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    In the same way that you can use presets for the audio sections I would love to be able to have the option of presets for lighting settings. At home I use the LEDs set up as default, but for gigs where I don't fiddle with settings I like to turn them all off.

    Just a personal preference, but I find it irritating in a dark room having the head glowing away on top of the cab, so it would be amazing to be able to adjust all LED settings in one go as a preset.

    I've had a search and read the manual but I'm still not sure I understand how to transmit PC messages when switching between performance mode slots.

    As far as I understand it I can set up the KPA to transmit a PC message on two channels when the slot changes, but I can't see how to change the PC value that is sent.

    For example, if Performance 1 slot 1 sends PC 0 when it is selected and slot 2 sends PC 1, how can I make slot 3 also send PC 0?

    Any help is much appreciated!

    X In the OS7, i think that categories, types and presets should be better separeted.

    IMO, when a effects categorie is chosen, only the corresponding types of effects should appear, and the same for types and presets.

    What do you think about ?

    Same. I don't dislike the way it's implemented but I was surprised. I don't think the way preset selection is implemented is as clear as it could be. I'd rather see type select effect type as previously had been the case and browse open a filtered list of presets relevant only to the selected effect . I'd imagine that would have been both clearer and easier to implement.

    @fredrikn see this is this thing, different needs. I've done both, rig manager is undoubtedly the preferred way of transferring rigs, but in all honesty I haven't done this for a long time, I have a few performances set up for different bands and a few for home, probably using 10 or so profiles and that does me, I just use the KPA as a normal head, but with the convenience of not having to mic it at gigs.

    Regarding using a computer for the delay set up, 99% of the time I would find it more convenient to use the built in interface than faffing with an editor and computers/cables/chargers/windows updates etc just to change the odd setting. Perhaps this is for personal reasons because I use computers all day at work and can't wait to get away from them at night, but unless a heavy evening of some serious editing was planned I don't think I would have a problem using the built in interface!

    But I can see the convenience if the KPA is in a studio where it rarely moves and is permanently hooked up and is a major part of the workflow.

    Just different uses and different requiements, but I still don't understand the passionate need for an editor that drives some users to be rude to other users, Kemper as a company and C.Kemper personally on this forum.

    @Man_With_Gas I can and do appreciate coughlinkellys frustration - while personally I don't feel the same need for an editor - there are things about the KPA that I think could be better. It's not his point that was being made fun of, it was the method delivery.

    @coughlinkelly - sometimes I struggle to see the need for an editor that other people such as yourself do, I think it must come down to different ways of using the KPA. I've had the most positive experience with it when I use it like a traditional amp, I believe that this was Mr K's original design intent and for me this is how it feels most satisfying to use. Obviously we are all different and have different needs and workflow requiements that the KPA should be able to satisfy. How do you use it? What's your typical set up/workflow and how would an editor benefit it?

    I know this topic has been talked about to death and I don't want to flog a dead horse but I'm just curious - after reading pages upon page over months on the other editor thread about that was eventually shut down I was amazed how passionate some users are about the need for an editor and how so many others like myself are so unmoved by the prospect. It must come down to a mixture of personal preference and the need to satisfy different requirements from the KPA, but I don't understand what those requirements are beyond convenience.

    Haha and you're doing a very good job at it too!

    Yes, something like that would work, particularly when working on a smallish number of profiles and presets. It's as they increase that solution doesn't scale as well, for example the new delay presets cause a lot of needless scrolling because there are so many.

    @Burkhard all good points, and something I use.

    The problem comes when you have a requirement to sort by two or more criteria. For example I found the merged profiles a great improvement - a lot of the time I play with a traditional cab so they really are a best of both worlds improvement - so I have a need to sort by Merged. So in that case I have a _m_ prefix. But this then means I can't also sort by amp name.

    It's not meant as an attack on the KPA, but a suggestion that I feel would improve it. As the profilers capabilities have expanded in my opinion a real need for 'sorting', 'grouping' and 'filtering' in general has developed, which can be seen in a lot of the feature requests, particularly this one and the ones about fx preset management, and possibly might even answer some of the use cases in the 'ridiculously long toxic thread that is best not mentioned', usually lurking at the topic of the feature requests forum.

    While I agree with @Burkhard that keeping the number of rigs on the KPA at a sensible level and using rig manager as the main store of profiles is a good way to use the KPA, I don't think this fully answers the use case proposed by @metalloony. And sometimes there is a benefit to having many profiles.

    For example, I have bought many rig packs and have profiled 4 or 5 amps. Let's say for argument sake I have the 5 amps I own and 10 profile packs, not to mention lots of one off profiles, but we'll exclude those. Each amp pack/profiling session commonly gives me around 30 profiles. Of those 30 I would probably pick my favourite 10, so I would have a broad range of what the amp can do, a couple of clean profiles, some light break up, crunch, distortion, lead, boosted etc. This isn't excessive at all. By the time I've done this with the 10 packs and 5 profiled amps I have 150 profiles. It's getting a pain browsing them even at this stage, but it would be amazing to be able to have a folder for each pack/amp so users could pick amp (top level directory) then pick the actual profile from within this directory. The same could be applied to FX - pick by effect type, then preset.

    If we could define custom tags (Current Author, Favourites, etc) it would be possible to do what the OP wants.

    i love the Blackarts Toneworks Pharaoh. It's just a massive, thick fuzz that errs into overdrive and distortion territory with ease. It stacks with other drives really well and seems to sound awesome with any amp I've tried it with including the KPA. I bought the supreme version earlier this year which is a bit more flexible and has some really fun settings.

    +1 Fuzzes are the only pedals I use with the KPA, I'm quite keen on most of the effects in the KPA, but I've yet to hear a digital fuzz that sounds anywhere near as good as an analogue one. I would love a Tonebender with a bias control in the Kemper.

    At least it was the only the Captain breaking the news and the other bumbling idiot who is normally with him was nowhere to be seen! :-D

    Early on in January I bought a Blackarts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme. I've had a standard Pharaoh for a while and love it, but the supreme is next level. Sounds great into the Kemper too, but I probably won't use both together live.