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    As for the Definiton parameter, it is set by the Kemper during the profiling process. The Kemper sets the definition to a setting that it thinks sounds most like the original amp. I assume the Clarity parameter is the same way.....? I just left it as the Kemper originally set it.

    This is one of the great things about the Kemper. You have the tools to shape each amp in a seemingly endless number of ways.


    Thank you everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to the profiles! I'm certainly motivated to get some more profiles out to you guys soon. We've got a Vox AC30 in the studio now and I'm excited to get to work!


    Rescator, thank you! I didn't mess with the clarity and definition after the profiling process. I left the profiles as "organic" and untouched as possible. With the exception of some EQ on a few of the profiles, they sound exactly as they did when captured in the profiling process (the original amp tone). That way, you guys can tweak them as you see fit or just use the original amp tone.


    Garrincha, thank you for the kind words. I have two old Marshall cabs, one with Greenbacks and one with V30s. Unfortunately the Greenbacks are not the originals (they were gone when I got the cab) but they are the next-best thing -- the Made in England reissues with the 6402 codes.


    Thank you db9091! I really appreciate the feedback and the kind words.

    I haven't put any compression on the clean patches in order to leave that to the end user to add and adjust to their tastes. Thus, the perceived volume is highly dependent on the player's individual picking attack. The distorted patches are naturally compressed, so the volume is pretty constant regardless of playing style.

    So, I just set them to what worked for me and will let you all adjust the volumes as you see fit. :-)


    There is a link for the package discount. Click on any of the "Buy" buttons to bring you into the store front. One of the 9 items is labeled "All Profiles" and has the volume discount. Thanks, Jimi

    Hello Kemper Users,
    We've launched a new site with pro-quality profiles for the KPA.

    Our site is located at:

    We currently have 8 amps profiled, with more on the way. Amps we currently have available include:

    1968 Marshall Super Lead 100W
    1974 Lee Jackson Modded Marshall 50W (used by Paul Gilbert to record the first two RacerX albums)
    1978 Marshall Mk II Lead 50W
    1964 Fender Bassman
    1970 Fender Dual Showman Reverb
    1963 Gibson Falcon
    1986 Laney AOR Pro-Tube Lead 100W
    1960's Sano 160R

    We have demo videos and high-quality audio clips available of each amp for you to check out.

    Profiles are $5.99 for each amp, or $39.99 for all 8.

    Please check it out, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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