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    Here is a fairly UYI Slash style profile of the AFD #34 till OP delivers :)…load/Jv5vI6vVcGRtmFp0PiOZ

    Its a little shrill and single coil'ish almost so adjust to suit!

    I've got the head so I might try to do some profiles ....I already have a bunch but can't find them!

    I promised FarleyUK I'd do a DI one of his old settings but I've been away at work non stop...and fly out again in a few days! ...will try to do asap!

    I've got a sick ISO cab with a V30 and a fredman clip & two 57's.......going to see if I can do a profile of a dual mic setup....the mix between the two sounds really nice!

    Second hand Stage?

    It was released like... 2 months ago.


    What do you mean? Surprised people have sold them? Lots of gear flippers out there....

    But yeah when I looked on reverb and ebay...nothing! Assuming lots of happy people!

    I ended up grabbing it and I think I made the right decision with this vs getting the rack.

    Hauling 4x12s ain't for me anymore plus I have a tiny little pedal power amp if need be.

    My biggest worry was if there was any hidden issues or possible hardware updates

    Hi all,

    Don't want to open a can of worms and not even sure if this will be answered!

    But was looking to maybe buy a used stage but heard that some of newer one might have had some changes hardware or otherwise.

    Is this just a rumor?:wacko:

    If something like the switches or hardware have been changed I'd be wary to buy and earlier one.

    Sorry about this post I love the kemper and was sworn on getting another one (rack) but an opportunity to get a stage has came up so I wanted to maybe know before I pulled the trigger one one!!!

    Hi Jeff,

    I've been off for a very long time. I don't have the axe-fx ii with me now but I do have a ax8 & iii

    I reuploaded the BOO profile to rig exchange so you can dl it as well as a bunch of other rigs.

    one main reason I took them down was due to one bad apple that appears to be gone now hahah

    I might do some profiles in the near future possibly free but the bar is pretty damn low with the flooding of commercial profiles its almost an insult to give them away for free if people are making bank off them lol!

    I found myself in a position this week where I might need to reach for an acoustic on occasion (classic rock covers, e.g. Wanted Dead or Alive, etc.).

    I haven't gigged with an acoustic in decades and the only electrified type critter I have is an inexpensive Washburn shallow body with the piezo bridge pickup. These things have always sounded less like an acoustic guitar than like pointing a microphone at the tail end of an unplugged Strat, but that's what I have to work with at the moment. Not sure if I'm going to work with these guys or not so I'm not ready to shell out for a better quality acoustic just yet.

    I know I can slap an EQ on a clean profile to minimize at least some of the harshness, but I kinda suck at tone shaping and I figured there must be others who run this type of acoustic pickup into the Kemper. Anyone have recommendations on profiles you've used that do a good job for this type of application?

    Kemper isn't set up as well for dual guitars mag/piezo as some other gear

    Here is what I would do in your situation

    Try to either get a good acoustic impulse and use that as a cab OR do a match eq of your guitar against a great sounding mic'd acoustic and your guitar and convert that to a IR/Cabmaker

    If possible use parallel chain (like bass players use) so its a mix of both the pickup and the IR

    then delay/reverb (comp at start of chain)

    You can get some pretty damn crazy quality sounds this way with at least other gear I've done it with, doubt the same with the kemper