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    Hey Kemper Fans,

    We're happy to announce the availability of a new profile pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier -- the Offset '45 Pack. These profiles seek to recreate the sound of a limited-edition Marshall Offset JTM45 head and cabinet.

    [Blocked Image: https://ci4.googleusercontent.…ccfb7e5fad4bbf/image/jpeg]

    Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: Celestion 15W Alnico and Celestion 25W Greenback

    Min to Max Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 0 to 6

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    Comments:These profiles are reminiscent of an old Bassman, but with a bit more mid-range grunt. We profiled with Alnico and ceramic speakers to give very early and more modern British-flavored tones. This pack will give you a fantastic platform for rock and blues playing.

    Marshall Offset JTM45 Background Info: In early 2000, Marshall Amplification decided to reissue the rarest amplifier the company had ever produced -- the offset JTM45 half stack of which only three were made back in 1962. 300 of the reissue amps were produced, and sold out before they were shipped. The amp consists of the offset-chassis JTM45 head and 4 x 12 offset speaker cabinet with a semi-openback design and four 12" Alnico Celestion speakers.

    Profiles available here:

    Jimi :thumbup:

    Top Jimi Enterprises, LLC is in no way affiliated with Marshall Amplification or Celestion International Ltd. Any mention of "Marshall", "JTM45" or "Celestion" is strictly for comparison purposes.

    Yes, ideally the studio and merged profiles would have identical gain. This is typically the case.

    The Kemper has to somehow decide what part of the studio profile belongs to the amp and what part belongs to the cabinet. I have no idea how it could do this, but it does. The cabinet portion is copied over the top of a direct profile to make the merged profiles. I'm guessing that this process isn't perfect and may be part of what happened here. The box used to take the direct tap isn't completely transparent either, which also has some effect. We don't purposely make studio and merged profiles any different.


    I did some more experimenting, and there is definitely something really strange going on... Profiles from the new package with gain at about 6-7 are not even comparable to profiles from the first pack, when it comes to amount of gain. The HBE Low (gain 6.8) from the new pack is maybe comparable to other profiles with gain at 3 or 4. This can't be right? I checked everything from clean sens to effects (none are active or even in the slots), rebooted my Kemper where it checked all the rigs etc, but it's still the same. Are someone else experiencing this? It applies to all merged and studio profiles.


    You really can't compare anything between the old and new BEye packs. The amps were completely different in character. The first amp had some major issues going on. It sounded like it was run through an AM radio. I'm glad at least one person dug the work we did to resurrect some life out of that first amp. ;-)


    After a marathon profiling session yesterday, the new BEye pack is now done. We think the new profiles sound fantastic, and are what you'd expect from this amp.

    Those of you who purchased the first BEye pack sound have received an email with new profiles attached. If you didn't receive the new profiles, please send an email with your invoice number to [email protected] and we'll hook you up with the new pack.

    Here's the new demo:

    Demo Audio


    Hey Kemper Fans,

    We're happy to announce the availability of a new profile pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier -- theTangerine 30 Pack. These profiles seek to recreate the sound of an Orange AD30 head.

    Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion 25W Greenback

    Min to Max Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 2 to 8

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    We've redone these profiles from scratch to include improved mic techniques and merged profiles. They remind us of a mix between a Vox and a modded vintage Marshall. The cleans are not totally clean, but with a low output pickup or dialing back the volume knob, they are some of my favorites. The thick, chunky overdrive is fantastic. A very versatile profile pack.

    Orange AD30 Background Info: The AD30 is a classic British amp. The amp is a 2-channel, 30W head with (4) EL-84 output tubes. Channel 1 has a vintage flavor to it, with more bass and a little less gain than Channel 2, which is slightly more modern and has a subtle mid boost.

    Profiles available Here


    Hey Guys,

    We've decided to remove the merged profiles from the BEye profile pack. There's nothing wrong with the merged profiles -- that's what the amp actually sounded like in the studio. But people have been unhappy with them because they sound a lot different than the studio profiles and lack low end. The BE-100 has remarkably little low end -- it's like there's a 4-pole high pass filter at 500 Hz.

    We had to do a lot of work with mics to get the studio sounds to what we thought sounded good. If we hadn't done that, everyone would have hated the amp. I think we got some good studio tones.

    If you are a guitar cab user, we recommend using the studio profiles and removing the cab.


    Kemper Fans,

    We're happy to announce the availability of a new profile pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier -- the Medium-Power Blackface #3 Pack (34 profiles). These profiles seek to recreate the sound of a 1964 Fender 6G6-B Bassman head.

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    These profiles sound like a Marshall JTM45, but with additional low end. They're fantastic for a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to country to rock. The profiles were voiced for single coil pickups, but if you increase the Treble and Presence each by about 0.8, humbuckers will come alive.

    1964 Fender 6G6-B Bassman background Info: Vintage Fender Bassman amps are ironically not often used by bass players, but are coveted by guitarists. The blonde 6G6-B bassman is probably the most desirable of the blonde and blackface Bassman heads. The model pictured is a transition model, with "blonde" knobs and circuitry and a blackface cabinet. The 6G6-B is the amp famously used by Brian Setzer.

    Profiles available at: