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    Looks like I will get my Kemper today. Let's see if I will be able to get it ready for a gig next weekend. :-)
    It could be like
    1 clean sound (Twin / Bassman) with additional wah
    1 crunch sound (AC30, additional Trem)
    1 lead sound (Fuchs / Bogner / ?)
    1 lead solo sound
    Let's see...

    Was playing on Slinky 09-46 (orange packaging).

    Switched to Cobalt strings to make a trial. These strings work very nice !! Greater definition, greater sensations of playing. I like them. Anyone tried them ?


    I like them a lot (10-46). Preferred set of strings on my electric guitars.

    Welcome TomR, you will regret your choice in no way! The KPA is the best piece of gear that has come on the market for many years! I'm sure you'll have much fun with it!

    Thanks. No doubt about that. :-)

    Hi Tom, welcome!
    Good spotting! I saw Eric Bazilian with a powered Kemper rack last summer in Hamburg.
    Go for it! ;)

    Hi Ingolf,
    Thanks! Pleasing sound as well. :-) I've seen some pictures of his appearance on the Rock meets Classic tour as well. I did immediately remember these pictures seeing his amp on stage....

    Hi everybody,
    I just got back from a concert with "The Hooters" and spotted a Kemper on Stage (which is nothing unexpected). After thinking of buying a Kemper for quite some time and lurking around here for a while my guess would be that I will be the owner of a powered Kemper Rack soon. :-)


    Hey Tom, welcome here :)

    You signing here sounds promising tho ;)

    Hey Gianfranco,

    And to contribute to the discussion:
    Even if I had a Kemper I would not sell my Okko. Why should I? Different occasions, different gear. I am using a Rack System (Engl with G-System) and I like it. I am also using a TA-15 with a Pedalboard. I like it. Is Use Guitar Rig. I like it. It depends on the situation which gear I would prefer.

    Having a Kemper ( my guess would be to get a powered Rack-Version in the near future) there would be occasions to use it. :)