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    Since Lester T. won't cooperate any longer the V-Picks Screamers, Dimensions, Johnny Hiland and Water Buffalo work well.
    Lester T. reminded me a Tortoise lives a lot longer than most musicians.Don't fear the fat ones just get outta there before daybreak's Muddy 8)

    That Johnny Hilland looks great. Its the first premium sized I have seen in red. If the feel is the same visible red is good.

    I think you're talking about the V-Pick-Diamond and V-Pick Dimension, no I didn't test these ones, but a lot of others, also big ones like Gladiator and Memphis. Probably the Diamond and Dimension are too thick for me, too. Unfortunately not all models are available in German music-stores, I ordered the V-Picks primarily in other European countries. Generally I like the V-Picks very much and I'll stay with them, Bullseye and/or Euro 2 will replace my Dunlop Delrin 1.5 mm.
    Would you recommend the Diamond Pointed or normal?

    On paper, one cant fathom that something so thick ( over 4mm) is even playable. But you really should try them.
    Thomann carries them I think.
    As for pointed or not, Brand new the pointed might be a little too pointy , but rounds up nicely after a bit. Both good.
    The only drawback is that in the unlikely event you drop it, finding a transparent pick can be tricky. The bonus is that it makes such a noise when it hits the floor that you can hear where it is :-)

    Have you tried the Diamond? Or the Dimension/Dimension Jr? It wasnt untill I tried these, that I made the swap.

    A Profile is a recreation of the whole signal chain: (dirt) stomps, amp, cab, mic, eq
    A Stomp in the Profiler is a model of a specific effect - it's NOT something that was created by profiling.

    The only way to do something similar would be to use two Profilers: one with a Profile of only a stompbox, and one with only an amp Profile.

    Ok. I understand. :thumbup:
    Would be nice though :)

    we have never sold presets or rigs - our offerings are free.

    Obviously I meant in the same format. Sorry for any confusion caused.

    Hi Guys,
    at the moment the Kemper technology doesn't allow to load other stomps in the stomps section of the profiler. This is the reason why we profile pedals on the clean channel of an amp that is one of the most transparent on the market (in my opinion)...and we create a profile ready to be used that is the combination of the pedal and the amp. I understand that in this way you can't combine your favorite amp with the stomps but our profiles try to re-crete the character of the pedal and the final result is very cool.

    I hope you like the free pack!

    Thanks for the clarification.
    Thanks again for the free pack. You gotta luv the BB!

    I guess this would be a feature request then? For Kemper to allow the creation of stomps by 3rd parties ?

    Btw...Im not complaining :)

    It's an easy thing.
    Myriads of guitarists make their sound based solely on pedals over a clean amp platform.
    It is these guitarists that @Fero and Rigbusters serve in a highly prodessional way

    I see.
    Not sure what you mean with "its an easy thing" though.
    If Kemper can do it, wouldnt it be possible to profile these stomps as "presets" or "stomps" and add them to a clean rig?
    Im not trying to knock Rigbusters work, just trying to understand the whys of it all. :)

    Hi Paolo,
    i encountered the same issue some time ago. Long before 4.01.
    it drove me crazy, as I seemed to remember it had worked fine when I first tried it.

    But I'm afraid I can't remember how it got fixed.... Sorry!

    Thinking hard....

    <makes note to smoke less>

    So now when the kpa boots, no sound. Just a hiss.
    Unplug jack from input and plug back in. Works fine.

    Fw 4.01 hasnt solved it.

    Tried with remote plugged in and unplugged. No difference.

    Anyone else encounter this?