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    You can get a great tone out of any of these modellers or indeed plugins too now. The point is that guitarists occasionally simply need new toys:-)

    I'm trying to fight that battle.

    I've got a afx iii for a more full on rig (using guitar synths)....the kemper wouldn't allow this routing wise.

    and plan on using the kemper stage for more stripped down stuff

    The only thing I would like is a more modern lighter rack mounted synth unit than I'm using.

    Some people don't know how bad it was in the 80s/90s hauling 4x12s etc.....we live in a very privileged era but still more complain than ever hahah

    Big fan of the axon gear!

    Also I can confirm you can use a midi solutions midi thru/merge and use a roland midi to usb editor and edit with a synth in realtime!

    I know people have tried tone matching in the past using IR's but the cab convertor at least from my experience always changed the sound.

    I've thought about using some EQ plugins in the signal chain to try and zone in and clean up some profiles via eq and then "bake" it back into that same profile (ie re-profiling with a 2nd profiler)

    Also gave me the idea this would be the best way to eq match to a recording. Take a similar profile use ozone to match (not turning the cab off though) and then re-profiling with ozone on.

    I'm not too fussed about the EQ matching but I definitely would like to experience with some more deeper editing on a eq plugin then trying to bake it in.

    Anyone with some experience with this?

    Whats the best way to use this with a piezo equiped guitar but have a mag & piezo chain?

    Share both reverb and delay for the signals but I don't want the mag tone affected by the acoustic sim

    Here is a fairly UYI Slash style profile of the AFD #34 till OP delivers :)…load/Jv5vI6vVcGRtmFp0PiOZ

    Its a little shrill and single coil'ish almost so adjust to suit!

    I've got the head so I might try to do some profiles ....I already have a bunch but can't find them!

    I promised FarleyUK I'd do a DI one of his old settings but I've been away at work non stop...and fly out again in a few days! ...will try to do asap!

    I've got a sick ISO cab with a V30 and a fredman clip & two 57's.......going to see if I can do a profile of a dual mic setup....the mix between the two sounds really nice!

    Second hand Stage?

    It was released like... 2 months ago.


    What do you mean? Surprised people have sold them? Lots of gear flippers out there....

    But yeah when I looked on reverb and ebay...nothing! Assuming lots of happy people!

    I ended up grabbing it and I think I made the right decision with this vs getting the rack.

    Hauling 4x12s ain't for me anymore plus I have a tiny little pedal power amp if need be.

    My biggest worry was if there was any hidden issues or possible hardware updates

    Hi all,

    Don't want to open a can of worms and not even sure if this will be answered!

    But was looking to maybe buy a used stage but heard that some of newer one might have had some changes hardware or otherwise.

    Is this just a rumor?:wacko:

    If something like the switches or hardware have been changed I'd be wary to buy and earlier one.

    Sorry about this post I love the kemper and was sworn on getting another one (rack) but an opportunity to get a stage has came up so I wanted to maybe know before I pulled the trigger one one!!!