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    I've investigated the bug I'm encountering and found that it's not just profiles of rigs I made with 7.1.2 that are missing from Rig Manager.

    My Kemper has 910 Rigs, but, Rig Manager only shows 868 of them.

    Can everyone check to see whether your number of rigs match-up between Kemper and Rig Manager? Cheers.

    My profiles made with 7.1.2 don't show up in rig manager under 7.1.3, although I can't confirm whether this happens with 7.1.2+rig manager as I've only just encountered this bug.

    Try this;

    1. Download OS7 and re-install it via usb stick (don't use Rig Manager) into the back of the Kemper.

    2. Switch Kemper to "Performance" mode.

    3. Connect Kemper to PC via USB and start Rig Manager.

    4. Let Rig Manager find all the profiles in your Kemper. Don't mess with it until it's finished doing this.

    Good luck.

    Updated through rig manager. After the update rig manager would close itself after scanning 20~ rigs in my kemper, no matter which setting it was on.

    I used my usb stick and re-installed OS6, then re-upgraded to OS7. As others suggested, I switched my kemper to performance-mode, then, started rig manager. This time all rigs were detected and now it's all working (as far as I can tell).

    Hi guys, I just noticed I'm getting crackling when using SPDIF into my Focusrite 18i20 with the latest Kemper firmware. Long time user of both devices, so I know how to set sync to SPDIF, 44.1khz etc.

    However, I'm also using the latest Win10 insider build, which means it's either an issue with this build, or the latest Kemper firmware. Could someone please test SPDIF and see if it works correctly for you using 5.7.4? Thanks in advance.

    Not snobby at all. Thank you. I don’t know what I was thinking that it was full steps. I think what I meant to say was that it would be even better if we could step up or down in more incremental fractions of semitones.

    I know what you mean. However, the common method would be to tune to whatever frequency you're using first e.g. 442hz.

    Well I learned my lesson. Never again will I try Elixir strings on my Ibanez floating trem. :D:D They just slipped out the whole time :wacko:


    I don't have this problem with my Edge Pro equipped Jem 555 or my PRS Torero. Were there any particular strings that were giving you trouble?

    For tracking/recording; the Elixir optiweb strings do seem to offer a bit more "bite". In comparison, the Nanoweb sounds rounder and feel smoother to play. I'm in the transition stage right now, moving over to optiweb from nanoweb strings in the last year.

    Very interesting. I'm using ATH M40x headphones here (which are supposed to be flatter response than the M50x).

    That cab clone isn't cheap lol £279-300+ here in UK. What this test has shown me is that using a real amp and virtual cab/ir loader gives a different and potentially viable sound, but, of-course, the Kemper alone can be just as usable. However, I've never owned a real tube amp due to living with people all my life, so, I've always used digital amps/fx since '97. The first proper amp I bought, the Marshall JMD102 also uses digital pre-amps with tube power section, which I used for gigging with.

    My question then is, does the cab clone do anything for the Kemper?

    I've used Elixir strings for about 14yrs, and on and off before that time. I've got acid fingers (which was a lot worse when I was in my late teens and throughout my 20's). They've allowed me to play guitar with much less frustration, and they last me for many many months (especially if my guitar doesn't have to travel). An acoustic set will last me for more than a year. Well worth it for me. I feel like Elixir strings saved my guitar playing "career".