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    You're right. I hadnt noticed the use of both terms on the VV :thumbup:

    So, would you agree that the VV should work with ANY "Stereo-2 mono " cables?

    I'm not a fan of the Mission either for anything other than Wah. It is the best wah controller out their for feel because it literally is a Dunlop Wah Pedal with a different badge on it. However, for volume, morph etc any standard expression pedal is much better than either the Mission or a Volume pedal with a split cable.

    That makes sense. I didnt like the feel of the Crybaby either. I destroyed it taking out/cutting off rubber thingies, adding foam etc to change the range and resistance. :)

    Not sure what I was used to at the time....

    although a volume pedal will work with a Y cable it isn’t a great solution because Volume pedals have an audio (logarithmic) taper pot but the the expression input is expecting to see a linesr taper so the sweep is usually very compressed with very little effect for most of the travel then a huge effect in a very short portion of the sweep.

    rather than mess around with trying to find the correct Y cables you might be better just buying a cheap expression pedal. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive like the Mission or Dunlop pedals. i bought a used Zoom pedal for £11 and it works just fine - much better than using a Y cable with my volume pedals.

    Y cable or insert cable? ^^

    I might as well keep the Mission, although Im not that impressed with it. Works well but doesnt feel that great.

    Thanks guys.

    I think it does have something to do with this.

    Apparently Y cables and insert cables are different.

    The Visual Volume states it needs a Y cable and apparently thats what the George L cable is. Both mono cables carry the same signal,

    The others I have, must be insert cables ( the usual "stereo to left and right")

    The Ernie Ball works (badly) with the insert cable as not designed for expression purposes.

    At least this is the only way I can explain it. :)


    Mmmm.... I was under the impression thats how its supposed to work. Maybe Im confused.

    The Mission allows the use of a TRS-TRS but these other pedals have ins and outs. Thats how Ive done it in the past.

    The Nova System used this method. Even got a "special cable" that worked great with it, but doesnt work with the remote.

    I tried all sorts of combinations and nothing.

    The attached pic shows what is working.

    Hi guys,

    I'm completely baffled with this....

    I have several pedals I can use connected to the remote. An Ernie Ball Volume and a Visual Volume.

    The problem is that the pedal will work or not, depending on the cable.

    I have several Y cables ( 1x TRS - 2x TS ) But not all of them work....

    A George L seems to work best, but 2 others do not. Also tried with a TRS-TRS and a couple of female TRS to 2 x TS. One works the other does not.

    What am I missing?


    I had the ISP Stealth. I think it was great for running the kemper into a regular guitar cab. But When I connected it to my Kemper Kab, at very low volume it was ok. But once it reached a moderate volume, (a small not full volume rehearsal) I noticed a high frequency distortion that almost sounded like a rattle in the speaker. Kind of metallic sounding. I actually thought it was a problem with my Kab. The ISP is not class D. When pushed hard it’s designed to have some saturation to it. When this meets the Kemper Kab’s ability to reproduce high frequencies, it’s not my favorite. I moved to the Seymour Duncan Powerstage and it’s great.

    Interesting, yes.

    My experience is very different. But in all fairness I am using it at home.

    dmatthews, Lets see what you think...

    Here in Sweden it is called something like Powerswitch for lamp cord. I guess lamp power switch would do the job when googling. Remember that you need one with ground.

    If you are in Amazon-country, this could be a good alternative:…ch&qid=1587587911&sr=8-34

    The alternative would work with this adapter:…erleaf-plug-adapter-p9769

    I can't find the clover leaf version of your suggestion, so the lamp switch thing sounds good and cheap. :)