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    The majority of our sentiments exactly. Please don`t walk away from the best thing that`s happened to guitar since the first amp made. It might be more difficult when the penny drops and you attempt to buy back. Just saying.

    Thats not too great man! I have personally had the exact opposite experience with their help line. I guess stuff happens as I could name a good few companies that have NEVER returned my mail only to find a glitch in the system somewhere. I wish you all the luck .

    Yeah, I don't know either, mate; it's just what felt comfortable for me. Also, I worked with a very, very-good guitarist (as a bass player) professionally when I left school, and used the way his hand looked as a guide (from memory) many years later when I picked up a guitar. All I could remember was the closed fist. The more you close it, the closer to the base of the thumb the pick gets positioned AFAICT.

    As I said, it's the pick I was talking about; the closed-fist thing just makes it look even more like my hand - apart from bringing other fingers into it for picking, which I've actually never tried. One small step at a time for me, brother. LOL
    At any rate, I loved the clip. I can only dream of being able to play like that!

    For close fistness........ just check on Frank Gambale........... Cant be that bad hey!! ;)

    Thanks Lindsay, it's always great to get a positive response for your own music.
    This forum is really unique and I'm finding many interesting topics all the time. And it's not a smartass-forum with endless Kemper vs. this and that-discussions.

    BTT: I'm still trying new picks and I have to say that I really love the V-picks. In the beginning the Tradition Lite was my favourite one, now it's the thicker Tradition-standard (2.75 mm), a great allround-pick and also -despite the thickness- great for picking and strumming on acoustic guitars. Nevertheless I also like the Euro 2 and Bullseye very much, even the very thick Diamond is useful for fast runs and jazz-stuff.

    This thread really enlarged my horizon, Bert's comment using V-picks started it all. :thumbup:

    Hope Im not banging on a bit too much here but someday ( over the Rainbow) give the Dragon Heart Picks a look in. And another view from Robert Baker........ ...... From Vinnie`s picks to these was even an improvement for me. Amen............. :thumbup:

    I have had the Kemper since inception and still have a problem keeping my mouth shut when it comes to this sort of mental block. I will learn I guess.
    Spot on what you are saying Guenter
    "why shall I use a plastic-doll (Kemper), when I'm able to have a real woman "
    As with my wife, I am married to one woman and only window shop now. :D Same with amps. I have one amp and dont see the reason to change that as in that amp I have multiple women 8)
    Love your stuff Guenter. I got Lost in your Dream!

    Patrick Hufschmid from Aigle...............(a most beautiful place in the Mountains of Switzerland near Lesin Ski Resort.!!) made me a few picks in the early days . They were made from Polyoxymethylene if I recall.......( a thermoplastic used in engineering) and worked very well indeed.
    I see he has now joined the crazy thickness line as well :)
    I have one of his white ones made around 10mm thick. Never could entirely get used to them. They are similar to playing with a brick IMHO.
    Great guy though and a real Genius!!!! . Check his guitars.................
    He told me he stomps around in the forests there and uses exotic woods he can find in nature.

    I also thought it a bit that way in the old days but I now believe it is software that is easy to use and does EVERYTHING that all the others Ive tried do and the help is very good. I got truly freaked out by the complexities of some DAWS that I tried in the past . My question was always about why they make it so difficult to move around in..............Just my experience though.

    I am at the "bedroom thrasher " stage now ( as well?) and play through a 4 by 10 Laney cab and the difference between that and headphones ( with all the tweaks and the cab off etc) is really noticeable to my faded ears :) I don`t play loud but when I do it certainly beefs up the sound as Elvis the Awesome pointed out. Maybe before getting away from the Kemper perhaps see if you can borrow a cab (if you don`t have one) and give it a whirl. You might be surprised. Just remember that turning the cab off might help as well. After three years it would be a pity and to get it back might not be as easy as when you bought it. Just a thought..............