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    ...the EQs in the Main Out and Monitor Out sections would be getting updated to at least include High Pass and Low Pass filters. Would it be appropriate to make them fully parametric instead?

    For the Monitor out, yes :-) One really needs to be able to tune backline depending on speaker/cab, location etc. Proper tuning at FOH should take care of the Main out.

    However, output eq is very different from the stack eq. Output eq only affects a certain output, and applies to all rigs. Rig eq applies to all outputs, but only the selected rig.

    Also, since the Monitor Out is unbalanced, the signal is 6dB below XLR outs. And, depending on input sensitivities in you monitor, loudness may vary considerably. Make sure to compensate for the differences before comparing.

    You're putting too much into it, Sharry.


    guys, the colors are the same. if we find time, we'll get you a dark scheme so everybody can choose. i've said that already

    Picture that said with a friendly face. Or picture it with a sour face. Up to you.

    Not everybody use smilies all over the place :);):D=O:/:S:/8):|;(||<3

    With Clean Boost dialled down, do you still go into red on the input led? If so, the signal may just be too hot for the Kemper. If you find the sound is still ok though (no distortion or unpleasant compression), just put a pure booster in slot A and turn it down to taste.

    For any long runs from passive guitar pickups the difference in cables can be really noticeable. Cheap ones knock a lot of high end off. Swapping to a quality one is like taking a blanket off your speakers.

    The difference you heard is capacitance. High capacitance will knock off high end and move the resonant peak to a lower frequency. It's not a matter of quality or not. Both expensive and cheap cables can have high capacity, or not. For short runs I'd often prefer a cable with higher capacitance.


    So I choosed one (believing it was better than the other). Only to find out later I switched off this effect globally. So I couldn't have heard any change, but only because of my mindset there should be a difference (from which I had to choose) I heard a very subtle difference and I actually choosed... (embarrassing experience)

    Happens to me all the time. Thinking I'm hearing something because I'm expecting it. Clients are worse though! :D

    I had one client sending me first and second pressing of a cd. She didn't like the second pressing, and wanted me to do adjustments (eq/balance etc). I checked the two cd's....bit identical. What she was reacting to was the slightly different design/color of the second pressing. Funnily, she preferred the cover of the second pressing but the "sound" of the first.

    I don't trust anecdotes, including my own, in these matters. Humans and their emotions are involved. Hail science! :thumbup:

    No!!! you got to be kidding me… OHhhh, now I have some more listening tests to do… I thought they were all the same and all reacted the same and that they were all in the same spot in the signal chain ;( At least, I remember someone telling me that on this forum… Oh well…

    They will sound exactly the same. Except for the volume in the amplifier stack, which may act differently if you place a non-linear effect in the Effects section.

    thanks Trazan. Can i make you check if you need to have the boost stomp (in it’s off state ofcourse) patched in on your rhythm sounds too. The reason i ask this is because i actually do use all post amp 4 effect slots on some of my rhythm sounds.

    Yeah, there will only be 3 effect slots left for other fun...until you unlock that slot (you don't need to assign the boost to other rigs, if that's what you mean, but the locked slot will override whatever else may be assigned to that slot in other rigs).

    it might. There is no way though to tell a device that a number of pc that should also send a cc internally in the kemper, or in any pedalboard that i know.
    But the suggestion to link certain pc (those that chose leadsounds) to a cc that turns a locked boost on or off could work if i get a midi thing with the capacity to do this built.

    That would be the third costum built midi hack thing i have for the kemper in order to make it work like i want it to.

    I just checked with my Rocktron All Access. It does in fact work as I expected :) I can lock a slot on the Kemper, and this slot is turned on/off as per what state the IA switches is set for on Rocktron's presets. My old Digitech can also send such messages with the PC#, however I must program it to do so. The Rocktron does it whether I want it to or not. I'm sure most controllers are able to do this. Anyway, global boost works fine here 8) You obviously have to spend an efx slot on it though...