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    I made the same experience with my VH4 as well as with the Schmidt and I learned that there are two different ways to get along with this... The first one is really simple - just increase the bass of the amp for the profiling. The rest could/must be done with the eq afterwards. The second way is simple as well - you just have to work with the refining. My best bariton / low tuning profiles had been refined with my guitar in regular tuning. While refining I try to avoid to play too many dead notes - the more open the sound of the strings the more definition I get in the lower frequencies. Oh, and my very personal opinion ( I know others will disagree) - I prefer passive pu for the refining.

    The Torpedo Cab was my solution for homerecording before getting the Kemper - I used it together with my Laboga Beast and/or my Isa One pre.

    After receiving the Kemper I tried the Torpedo Cab several times for profiling - the results are good but directly compared with a mic'ed speaker the Cab is the second winner. I love the Cab used together with a preramp to create bass- or acoustic profiles but as long as I have the possibility to catch tube amp signals via microphone (and a real good isobox) I'll prefer this. Without it the Cab would be still my first choice but in my actual situation it could make sense to sell it...

    Robrecht & DonPetersen - shame on me, obviously I've missed to read this - but now one issue concerning the fx (it is nothing in relation to the abilities of the Kemper in general) is solved for me, thanks!

    @Liulululli - sorry, you're right, this is OT and I'll stop with this right away...

    musicman65 - I agree totally and would add the possibility to offer different signal path - parallel, serial and maybe semi-serial (like TC) within the effect route. Then you may have -as example- delay and reverb parallel to each other which means the one does not corrupt the other.

    @ liulululi - sorry I did not want to make any joke on you - I do think your idea is absolutely serious but I really liked the comment from Ingolf - for me it was a lead for a CN-Joke...

    VESmedic1 - it is a VH4 mono with 50W (special edition), profiled with a Mesa Stilleto Cab and two micophones (SM 57 & ?? - I can't remember, sorry)...

    I asked Lasse if he worked with any eq in the signal path but the only thing he was using was a low cut.

    The cab was mic'ed in an isolated and acoustic optimized room and the original signal was really loud, so the mics got the "the air" and pressure with the tone ( I think one of the miracles to get a stunning tone - but no need to say that Lasse really knows how to mic an amp signal - which is the biggest point)

    I know my VH4 very well working with it in my rehearsel room and with my isocab at home for a long time and i was surprised that the sound via the Mesa cab (V30) was remarkable "darker" compared to my Diezel Frontload and my isobox (V30 as well). Just to make sure - no, this was no question of eq'ing! :-)

    Maybe we'll find another afternoon to profile the amp together with my cab :-)


    a few days ago I tried to figure out a profile for my P22-Piezo-Pick-Up and made some experiments with my ISA One.

    Maybe it could be useful to try several cabinets additionally.

    I copied the profile into the exchange - hope you´ll like it


    I´ve been at Lasse`s studio last weekend because we wanted to make some profiles of my Diezel VH4.
    It was a great time (like always...) and Lasse made some real good profiles - of course much better than the ones I made befor (and afterwards as well :P ).

    Of course I would not publish any profile made by another person without the explicit permission but Lasse agreed to put one in the exchange and we decided to take a profile from CH3.

    I hope you´ll like it!