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    I found myself in a position this week where I might need to reach for an acoustic on occasion (classic rock covers, e.g. Wanted Dead or Alive, etc.).

    I haven't gigged with an acoustic in decades and the only electrified type critter I have is an inexpensive Washburn shallow body with the piezo bridge pickup. These things have always sounded less like an acoustic guitar than like pointing a microphone at the tail end of an unplugged Strat, but that's what I have to work with at the moment. Not sure if I'm going to work with these guys or not so I'm not ready to shell out for a better quality acoustic just yet.

    I know I can slap an EQ on a clean profile to minimize at least some of the harshness, but I kinda suck at tone shaping and I figured there must be others who run this type of acoustic pickup into the Kemper. Anyone have recommendations on profiles you've used that do a good job for this type of application?

    Kemper isn't set up as well for dual guitars mag/piezo as some other gear

    Here is what I would do in your situation

    Try to either get a good acoustic impulse and use that as a cab OR do a match eq of your guitar against a great sounding mic'd acoustic and your guitar and convert that to a IR/Cabmaker

    If possible use parallel chain (like bass players use) so its a mix of both the pickup and the IR

    then delay/reverb (comp at start of chain)

    You can get some pretty damn crazy quality sounds this way with at least other gear I've done it with, doubt the same with the kemper

    I did some DI profiles late last year but was thinking the other day would it be possible to use that existing DI profile and and add in a poweramp/cab (not using the cab manager)

    But using the DI profile in the chain when doing the profile

    I guess it’s more a CK question and the average user might not interest them but thought it could be cool!

    I have a CLR and a QSC KW122 and I much prefer the KW122
    Also has 3 inputs so I can send electric/acoustic & synth into it.
    Sounds great for Bass as well!

    Awesome! So is there a way to change a preexisting rig to acoustic?
    They aren't acoustic rigs per say but I want like a "favorite" favorite folder that when I record a song and edit the rig I can export it each time easily which was a problem using perform

    *EDIT* got it sorted thanks!

    We have just published 5.4.1 Public Beta with the following two adjustments:

    User Interface

    added: third instrument Acoustic beside Guitar and Bass

    changed: Volume Pedal Locations changed to Input, Pre Stack, Post Stack, Output

    Just found it! What do they mean by this? I thought they added an Acoustic section in the bad!

    Hi there,

    I could have sworn I saw an update that added "acoustic" rigs to the browser pool......Just done the most recent update and haven';t seen anything.
    Was this added or am I thinking of something else?

    id say theres more benefits to retaining data than not. Power cut comes to mind.That's only my humble opinion i didn't realise this was how it worked anyhow.
    whats your justification for needing this?

    Now that I'm thinking about it I might just locate the rigs in my favs and edit them from there and export ...probably the easiest way! But its just convenient for me to find them using the perform mode

    Hi all,

    When using perform mode if I do any tweaks it seems to remember those changes when the unit is powered there anyway to prevent this?
    Also while doing a recording session is there any way to export the current rig in perform mode to save the settings?

    I got some when they were heavily discounted on sale.

    I'm taking a guess some of the "based on" tones 99% were tone matched from stems on an Axe-Fx then profiled.

    Their support was terrible at least by email with regard to questions on there drum samples.

    Realistically they could release some of the best profiles out there with the gear and the skills they have
    I think the pricing structure might have changed but I've heard free profiles that stand up to their commercial ones (OMG!!!!! only 3 people in the world know how to mic an amp!!!!/no good rigs on the exchange!!!!! crowd enter here)

    Another clip.

    I own fractal gear and plan on buying the 3....but that sounds like shit.
    The Larry Mitchell video is much better....and BFR's are absolutely hideous and that is coming from someone that owns one :D They are the most goofy fucking looking guitars ever....I wouldn't be seen on stage with one lol!