Well, the I5 on the Mesa cab easily takes the cake, as far as i'm concerned. No real competition.
    That wasn't the point, though, was it?

    The point of a comparison is to compare one element when all other variables are dismissable.
    That means you need the same mic and same mic location for all three cabs.
    What you've proven here is that it is technically possible to achieve a similar sound by modifying mics and angles - the first two cabs are similar-ish.

    Maybe i missed your point, though?
    I'm waiting, patiently :)

    First, if you have differences in some clips and no difference in others - then there are differences, period. They just don't always happen - for various reasons.
    You know, perhaps better than most, what difference a cab/mic/preamp combo can cause - and that still has different interaction between poweramp and cab, which the Profiler assigns to the amp section, even with the newer FW.

    Second, looking at your list...
    333XL, 6262, Trirec, Fireball, 5150, Alligator, D-Rec, 5150, 6505, Satan, V2...
    All 5150 variants, some closer than others.
    The Hector, X100B, Triamp, GH100, Ironheart and actual Marshalls are all JCM variants.

    80% of your list are variants of two different amps. When push comes to shove, most well known amps are variants of one another, circuit-wise and therefore also gain-structure-wise.

    You see this as a limitation of the Profiler, i see this as a valuable lesson in electronics. I don't think you'd get different results by plugging the preamps into the same power-section, cab, mics and pres.

    I do agree that more flexibility in poweramp-dynamics would benefit the Profiler greatly, but that's the only thing missing, for me.

    I don't see a similar gain structure. Not even close.

    You are, in particular, going for a very... specific sound consistently.
    5150, 6505 and Mesa rectifiers are variants of one another and very similar, circuit-wise. Don't know the Satan, circuit-wise, but i'm guessing it's not a fender twin clone. Ditto for the 5153, all Bugeras, most of what i've seen from your studio. If you had more variation in the amps you normally profile, you'd hear more of it.

    Try some of the Matchless amps from the RE. Try Tim Owens's Splawns. Try the Carr from TAF.
    Can't believe i'm saying this, but maybe it's about time you got to know your Profiler :)

    It might be more convenient if they scouted this forum more often and acted on it, but i wouldn't bother insisting.
    Just open a support ticket and let them sort it out. It's the path of least resistance, if nothing else.

    Your clip sounds like converter clipping. It happened to me on various clean rigs on much older FW because some transient peaks cut through the Profiler's output limiter, and it has gotten much better with later firmware. This doesn't sound like the same case as the previous clip, though.
    Are your input or output LEDs red, by any chance?..

    I have to admit i was assuming everyone that reported problems on the forum did so after opening a support ticket.
    If this is not the case than please, Herr Kemper, accept my sincerest apologies.
    A support ticket is what you owe the company in exchange for product support. If you don't fill your end of the deal, they don't either and it's nobody's fault.

    So please, folks, go open support tickets.

    Kemper Gmbh:
    Would it perhaps be a good idea to put a 'contact support' button in the forum to encourage folks to speak directly with you?
    Maybe even a pop-up disclaimer when opening a new thread in the support section?