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    I haven't messed with setting up an eq to compensate for the difference, but I can't imagine it would be hard to find a setting that would make someone happy with the sound of it that way.

    Thanks for that. :thumbup:

    I wasnt displeased when I hooked it up to the Stomp. I only realised it was "muffled" when I plugged the stomp back into something else ( Studio monitors I think)

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    First I want to say I'm quite happy with the Kabinet.

    However it would be great to be able to also use it with other modelers. In my case the HX Stomp.

    The general consensus is that it will sound as if it has blankets over it ( Undecided whether its 2 or 3 :D)

    What I'm thinking is that , maybe, with some EQ tinkering , this could be resolved. I understand its based on the Celestion F12-X200, so maybe its possible to have it sound similar? Maybe I'm talking rubbish. But it seems very limiting.... Im thinking it cant hurt Kemper to have their Kab used in other situations.... Imagine you have the profiler and a Kab at a gig, but take the Helix as a backup.

    Or you need to sell the Profiler. You would have to sell the Kabinet as well. And selling/ shipping a cab of any kind can be hard.

    A global EQ maybe to adapt the Helix to the Kabinet?

    Maybe someone has both the Kone and the X-200 plus another modeler to do some testing?

    I might be ramblin.....:)


    I'm sorry to hear about your issues. It's frustrating and scary.

    I suffer from tendinitis in the forearm ( lateral epicondylitis) in both arms. The left from guitar and the right from doing hi-hat when learning drums. Main concern is the left , fretting arm, particularly as guitar playing is my only source of income ( at least up to the lockdown).

    I had a very painful episode a few months back and I had to stop completely. Right now I'm feeling better. I find the following to help:

    • Warming up. I never used to warm up and I believe thats whats got me here. I'm still guilty of not doing it enough, but what you dont want is to jump right in to a fast Satriani legato lick for 30 minutes straight. Not good.
    • T.E.N.S. While I watch TV I use one of these electrical stimulation systems with 2 pads on the area. It seems to help.
    • Practise smarter. I try not to practise for long periods without breaks. I stop when I start feeling it bother me. Also not focus too much on playing fast all the time.

    I hope you get better buddy. Hang in there.

    Ok, got it.

    But I can see why it wouldnt be a popular choice. Performances usually translate to one or several songs. We would have the Super Solo sound in slot 1 of the following perf. where there should be our clean sound, which is now in slot 2. :)

    You now who is at fault, right? Mike Oldfield. 8)

    Understood, but it would be good to have the option. I'll explain further: I'm doing a few shows playing Tubular Bells. That requires a lot of guitar sounds. I've programmed the whole show into 7 performances but now find I need to make a new rig for a section in the middle of the show. I want to insert that rig but not overwrite any of the other performance slots, just move them all one place later in the overall group of performances.

    Not sure I'm understanding this...

    You want an 8th performance, but it needs to be , lets say, between current perf. 3 and 4?

    Or there is one rig that needs to go in the middle of performance 3 or 4 , while it shifts all other rigs down the line? So rig 5 in performance 4 becomes rig 1 in perfomance 5?

    Sorry if I'm being dumb.... Just trying to understand....

    And by all means I am NOT a Rig Manager fanboy. IMHO its probably the Kemper aspect that needs most improvement. I find it doing weird stuff all the time....

    The bigger Dimension (not the JR) is on my "try next" list with V-picks as I believe it is the same size and shape as the Snake and Jalapeño, my two favorite v-picks;

    Have you tried the Diamond? I think its similar to the Dimension in size. Hence I ended up favouring the Dimension Jr.

    In my opinion they do! The grip is excellent and seems to be the same material as the V-picks.

    The bigger Dimension (not the JR) is on my "try next" list with V-picks as I believe it is the same size and shape as the Snake and Jalapeño, my two favorite v-picks; the (Snake in any situation where the extra chirpiness isn't too much for the song and I want the huge sound it produces ) In any case, my Snake and Jalapeño irrespective of the v-picks listed specs are the same size and shape as this Gravity Striker. I have the STANDARD size of the Striker, which is the second biggest. So my guess is if you are coming from the Dimension Jr, you'll want to get the size just smaller than that which is the Big Mini, not to be confused with the Mini, which is the smallest of the four. All the gravity picks, regardless of shape and thickness come in four dimensions of sizes: mini, big mini, standard, and XL.

    I have a non-holed 1.5 and an holed 2.0 Striker which has 7 or so super tiny holes in the middle of the pick. In my opinion the holed 2.0 version isn't any more or less grippier than the 2.0. So next time, I order a 2.0 I'll get the plain non-holed version.

    Great! Thanks so much for the info. Must try them, then.

    Lets see who ships to the Canary Islands...

    I’m really digging Gravity Strikers. 1.5 and 2.0, acrylic. . I preciously tried and used a ton of V-picks, favorite is the Jalapeño, which I used most of the time for the past year.. That was the least chirpy of the v-picks and a good balance of everything else, and this gravity is even better, best acrylic I’ve played. I found that symmetrical picks just feel right, despite using a standard shaped picked for the prior two decades. Added benefit to symmetrical is you get three times the wear since all three edges and sides are the same, and you never have to spin the pick to get the right edge. The size is just right for me. Not to big hit too small. I can’t bring myself to try the $25 dollar version of this pick, for something that easy to lose.

    As a long time V-Pick user ( Diamond and Dimension Jr , both 4mm) am interested in this. I havent tried any Gravity picks, but have tried several other "thick" ones and they just dont feel the same. Do these Strikers have the same "feel" as the V-Pick material?


    wouldn’t this mean that it would sound fine tho if you used a helix etc without a cab ir? I mean if it’s basically gfr anyway?I

    I did some testing with another profile on the Hx and it seems the "gurus" are correct. :)

    With the cab engaged the sound does get muffled.

    Not sure if 3 blankets though.. Maybe 2?? ^^

    On the clean profile I was testing it was nice because it kind of warmed it up. taking off the top end.

    With the cab off, it sounds shrill. Specially the high gain.

    So, I guess with some eq you could make it work with the cab engaged, but as its been said, its not ideal.

    I apologize for causing any confusion...:)