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    Ok I found it. It says mic gain 0-60 and Line gain -10 - 50db. Even like that I'll have +10db gain which will make it -8db at max. Which still is strange to me. The V-twin mesa preamp would peak the line input at its maximum volume.

    No...minus 10 dB to plus 50 dB for your line inputs. Meaning you'd have to dial 10 dB up from that to get to 0 dB.

    Or did you mean you did exactly that and got peaks at -8 dBFS? That would mean just 8 dB of headroom in both units, which is more than high enough...

    You can't drag a guitar tube preamp into the equation 8) It's a very different thing. And it's not like higher voltage out = better quality.

    It said -10 to +50 for line input on Audient's page. So when you have the knob at 0 you may in fact be attenuating 10 dB?

    Ok guys I used an xlr cable from Main output and the volume increased like 20db. This might be the normal I guess. But why does the volume decreases dramatically when I connect the kemper through a TRS cable?

    No, the XLR outputs are 6 dB hotter, and you are now likely hitting the mic preamp on your interface.

    Unless you can actually chose line level for the XLR inputs on your interface, just use the TS outputs.

    Both your interface and the Kemper has 0 dBFS at +16 dBu. Should be a perfect match. I see that your interface has gain control from -10 to +50 for line level. Sure you don't have it set to -10?

    Have you seen the TV series LOST? Because I am now in it. =O

    I have Kemper Main Outs using TS cables to my Interface. I have my Kemper main output volume level at -12db. If I raise it to max at 0.0db then my signal will clip inside my DAW... but then all I would have to do is lower the gain knobs on my interface to compensate to get the signal to fall back into the (-12db to -6db) recording range. Vice-versa on this if I lower main output level down to -66db (before infinity).

    So what is the optimal main output db to go into DAW to get optimal tone, or is the optimal tone there no matter the signal strength?

    It's just a matter of analog gain staging. Avoiding unnecessary gain/attenuation. It's not a good idea to attenuate the Kemper's output...just to bring it back up by adding gain on the next stage (interface).

    If possible, leave the Kemper output at 0 dB (no attenuation) and don't add gain (noise) at the interface.

    I assume that 0.0db would be the same level as 0db on your meter in DAW which would leave no headroom and begin to clip. A recording level of (-12db to -6db) is ideal in DAW, and would correspond to the Kemper Output settings (as pictured above) to be set at (-12db) not at 0.0db. Can someone confirm this to be true?

    No, that's not how it works. The pad in the Kemper is intended for live use, when you more often than not go into mic preamps on the console. When recording you more often than not go into an interface set to line level, and you should not need to attenuate the output of the Kemper.

    Kemper's XLR outputs have 0 dBFS at +22 dBu. The jack outputs at +16 dBu.

    Let's say the interface is calibrated to +18 dBu = 0 dBFS for line inputs. -10 dBFS inside the Kemper will then end up as -6 dBFS through the interface when using XLR outputs and -12 dBFS when using XLR's.

    -12 dBFS is a good level. No need to record hotter than that.

    You can increase the rig volume level if you absolutely want a louder output going into the Sonos. The Kemper will max out at +16 dBu. I do not know what input level equals 0 dBFS on the Sonos.

    I recommend leaving the RIG VOLUME at 0dB

    You mean AMPLIFIER volume, no...? I'd think RIG volume is intended for balancing rigs?

    Ok guys the amp volume was set to 0db. I increased it to 12 db and now I get more output volume. My max signal is -6db now. Is this the normal output volume?

    Thank you for your answers guys you're really helpful

    Something seems off. You shouldn't need to increase volume in the amplifier block.

    How does Kemper's output led behave when you play hard? Does it go beyond green?

    Does your issue with the level apply to all rigs?

    Why do you use Monitor Out for recording, and is there a difference when using Main Out?

    Hola quisiera saber si kemper tiene algún tipo de auto wah wah?


    Sí, el Kemper tiene muchos tipos de wah. Aquí hay una grabación de auto-wah que grabé hace muchos años. ¡Espero que el motor de traducción me haya servido bien!


    In always do the auto scan and sync, but thanks for the suggestion. I saw a video of a German dude who was a ridiculous range away from it and it still worked. Curious to see if I can get far enough away to soundcheck this Saturday. I don't play very far away, because of the delay, as JEverly stated, but I like to be able to check the balance from where the crowd hears things. I'm also wondering if I need to do something different with the transmitter. I had it on my belt with a shirt covering it. Wondering if I put it in my back pocket if that may help.

    Just make sure the transmitter antenna is not touching your skin, and that it is (reasonably) vertically oriented.

    Place the receiver as high as practical, with the two antennas at an outward angle (Transmitter and receiver antennas should have the same orientation, but as you'd rarely stand straight all the time, it's a good idea to angle the two transmitter antennas in each direction). And keep the receiver away from large metal objects.

    20 meters is way less than it should be capable of. Is there a setting for transmit power?

    The "better" sound in the Line6 is capacitance/cable tone. With no cable length, most people will miss the frequency shaping effect it has on passive pickups. You can add capacitance with a cap thingy on the guitar though...Like the Neutrik Timbre plug.

    The EW-D beltpack has no settings for capacitance/cable length? If so, that's unfortunate. Makes all the difference for us guitarists! You could always solder a Neutrik Timbre plug on the cable snippet from guitar to beltpack :-)

    The cable from receiver to Kemper won't make a difference.

    I'm not a Kemper (or any brand) fanboy, and I would switch in a heartbeat if I heard something sounding better, or something being able to capture things in certain amps/combinations/settings that the Kemper still can't.

    I don't hear it though. I hear yer regular simulation unit (with a very nice interface!). And I see some serious Fractal-style hyping up front 8)