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    Thanks for the kind words! Yes, the '67 20 Watt speakers have a very distinct tone. Playing Jailbreak through them makes me smile every time.

    Recently picked up an original '70 G12M with 55 Hz Pulsonic cone. Perhaps the next pack will need to be Hendrix...?

    For 80's metal, you can check out our Paul Gilbert / Lee Jackson Marshall. I've also profiled another one of Paul's old Lee Jackson Marshalls (the Mel Bay Rocket) and just need to do a demo. It sucks trying to do a demo of a Paul Gilbert amp. Paul's stuff requires serious chops. :-)

    Yeah, I'll add the ADA MP1 to the list of to-do's!

    Let There Be Rock was in 1977, in between High Voltage and Highway to Hell. I think the TNT profile will probably get you the closest. Also try the Highway to Hell.


    I apologize for the missing Back in Black profiles! I inadvertently didn't include them in the initial release of the pack. They're there now, and I've emailed the profiles to those who were missing them.

    Thank you,

    Hey Kemper Fans,

    We're happy to announce the Top Jimi "DC/AC" Pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (34 profiles)

    These profiles seek to recreate the sound heard on the recordings of the rock band AC/DC

    Amps Used During the Profiling Process: Several Marshall heads from Jimi's collection

    Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: 1967 Celestion 20W Greenback, Celestion 25W Greenback, Celestion Vintage 30

    Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 2 to 6

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    Comments: AC/DC is the perfect example of straight-up rock guitar tone, but the tones can be surprisingly difficult to get unless you have the right gear. We've done our best to replicate the tones heard on several AC/DC albums, from 1974 up through today. It seems almost everyone wants some good AC/DC profiles in their arsenal. I think those people will love this profile pack!

    Please Note: Obviously, the guitar is a very important part of the signal chain, and differences between guitars will affect the tone. We used Jimi's Les Paul Standard as a neutral reference to build the profiles. If your guitar has a fuller tone, we recommend increasing the Treble and Presence together. Try increasing them both by 0.3 and see how that sounds. If your guitar is bright, try reducing the Treble and Presence by 0.3 and go from there.

    Signal Path: Guitar --> Various Marshall heads --> Marshall 4x12 loaded with Celestions

    Profile Naming Decoder:

    Ang = Emulates Angus Young’s tone
    Mlc = Emulates Malcolm Young’s tone
    Stv = Emulates Stevie Young’s tone

    BinBl = “Back in Black”
    H2H = “Highway to Hell”
    Jlbrk = “Jailbreak”
    Live ’16 = Gear and settings from Premier Guitar’s AC/DC Rig Rundown
    TNT = yes, “TNT”
    Train = “Rock ‘N Roll Train”
    TStrk = “Thunderstruck”

    All guitar tones heard on the following demo were recorded with a Kemper using the DC/AC Pack and drums/bass/vocal backing tracks found on YouTube.

    Profiles available here:

    Jimi :thumbup:

    They are using the profiles legally. We gave them to them (maybe a couple years ago) in exchange for a mention on their site. They're all old profile packs that we've replaced with improved versions since then (with the exception of the '63 AC30). I believe Sinmix did the same.



    Glad you guys are digging the Pet2C pack. In reply to some of the comments:

    - My demos are recorded with as little as possible between the Kemper and DAW. Just taking the digital SPDIF out of the Kemper direct into the DAW. Nothing in between -- not even A/D converters. Nothing is done in the DAW either other than sliding the demo pieces to line up in time and then exporting.

    - The amp settings used for the JPCnch (crunch) and JPLead profiles are exactly the same as what Petrucci uses for this amp. I took them directly off his video demo. He uses the JPCnch for rhythm tones, which is most of his playing. If you listen to Dream Theater stuff, he actually doesn't use a ton of gain for rhythm. That's why it cuts and is so punchy. But it sounds heavy because of his playing, tunings, and double tracking. The JPLead profiles are what he uses for leads, which are thicker and with more gain. I like the JPLead tone for rhythm as well. When using the JPLead for rhythm, I recommend increasing the Treble and Presence together to increase the high end to taste (for more edge) and to match your guitar's pickups. I personally love this tone.

    - JPLead 1 and 2 are the same amp settings, but use different mic techniques.

    - I use a Les Paul with Fralin Pure PAF pickups for most of the demo work. I consider it my most "neutral" guitar. You'll need something similar to closely match the demo tone. The other primary demo guitar is a Custom Shop Strat with a Fralin 5% overwound (I think) in the bridge and stock Fender Custom Shop pickups in the middle and neck positions.


    Hey Kemper Fans,

    We're happy to announce the new Top Jimi "Pet2C Pack" (20 profiles), which seeks to recreate the sound of a Mesa/Boogie JP-2C Head (100 Watts). The JP-2C is the John Petrucci signature head.

    Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: Celestion Vintage 30

    Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 0 to 8

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    Rock and metal players, whether they're fans of Dream Theater or not, will love these profiles. We've done profiles which are tailored after John Petrucci's lead, crunch/rhythm, and clean tones. We've also created others that extrapolate off those tones. I'll be using these profiles in my next project.

    Mesa/Boogie JP-2C Background Info: The JP-2C is Mesa's first unlimited-build signature amplifier, designed for Dream Theater's John Petrucci. This reissue 2C+ offers the highest headroom clean sound possible, a crunch rhythm that has lead channel gain available, but is tight, grinding and articulate, and the ultimate Boogie lead channel with access to even more saturation.

    Profiles available at:

    Jimi :thumbup:


    We're happy to announce that we've re-profiled the Top Jimi Modern 30 Pack (21 profiles) to include merged profiles and use better mic techniques.

    This pack seeks to recreate the sound of a late 2000's Vox AC30 CCH Head (30 Watts).

    Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: Celestion 25W Greenback and Celestion Vintage 30

    Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 0 to 6

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    These profiles are reminiscent of a classic 60's British combo, but with a touch more gain. We used ceramic speakers for a slightly more modern sound. With these profiles you can easily dial up a very cool mix of classic and contemporary British tones, with a little more of a modern sound than the 63-30 and 64-30 packs.

    Vox AC30 CCH Background Info: Vox offered the head version of the Custom Classic series, the AC30CCH, from 2005 to 2010. It features a similar chassis design to its predecessors, with all-tube circuitry including a quartet of EL-84 power tubes. Also included was a top boost circuit, tremolo, switches for output bias and smoothing capacitors, and a built-in spring reverb.

    Profiles available here

    Any of you who purchased the previous version of the pack or a bundle containing the pack in the past month should have already received a free upgrade.

    Thank you,
    Jimi :thumbup: