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    Hi. Its Computer based software so there is no hardware other than FCB1010 foot pedal. I dont use it live but could if needed. I would just use a laptop in that instance. Im getting old so this does it for me now. Never knocking the Kemper or anyones ideas . This works well for me and I find that processing and arranging and the final outcome is perfect for what I do. Seems to fit in well with my tinnitus and frequency hearing loss :D Take care.

    And after all....... we are their adverts.

    Is this a clean tone profile or one from an overdriven amp? Does it sound harsh even with a clean sound and is the harshness more so in the high end ?

    Hi. If anyone can help it would be great.
    I have updated Rig Manager ( from the update which comes up on startup of Rig Manager itself) and also updated ( the same method ) the operating system for the Kemper. I am trying to delete performances as I have some new ones to replace the old. I have been able to do this in the past but now the "delete" is grayed out and unavailable. Thanks............ 8| Im stuck

    Exactly the same but Win 10 restart ( which incidentally takes forever) it is apparent that the update has not gone through and on startup I get the same update message. I have attempted a few times with the same result.

    I clicked on the update button when I was asked in Rig Manager. On start up it came up with a message asking if I would like an update. It went through all the downloading bar and then when it got to "Windows is preparing " bit, it just stayed there for 3 hours.
    I had to cancel and then restart my PC from a shutdown. I tried this 3 times with the same result..............Not sure if Im the only one here???

    Hi. I know Im in with the big guns here so please excuse me as I havent found the answer to this elsewhere and dont know. No matter how old I am ...... Im still new at this thing...... :/
    I have just bought a NUX LOOPCORE Looper pedal.
    I have connected the looper into the Kemper as I saw on Youtube . The Send of the Kemper I connected to the Input of the Nux Looper Pedal ...................... Return of the Kemper to the output of the Nux Pedal.
    It works very well except that when I play back a loop I created and play over the top ( or overdub for that matter) it cuts out the loop playback sound notes as I play. Almost like if I duplicate the same string note it cuts that string note out . Cancels it out. I have set up Looper Mono Slot in the Stomp section and edited it by turning down the Ducking which seemed to help somewhat but it still seems to cut out notes when I play overt the top of the loop. I hope someone can help cause I just dunno....... Many thanks

    Rob Chapman Signature Gravity pick. I have millions ( well maybe not that many ) of everyone`s picks on the market and these I have just received and tried for a while and it looks like they are the flavour of the year for me.
    Just takes forever to get them all the way down here. Its the material and the pointedness and non buffed edge that fools me into thinking Im playing better.............but.. maybe I am ? Great pick .