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    Here's a super quick clip I knocked together. Obviously I don't know which exact profile you used for your clip but I found a TJ one that is certainly similar and to be fair I think it sounds like garbage too. I used a Schecter Strat, mini humbucker first then the neck pickup.

    I compared it to a M Britt Jubilee profile after which sounds a million times better.…CenjyiuAjpmTazHNb7OrRw_Ye

    Op may have slightly differing views but I personally would like to see the clean/dist sense independent of the noise gate.

    For example if I use a lower output guitar I may want to raise the dist sense by a few db. As I use a ton of performances I'd need to lock it.

    Unfortunately this locks the whole input section including the gate. This is pretty useless as I have to swap between clean and high gain rigs which use different gate settings stored by rig. so it's either set it low and have massive noise on high gain or crush the dynamics of the clean tone when set high.

    +1 Here.

    In my scenario I have over 50+ performances with 5 rigs each. So If I want to swap to a guitar with lower output pickups I need to adjust the distortion sense 250 times? And the gate as well?

    I need to be able to look the distortion sense without touching any other settings including the gate.

    Ideally I need to be able to adjust the distortion sense globally and save it as a preset for each guitar.

    I go from clean to high gain so need the gate independent of how hard the guitar is pushing the profile.

    Absolute nightmare for me since updating, can’t believe that new firmware is out of Beta.

    Rearranging performances is a disaster as it just keeps duplicating the name of them and moving them into the wrong position and to top it off my Kemper just shat the bed during a wedding gig and wiped the performance I was on when it eventually rebooted.

    Not impressed at all. No problems whatsoever on the previous firmware 6

    Mentioned this in a previous thread but I’m having serious issues with my Kemper and Remote.

    I’m using performance mode and have a performance for each song. Every so often I’ll be mid song and the Remote will scroll to slot 125. Anybody else experience this or know a fix?

    It’s not great playing a paid wedding gig and having the patch switch to an EVH profile mid song. Happened the last three gigs now.

    Also having problems with my volume pedal. I use this to mute in quiet sections and many times I’ll push it forward to unmute for a section of the song and it’ll take a second or so to unmute.

    Using a Dunlop volume/expression pedal. Wah works fine.

    More a request to get rid of a “feature”. Can we please remove the remote auto scrolling to performance 125 when you press multiple buttons on the remote (I think it’s up + 1).

    I genuinely can’t see any reason why the remote even does this, other than to completely screw you by auto scrolling to the patch you use for your black metal band in the middle of a first dance at a wedding gig.


    Mine does that no problem. I've just tested it again incase I was talking rubbish (which wouldn't be the first time :P). I just dragged perfmormance 54 and dropped it between 37 and 38. 54 became 38 and 38 became 39. Everythin after that just added one number.

    Are you using Mac or PC?

    I'm using Mac version 2.1.74

    Ha I just tested mine to double check too! I’m using Windows.

    Ikm not sure I understand you property. I have been trying to set up a full set of 50+ songs recently using RM to create the performances. I have lots of issues with RM in this scenario to the point where I was nearly ready to throw thongs out the window however, one thong that it did do very well was let me reorder the setlist quickly. You can drag and drop performances anywhere you like and the performance below it will just move down on place. Is that what you are trying to do or have I misunderstood your situation?

    I'm not sure if we're using different versions but I can't drag and drop like that. Say I have 10 performances in slots 1-10, I cant for example move performance 1 to slot 9 and have them all move. It simply swaps them, so performance 9 will move to slot 1 for example.

    Oh come on, why does everyone get so bent out of shape about people wanting an editor?

    Yes Kemper never promised one but it’s a cold hard fact that every single one of their competitors have really good editors which really enhance the experience of using the unit. Kemper don’t have to provide one but it certainly means they’re going to get left behind by not doing so.

    I love the sound of the Kemper and use it professionally but for my uses there’s no denying the Axe FX and Helix were much easier to deal with in my situation.

    And a lot of people here need to understand that the Kemper is great, but it’s not perfect and it’s okay to say that without someone bursting into tears.

    Okay, got a bit of a weird issue -

    I'm using performance mode and normally when switching between slots within a performance the delay spills over just fine except for one particular performance where the trails cut off abruptly.

    I've checked all the settings and they all seem to be the same within each performance. Any idea what's causing this or is there anything I've missed that I need to check?

    Thanks in advance!

    The main thing to remember is FRFR is totally different to a traditional amp and cab.

    when you describe listening to the Kemper through a wedge, you're not liking it because it's a recreation of a mic'd amp, not because it's digital. Trust me, if you had your amp in isolation mic'd up and then fed through the same monitor you'd get the same feeling, it's just how it is. However to the audience it sounds great and normal.

    I agree that solid state amps don't sound great. My solution is to run the Kemper through a valve power amp with a cab on stage for my own monitoring and then send the full Kemper signal to the FOH.

    Our sound engineer sometimes does this at bigger shows. I mainly rely on main outs direct but sometimes they'll throw in the mic'd cab sound.

    No phase issues so far, but of course most desks have a phase switch that he can use if it becomes an issue. I know you're talking about recording so this won't apply, but another bonus is he'll only use the direct sound for monitors which makes it a lot cleaner and easier to control on stage.