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    once the profiler sent its sound through thehead rush refine the following way:

    strum all strings, THEN, press refine... that way the kemper only hears the ringing out of the notes when refining, sometimes

    the attack of the strings mess up refinig.

    then choose either less gain or do not use the booster when profiling then increase the gain and use a booster of the kemper afterward an compensated using the dials in the amp section to manually make up for the tone changes. Listen closely, and manually change tube shape, compression, definition and sagging ...

    Some sounds are just tricky to capture i tried to put everything together in this article…rofiling-with-the-kemper/

    Since the Headrush is based on the eleven rack i think it should work fine. I already profiled the eleven rack so i hope the headrush will work fine too

    Don't give up man, especially with some pedals i profiled them 3 times until i was happy, the kemper simply has a hard time on some devices

    I guess the 1 star out of 5 is universal bad but it's still a Star! Lol we used have this joke in my old band when someone was suckin or being wack they got a "green sticker" ( the use them on cars to be towed on the interstate here) and if someone was doing good they got a "Gold Star".

    :D yeah well it is a star :D do not get me wrong it is okay the way it is but it would be cool if the rig exchanging was more motivating. 100% of my motivation comes from the forum and the few people that respond and are thankful about the upload... rigexchange itself is convenient but idk ...

    I think a "Thumbs UP" counter would be just better. I mean it is at least not possible to rate with 1 star just because you do not like somebody or other reasons. I mean i totally understand that some rigs are better and some worse and giving users some orientation which profiles are good is important. But still here would be a thumbs up counter simply fair.

    The reason i dislike the star rating, is not that i cried in the shower because somebody gave me less than 5 stars :D it is simply not fair. I know from another older user that disliked my profiles because they are D.I. and uploaded without a cabinet. Sometimes the combination of amp setting to a particular guitar simply does not fit well but that does not make the profile bad, and this leads a user maybe away from a perfectly fine profile and the most discouraging thing where the one star ratings on the match eq profiles... a lot of work went into them to get as close as possible to the tone of famous bands. I posted them and also the proof soundfiles that they are really pretty close ...

    and then this, i decided there that it was not worth it... getting so close for one star, i offer d.i. profiles, so the pure amp sound and still getting 1 star for that much of work. Sitting weeks down with the helix and axe fx to get all amps on the kemper for no or 1 star ... it is just not motivating, profiling is so much fun but the sharing aspect idk ...

    Exactly! I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the last time I did a profile, and I can't remember if it was before or after, in the menu where you can adjust the eq, I scrolled over and found I could adjust the eq of the profile and compare it to the reference amp and those adjustments where rendered in. I was like hmmm I wonder, and to my surprise the eq was all set at zero with the adjustments I had made baked in.

    huh i try that as soon as i can!

    This is a great idea. Makes me wish we could render the amp with kemper drives but I guess that's just profiling with extra steps lol

    Thanks! I think the eq render button could also be a great addition for profiling, imagine profiling and there is a part of the frequency range that refining does not get exactly then you could just use eq render to add a low cut for example to get even closer ... and when i think about it "render to cab" and "render to Amp" would be a great addition too, just in case of Direct profiles to get it absolutely right everytime

    I often have the following problem:

    I use the studio EQ to make my tone on the main out stage ready but the sound on my guitarcab then needs a different setting.

    I also often have a eq radio effect in some songs that i make with a eq.

    Making the studio eq available inside the cab section would fix all my problems here i could EQ cabs but the cabless out for the guitar cab would be untouched and i could still use the eq effects ...

    If the space or computing power is too limited it would be great to add a render button to the studio eq. What i mean by that is, you choose the studio eq make the changes you like press a render button and these settings will then be baked into the cab, creating a duplicate of this cab with the eq already applied. That would make things ultra useful

    Loudness is a bit problematic because many things play a role here.

    It is the frequencies itself as you see in the curves of equal loudness (Fletcher Munson )

    and as you see in these curves they change with loudness.

    This means, even if you have a normalizing algorithm that takes these curves into account they would have to be dynamic to fit each

    loudness. So the poweramp and cab would have to be taken into account also.

    That alone would be pure horror to programm AND would work only with a setup where every part is measured well.

    As a summary, normalizing with a signal generator and only peak values will not work that well because of that .

    The other problem is LUFS. Measuring a peak signal like on a uncompressed d.i. signal will not give you the same loundness

    even if the compressed and distored tone would have the same peak values.


    The solution would be a a algorithm that sends a linear sweep and some impulses through your rig und measures the LUFS on the other side.

    The measuring would have to take into account at least a bit the fletcher munson curve. Like the A-Weighted curve ...

    But even this would not work well at any volume. Kemper would have to make a Microphone to make it really work at any venue etc ...

    I fully understand you and i had the same feature request years ago but in the meantime i don't think it would work well.

    here are some explanations

    Hi there ! :)

    here is the latest addition for all of you that need just a poweramp sim for preamp pedals etc.…0ZvpZ-C7GfDVzgXev8ma?dl=0

    I tried to recreate the sound of the mooer tube engine and i must say i love that little amp! ... so far my favorite poweramp is my starfield

    5050 but this one ... idk if i like it even more just because the presence knob has more reach ... have fun with it guys!

    Hi ya all! First of all thanks so much Bommel for the very useful guide! I'am having some probs creating matching cab IRs though, but I'm sure you guys can help :) I am following the 1-10 steps guide, partially using logic (project settings: 44.1/24):

    • First, I recorded in a logic project the same riff of a isolated reference track using my Kemper, with a similar amp DI/Direct profile with cab module off, sounding horrible as it should, as described by Bommel ;)
    • Then I matched the eq of the two tracks using logic "Macth eq" plugin (it does more or less the same thing as Izotope). I could get a pretty accurate sound in logic. So far, so good.
    • Like suggested at point 8 of the guide, with a windows computer I generated a voxengo deconvolver .wav sweep file (30seconds, 44.1 / 24), which I copied and imported in the track with the active match EQ plugin in logic.
    • At this point I bounced the region of the sweep (without playing any other track and letting a couple of seconds of silence at the end of the region) as .wav file
    • I copied and loaded the .wav file in voxengo, and click "process". Then I loaded the voxengo generated file in the preset folder of the kemper, being able to use it as a cab (cab maker is not necessary anymore, according to the new system updates).

    What I get is a very high/mid high frequency fizzy sound lacking practically all the bass frequencies though, nothing compared to the good sounding intermediate result in the daw. I am sure I doing something wrong, but so far I gave a couple of try using a different profiles or using a longer / shorter voxengo sweep file, but without succeeding...

    So, thank you in advance for your advices, appreciate a lot your support!

    Hmmm that is strange, it's been a while since i did this the last time. So i am not completely in the topic right now... I mean it should work

    So in the DAW the match sounds okay, right ? only after deconvolving it is strange right ? Maybe a highger samplerate could help ( i mainly use 96khz and 60sek sweeps)? when exporting the sweep you have to add a time after the sweep and When exporting maybe the wrong settings are used ? You could reimport the exported sweep an run it through the match software to check out if the sweep is still the same result as the raw track + match eq. EQs like this that are based on FIR filters introducelatency maybe that messes the deconvolving up too ... idk. I am sorry that i can not help more right now :/ That is the stuff i would try right now

    It's been a while! And this one is special. Because it is maybe the most hated pedal ever.

    I tried to capture the sound of the Boss Metal Zone MT 2 ...

    Ola did this video and i was like "i have to try this" then i borrowed it and no other sound takes my 8 string as well. it is just the pedal and one is with a poweramp sim. I moved with the studio so i don't have my tube poweramp ready right now but maybe one will follow with a tube poweramp. but it is already a very strange and different tool you can add to your collection.…q9ypukf2zrqETutVFfia?dl=0

    have fun guys!

    As always D.i. and versions with a cab added