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    Bump for these amazing profiles. These are definitely my favourite vintage Marshall profiles. And the nice thing is that the amp profiles works also really well with my favourite cabinets. Big thank you for Slapswan, I think you have managed to capture the soul of Super Bass.

    Do I dare to ask some more profiles of your magical amp?


    Now I have some time to explain this idea in detail.

    I know that several users have several categories and subcategories for different instruments and sounds they use in different environments, at least I do. :) For example, I have different profiles for clean electric guitar, acoustic guitar (studio & live), clean & drive sounds for bass guitar, electric guitar crunch, different profiles for studio and live, distorted rhythm guitar, distorted lead guitar, special effects and even some profiles for vocals, keyboards and some weird traditional instruments et cetera. As you can see, Kemper is a multi-purpose tool for me... :)

    The downside is that it is getting harder and harder to keep everything organized in a decent manner. I've been using KPA since SW version 1.5 and during this time Kemper has added lots of new functionalities (pitch shifting, more support for bass guitar etc.) and also number of useful profiles has increased dramatically. Now it would be nice to have some more support functionalities for organization as well, in the same vein as "favourite" and "bass" rig tags they have already added. Rig manager is nice of course, but unfortunately rig tags are lacking.

    My suggestion to solve this problem is to add an additional rig tag label and also multi-selection list for rig views (take a look at my incredible Excel drawing skills for example: I would love to be able to select several rig tags to be viewed at the same time (eg. to view only profiles with rig tags "just bass" and "clean" and "favourite"). And from the technical point of view, the implementation of rig tag functionalities shouldn't be too complex either.

    Does anyone else have similar problems with organization of their profiles? FYI, the number of profiles in my KPA is not thousands but around 400, but sometimes searching of the suitable profile can still be a little bit frustrating.


    In current Kemper SW version the instrument options in "rig tag" menu are either "guitar" or "bass" and we have "just bass"-option in the "views" menu, but it would be nice to have some more options for instrument (eg. "acoustic guitar", maybe even "other instrument") and also additional rig tag (such as "clean", "acoustic", "crunch", "drive", "distortion", "special effect", etc.). In addition of there tag options, it would be handy if KPA could have an option to select several options from "views" menu side by side based on tags. For example, you could select and view both "just bass" and "just distortion", or "just guitar" and "just clean" or any other combination you would like.

    In my opinion, this would offer a tremendous help for users with hundreds of profiles, because the comparison of profiles which are on similar style would be much more straightforward. And this means that selecting and picking up your favourite profiles (and also getting rid of the profiles which are "quite good, but not as good as this other profile") would be far easier.

    Original idea for sorting based on amp/cab is nice, but nowadays we have several different variations for amp/cab names. For example, the name of a well-known classic Marshall amp can be "Marshall", "Mar1959", "Johnnys Marshall", "Super Lead", "1959 SL", et cetera. Thus, sorting by amp is not that useful anymore in my opinion.


    Thanks guys! Ja terve vaan, Stevoe!

    It’s really easy to spice up the production and add details with Kemper and this is exactly what I did during mixing process of this album. Instead of DAW effect plugins, I used Kemper for almost everything else except drum gates, reverbs and compression.

    Usually I’m quite reclusive guy who likes to stay away from the internet forums. This time I made an exception. The main reason is that there has been some questions about using Kemper for keys, vocals, etc. This album demonstrates that it is possible to do that stuff and in my point of view, Kemper added the high quality ingredient I was looking for.

    Kemper is a wonderful studio tool, not only for recording guitar/bass tracks but also for mixing. Reamping via S/PDIF is easy (for any track you want) and during reamp process you can operate the effects and parameters on the fly. For example, the sparkle MyAlterEgoHamish mentioned is an EHX-stylish Kemper octaver (or pitch shifter/whammy, I have to check this later) blended with unprocessed signal. I reamped the original track, added the octaver effect and modified effect parameters during the reamp process by hand and with foot controller. Very neat and intuitive. The only thing that sets the limits, at least in my experience, is your own imagination and creativity.

    And because of firmware updates Kemper is getting better and better all the time. I just hope that a constant growth of firmware complexity doesn’t mean that a number of firmware bugs will also increase drastically. But for sure, Christoph’s team is aware of the risk and will be working to mitigate it.

    Oh gosh, I’m really starting to sound like a Kemper fanboy… which I am! :D


    Hi all,

    my first post, woohoo!

    My band made a record / music movie consisting of 10 songs / music videos. Kemper was used intensively during album production: all guitars, all vocals(!) and parallel version of bass track was feed through Kemper, using different profiles. Some of the guitar tracks were also reamped. “Lo-fi” sound at the beginning of one song is all Kemper (slightly modified “Drive-Thru Speaker” profile), including the drums.

    Using Kemper for the vocal tracks was very interesting. Because the recording quality of the vocals was quite… hmmm, modest (vocals were recorded using internal preamp of Boss multitracker), I reamped all vocal tracks via Kemper. First thing to do was to find a suitable profile for the vocalist and for the song. My favourites were “Neveish” by their nature. Then I removed a cabinet and eq stack, adjusted tube parameters and added some gain, compression and miscellaneous effects for the taste. I’m quite satisfied with the results, Kemper was really intuitive to use and it added the flavour I was missing.

    You can check the results here: and in here:

    A word of caution: the movie is quite “Finnish”, as is the English pronounciation.

    All comments and questions are welcome. I have most of the modified presets in my computer and all of them are free profiles from Rig Exchange, so sharing is also possible.