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    You're right. I hadnt noticed the use of both terms on the VV :thumbup:

    So, would you agree that the VV should work with ANY "Stereo-2 mono " cables?

    I'm not a fan of the Mission either for anything other than Wah. It is the best wah controller out their for feel because it literally is a Dunlop Wah Pedal with a different badge on it. However, for volume, morph etc any standard expression pedal is much better than either the Mission or a Volume pedal with a split cable.

    That makes sense. I didnt like the feel of the Crybaby either. I destroyed it taking out/cutting off rubber thingies, adding foam etc to change the range and resistance. :)

    Not sure what I was used to at the time....

    although a volume pedal will work with a Y cable it isn’t a great solution because Volume pedals have an audio (logarithmic) taper pot but the the expression input is expecting to see a linesr taper so the sweep is usually very compressed with very little effect for most of the travel then a huge effect in a very short portion of the sweep.

    rather than mess around with trying to find the correct Y cables you might be better just buying a cheap expression pedal. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive like the Mission or Dunlop pedals. i bought a used Zoom pedal for £11 and it works just fine - much better than using a Y cable with my volume pedals.

    Y cable or insert cable? ^^

    I might as well keep the Mission, although Im not that impressed with it. Works well but doesnt feel that great.

    Thanks guys.

    I think it does have something to do with this.

    Apparently Y cables and insert cables are different.

    The Visual Volume states it needs a Y cable and apparently thats what the George L cable is. Both mono cables carry the same signal,

    The others I have, must be insert cables ( the usual "stereo to left and right")

    The Ernie Ball works (badly) with the insert cable as not designed for expression purposes.

    At least this is the only way I can explain it. :)


    Mmmm.... I was under the impression thats how its supposed to work. Maybe Im confused.

    The Mission allows the use of a TRS-TRS but these other pedals have ins and outs. Thats how Ive done it in the past.

    The Nova System used this method. Even got a "special cable" that worked great with it, but doesnt work with the remote.

    I tried all sorts of combinations and nothing.

    The attached pic shows what is working.

    Hi guys,

    I'm completely baffled with this....

    I have several pedals I can use connected to the remote. An Ernie Ball Volume and a Visual Volume.

    The problem is that the pedal will work or not, depending on the cable.

    I have several Y cables ( 1x TRS - 2x TS ) But not all of them work....

    A George L seems to work best, but 2 others do not. Also tried with a TRS-TRS and a couple of female TRS to 2 x TS. One works the other does not.

    What am I missing?