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    What happened to this one? It would be interesting to have your take of Metropoulos amp profiles.


    Thank you the calmness Jari and yes, I've been in this geeky guitar tone game for almost a decade now and boy has it been life-changing in a good way. I would like to think that being on forums through all this time has taught me to have a thick skin and respect everyone even when they're on the opposite side of the argument. My mistake was thinking that everyone would know me and my previous work and there would be no problem in me starting a conversation about "making your modeler better" because I've been doing that for other modelers for so long. Now that I think of it... that can definitely sound pretty douchey. I definitely need to give the Kemper guys a taste of what I do. Thank you once again buddy! So... are you a Marshall guy or? ;)

    Nice, offering some free test profiles is smart move for every commercial profiler IMO. I'm looking forward to your explorations in Kemperland. And BTW, welcome to Kemper forum!

    Kemper has taught me to be very, very picky when it comes to amps... ;) But yes, I tend to like vintage Marshall type of crunch, also with some modern variations.


    Hi all,

    usually I don’t defend people on forums, but I guess I’ll make an exception this time. During the years, I’ve heard Mikko’s stuff (both recorded and live) and he’s a legit guy. I also happen to know that he has lots of experience with both digital modelling gear and tube amps, including cabinet miking. I don’t know him personally, but he has gained respect and earned his position in digital amp world by doing hard work for years.

    IMO, it would be good tactic for him to provide free profiles for people to test before making purchase decision, but I’ll surely buy a profile packet from him if he comes up with any amp that intrigues me (I’m not a Mesa guy).

    Personally, I’m more than happy to see a guy like Mikko in Kemper forum offering profiles (even for not free). The guy is the real guitar sound geek for sure. I guess his timing was not the best one (the profiling market is already oversaturated and Kemper forum merrymaker Monkey_Man is currently banned). Of course good questions and informative conversation are always valid. But please, chill out everybody.


    Thanks guys! Thus far I've heard nothing but positive feedback about the album, so I guess we did something right this time.

    In fact, most of the profiles used for the album were done in studio environment by professional studio engineers, but I totally get your point, Mr. Monkey_Man. We chose some "amateurish" profiles especially for lead work because they just fitted into mix better than anything else and I guess the phase cancellation during cabinet micing is one of the reasons.

    However, what I meant to say is that there are plenty of excellent profiles available also in free, if you have time and patience to browse through near-endless repertory of Rig Exchange and profession quality profile packs offered free by Kemper folks. I've went through this (still on-going) process for several years now and I'm more than happy with the results!


    Hi all,

    my band Joint Depression has just released our latest album Beyond All Black. All guitar and bass tracks were recorded using Kemper (including acoustic guitars). The album can be found on Spotify and on Youtube:

    For some odd reason we ended up using mostly free profiles from miscellaneous profile packs, even though during the years I've purchased $$$ amount of commercial profiles for both guitar and bass... :D But of course there were some commercial gems that were invaluable and our go-to profiles during the recording process.

    Please, take a listen and feel free to comment!


    I've had Kemper since late 2012 and during that time, I have played several thousands of free and commercial profiles. ACY's Bloody Rocka rigs are my favourite profiles ever, hands down. They just bloom.

    I'm really happy to see that you're back, ACY. Do you have plans to do more Bloody Rocka profiles, eg. with different speakers and mics?


    Hi Jari,

    Yes, all's well that ends well. I have my Kemper back. :)

    I am in the middle of recording and mixing an EP for my band. In a few weeks I should have the time for some more profiles. Any requests?

    Good news, finally!

    Personally I'd be interested to hear some DI/merged profiles of Super Bass profiled loud, if possible. I think the great BE100 profiling experiment Tim Owens have been doing (HUGE thanks to Tim, btw!) has proven that amp volume really does matters during profiling (this can be heard especially on Mastodon's Bill Kelliher settings). High master volume settings on Marshall JMP profiles would be great. And maybe also with jumped channels and dimed mids?