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    I'm going to keep my stage ...potentially sell my toaster? My stage will be more just a pure guitar rig (with footswitch stickers cause I can't read that screen lol)

    I couldn't sell my stage after buying the thomman case and paying that nasty shipping urghh lol

    The big question is if I will sell my axe-fx iii and buy another QC.....I've VERY MUCH looking forward to that .....the PITA the fractal units have given me over the years with the UI will be a huge relief to be done with them! (I'll keep my ultra though lol)

    I do wish the QC had a rackmount version

    i don't know if this is the right place to put this thread but im going to anyway.

    since the kemper eq doesn't react like the real amp eq that was profiled,

    does the QC does?

    couldn't find an answer when googled it.

    I would say no, unless moving the eq knobs is part of the profiling how would the unit capture this? (unless it has a database of amp eq dials!) I actually remember hearing the kemper was possibly going to do that at one point via a database?

    People buy the "axe-fx reacts identical to the real amp knobs" which was obviously a move to uncut the competition with next to zero demonstrations....

    I've decided 100% to mount mine in a mixer rack case as well as a few other goodies and I'll use an RJM mastermind to control .

    The QC knobs will never be exposed to my shoes hahah!

    As I said, what guitar player goes out looking for a processor based on how many cores and what frequency it runs at? Seriously!

    For me, it is all about the work flow (live), durability and the sound quality.

    While I know others have different use cases where cool GUI's and editors are high on the list, my needs for live really are that simple.

    When you have a kemper DI profile that sounds 95% close to a real amp all the processing power don't mean too much lol

    coding ftw! Saying that I'm def looking to pick up a QC

    I'm actually considering rack mounting the QC and using a RJM mastermind for switching.

    Reason being those huge lovely big leds to see patch info, I can protect the QC from animals in the crowd and also don't get poop and urine on the footswitches hahaha

    I'll add one thing.....whatever kemper does next add in LEDs on the footswitches.

    Line 6 helix/RJM and now QC (well at least with the screen) you can see what you are gonna stand on is gonna do.

    The remote/stage screen is way too small to see what the individual performances are.

    I'm so tired of sticking tape on floor pedals telling me what is what.

    I feel like Fractal has spent its last generation trying to equal the KPA tonal quality .... and for the most part have achieved it ..... but at a higher price point, with a larger and heavier piece of equipment. They are still light years behind the Kemper in terms of ease of use though (and admittedly ahead with their editor). They still don't offer compatibility though. It seems like they change things so often that nothing is ever kept compatible (tonally and with each generation architecturally).

    Kemper's library of excellent free rigs and commercial rigs is outstanding..... and every Kemper ever made can use them.

    They tried with the "it sounds exactly the same and the knobs react exactly the same as the real thing" to but the countless updates would prove otherwise.

    If this was the case why don't the number of axechange patches match the rig exchange? (one because the FW updates nuke the sound more often than not)

    Either get your band to use remote switching from a computer, or buy a cheap midi pedal board. It does look a little delicate for live use on a stage floor.

    Because I might have a synth rig setup I'm thinking I might go that way....if RJM support the QC and allow patch name downloading etc it will be awesome. A mixer case would be perfect for it and a low profile hardware synth.

    Thats one big reason for it being un use-able in the giging world,, maybe on the studio shelf,, but not on the floor,, for gods sake,,in today's world?????

    Seems like an easy fix.....either an individual turner (like an electrical wire nut turner) or maybe those mushroom footswitch covers and use the underneath par.

    I'm more worried about the screen with the amount of savages running around these days.

    I keep running this movie in my head of setting up and playing in a scummy bar. Then I go to the bathroom, come back, stomp on the buttons, then bend down and turn them to change a parameter.

    Eeeewww... yuk.

    I was already thinking of a 3D print dog shit avoider for those gig tweaks hahah

    it is possible that this can be the impression if the IR is auditioned with the PROFILER's CABINET section switched off.

    Switching CABINET off automatically engages the Cab Driver algorithm.

    This does not mean however, that the conversion of IR to PROFILER cabinet is inaccurate at all, it means you are comparing different things. ;)

    hmmm, its been ages but I converted the IR to a cab and then used it in the cab section....unless this got changed in a FW if definitely changed the sound of the cab (compared to it in a torpedo/fractal/ir loader etc) maybe I will revisit it.

    IMO they fucked up twice

    First the Ax8 had a terrible interface, garbage screen and they skimped out on dual amps/tone match block and other things.

    FM3....3 footswitches ....I actually preferred the Ax8 just for the extra footswitches!!

    And make the patches compatible ffs ...drop out blocks if they can't handle the CPU but it seems like such a shoot yourself in the foot situation.

    Line 6/Neural got this right (even though I'm not sure about the rotary footswitches yet hahah)

    Only thing that pisses me off is the loading of 1000 IR's on the QC...and some certain IR vendors have been exposed that they don't even know whats going on when it comes to shooting IR's

    I know some in the fractal just sound hideous and could be pulled out ......anything muddy or honky or comb filter like just get it out of the unit.

    They would be much better getting the MBritts of the world and pro players in a room and paying them to cut down the bulk.

    Hopefully it doesn't end like deliverance....

    What I find the most interesting if that if it can direct profile the ability to use IR's.

    I've heard the kemper cabinets sound more realistic but I do know the cab maker always changed the IR's slightly when converted.

    If the QC is the real deal I'm excited at how much gear I can offload!

    This is a little different, I'm using the same method with inputs as you but I want to split the piezo signal only.

    So this profile would be just the piezo signal then split in the kemper somehow so I could have a slight mix of the direct piezo and also make it go through a profile of sorts (all I will be profiling is an EQ curve)

    With a Y splitter I could send the piezo signal to two loop returns but I was hoping to not need the extra gear.

    So a solution would me a mix in the cab parameter (something that was asked sometime ago) or the ability to use the same loop in two different spots in parallel path .

    Hi all,

    I had the idea to mix the direct piezo sound with an acoustic profile.

    Ideally I'd do a match of my piezo against a nice mic'ed acoustic sound then profile that via tone dexter or another modeller etc etc

    There doesn't seem to be a way to mix the two sounds though.

    Parallel path I could use the same reverbs for both chains but it only will let me use the one loop once (I need the main input for the mag signal)

    The only other option is somehow to mix the signal in the cab block but doing a search it doesn't seem possible (although Don Peterson suggested using the character setting but this isn't quite the same)

    I could get a splitter and send the piezo signals to both loops but I just want to see if there is another option.

    Any ideas?