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    As the CLR can be considered neutral i don't use output EQ.
    Tweak at band levels and start with only a few profiles using the parameters mentioned above (rig EQ, definition, clarity, plus pre or post eq if needed).

    This is sage advice. You have to tweak at band levels or you are wasting your time. I played a whole gig last night using just the TAF 1987x. Very minor tone stack changes only, no EQs post or pre. 4 patches at varying gain levels & a few effects. I do the same thing with a few other Marshall profiles & see which one I like for the room & I'm done. The new Plexi I thought I'd like better didn't get used as it was too bright at gig levels. I'll fix it later. You can spend hours on tweaking this box if you want to- I view that as both the biggest strength & biggest weakness of this box.

    Lol, I've got a broken neck & back from a bad bike accident so I'm with you on the Neo! Will pm you- I gotta get out of PA & actually looking at AZ! Thx!

    +1 on the JTM! I was hesitant to buy it as its a 1w amp but Andy did an awesome job. Sounds very pure, thick & touch sensitive. Find I need to add a little treble for my LP. Treble Booster is nice out front for lead work! Thx for the discount Andy- picked up the Evil Robot & Goldfinger too!

    Awesome clip-thanks! I could totally live with that PT tone. I've heard a few BEs and they do have a distinctive high end but a lot of mid punch and good lows. The profiles I've heard translate the high end characteristics well but seem to lack a bit in the low mids and bottom end. I'm not really a dark amp lover either & will admit to being treble deaf from 30years of Marshall stacks. Could be a tough amp to capture & mic picky. That being said, gonna buy these from Armin- his work is always good.

    Awesome clip- another guy that makes me realize I've gotta practice more & tweak tones less! How's the bottom end on those profiles? So far the BE clips havent worked well for me & this being a 20 watt makes me wonder.

    I've gotta go against the grain here- IMO the Friedman BE hasn't been captured to its fullest yet. Every profile Ive heard of the BE is very bright and thin. Im a huge fan of Andy's work but the TAF one is unuseable for me. Some of Pete's are OK but i found myself switching cabs, which helped but I hate doing that.

    Haven't tried Andy's Dirty Shirley but there's some on rig exchange that are quite good.

    Gotta try Armin's Pink Taco this week!

    I got 4 patches for our set (50+ songs) : clean, crunch, drive and lead all based on same amp (Diezel Vh4 from TAF)

    Controled via midi with my Pod Hd500, 4upper switch programmed like this : C Slot (distorsion pedal), MOD , DLY and X slot (graph eq) as volume and mid boost for solos , expression pedal to control wah, 2nd expression as volume.

    I don't use performance mode, only on browser mode, I'm feeling ok like this!

    Lol, this is exactly my setup except I use a bank with the TAF 1987 Plexi or Soundside's VH4! I agree, seeing no reason to change.

    I'm a huge Social D fan & have been waiting for one of these too be profiled- like it a lot! Gotta try it with P90s! If you could get one with a bit less gain that would be cool too! Thanks so much!

    I've got this one rig that I shouldn't have- very famous name I can't divulge or my family's life could be in danger. Played it once at a gig. Massive sounding yet you could hear every note. Rhythm sounded like hounds of hell let loose & leads like angels crying. Dudes were running up to the lightbox trying to poke their nasty, unprotected USBs in the slot. The club's ex-special forces bouncers barely held them back while I booked. I uploaded it to the stick & put a USB lock on that I can't even get to- I don't need that kind of stress!