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    Oh dear...
    So I was seting up the wah pedal and It appears I pressed the pedal init button while there was no pedal attached to that particular jack.
    No sound at all now. :(
    I've updated firmware . Nothing.
    Done reset.Nothing.

    Any ideas guys? I'm having a bit of a panic now.
    You know how it is.... you cant concentrate on anything til you have sorted the issue!

    Yes the Gystem works great with the Kemper, I prefer the effects in the Kemper so I used those instead of the G's - an expensive floorboard really!. but it works great, I have assigned the "verb, mod, pitch etc " to the stomp effects on the kemper, (Hold Edit, - then menu, then switches, and make the switch of your choise i.e "delay" say "midi CC, then use the scroll wheel to assign the midi CC of the effect stomp on the kemper. - once done if you press delay on the gsystem, it will activate the delay on the kemper.

    I have mine setup for the 5 rigs I'd use live, then use the "lock" in the kemper for all the effects I use (delay/verb/chorus and comp) - so they are always the same no matter the rig I use.
    I have them assigned to the correct buttons on the gystem, then then loop switches do various other things like drive on off. and Boost for the "x slot" etc.

    So easy to use, and setup and works really well for my needs.

    Thanks Andy :)
    It is a bit of an expensive board then!
    Its funny cause I had sold the Gsys as i wasnt using it and got a nova system.
    But I was not enjoying the tap dancing.
    Enter another g sys!
    And now I see that i could control the kpa with the nova via midi.....Damn! Yep. I still have it.....
    Anyone needing a gsystem? A VHT UL -100? :-)

    Andy, im surprised you prefer the kpa fx over TC's fx.
    I cant really say myself yet, but I was convinced the kpas would not be in the TC league.

    One IMPORTANT NOTE about the G-System and MIDI:

    The G-System volume and expression pedals DO NOT transmit MIDI CC information.

    LOL! You just knew I was itching to ask that one! :D

    I got midi working fine. Turns out its not that hard to setup preset changes :)
    Am I right to assume, that apart from changing rigs when changing gsys presets, you can assign a switch within a preset to turn fx on and off on the kpa?

    Mind racing now........

    Could you program on a certain preset ( not all) that the reverb switch activates kemper reverb instead of gsys reverb?
    Assign the loops to activate virtual stomps in the kemper?

    Thanks guys.

    Peace :thumbup:
    Ps - another thing that has me impressed is how well both fx sections interact. Even if are repeating fx, like delays it never seems to sound bad.

    Interesting... But this way no stereo right?

    Selecting Stereo loop overrides the Output settings for the direct out, therefore is irrelevant. ;)

    :thumbup: Glad to hear that as I couldn't, for the life of me hear any difference :rolleyes:

    The possibilities combining these 2 units are great. Being able to use the fx or stomps from either unit is an awesome feature!
    Today will be midi day. :thumbsup:
    The KPA, the G-sys, Decimator G string, BB preamp, Super Signa Drive and the Valvette Custom Drive are all going into the rack. Never had one ( rack) so we shall see.

    Will keep you guys informed of progress.

    Really loving it at the moment. I can start to see that the Gsys, wonderful as It is, could become unnecessary due to all the KPA features !

    YAY! :D

    First of all.... sorry guys. I did a noob :S

    Once activated the "loop stereo" in the x slot and the fx section actually activated ( DUH) works GREAT!

    GianFranco your "white paper" ( can we call it that? :) ) is great. Thanks.

    Couple of questions:

    I have just noticed I'm missing the Reference Manual!!

    One word:

    I'll be back once I do some reading :D

    Thanks again guys

    btw.... This combination is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

    I had already downloaded the book and intend on giving it a god read, but on the g-system chapter I didn't find anything different to what I am doing.
    I better have another look. Is it In a different section?

    Back in a bit :thumbup:

    Maybe I should explain how it's hooked up 8)
    Guitar to g sys
    Gsystem insert send to kpa input
    Gsystem insert return to kpa send.
    G sys left out to kpa return

    Eventually I want to hook it up in stereo using a method I have seen here, but need to get the mono going first methinks


    Hi there!
    Julio from Spain here. :-)
    I wonder if you guys can help. I swear I have done all the relevant searching... ;(
    I have a gsystem and have used it quite happily with my amps with the 4 cable method.

    So, I thought that hooking up with the kemper would be straight forward, since it does work properly with the amp. I wanted to use the the fx and loops from the g and the amps from the kemper via midi change (haven't got that far yet...)
    Problem is that I'm losing the g-systems delays ( probably all the post insert stuff)
    Loops , filter etc do work.
    I unplug everything from the kemper , replug into normal amp and voila, delays are back. Soo confused.....

    I am missing the point aren't I ? :-)

    Any suggestions?