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    Hi Monkey,

    Yeah it is an Axe-Fx....there is one patch I just can't seem to profile 100% but I also was looking at possible reamping to floor pedals for bass etc.

    So send the DI track out from the s/card to the axe or pedal etc?

    I was hoping I could use the Kemper with the SPDIF like in my above post ....I didn't think the direct out signal would only be doing something if I was playing not if I was reamping a signal


    So in the case of the recording I would have
    Direct Output set as Git Analog which would go to another device
    SPDIF as Git Studio

    Now the reamp part I'm confused....
    I'd send the SPDIF DI track back through the Kemper but how would I do the routing for the second device if I wanted to reamp that?

    Ok so a quick question!

    Rather than going out and buying DI boxes I'm wondering if I can do the following with the Kemper

    Guitar into Kemper

    Record a DI track via Kemper SPDIF

    Send an analog DI signal to another device from the Kemper via direct out to record with

    And for reamp
    Send DI track via spdif back to kemper
    Direct out to another device?

    Is it just a matter of putting a jumper across those two pins?
    that might be a workable fix!

    I'm kinda interested in dropping out the HP mode and using a push pull pot for the coil split option

    Also I might try to reverse the mode changes so passive is on when the push pull isn't up cause I seem to like it more.

    If I don't gel with them I might try those Slash alnico pros

    If you find profiles that you did not profile on your own and lack bass, they are for sure intended to sound like they sound.

    Sorry Christoph, these were ones that I had profiled myself and checked with ozone eq ...I'll see if I can post some examples.
    There was a definite improvement with the FW update that addressed this but I found still a slight difference ...I'll try to do some examples in the next few days!

    There was an update in the past that got the low end closer to the amp but I still have found some profiles I've done to be lacking.

    Its been a while since I've been at it but was thinking would a possible solution be to the profile
    2.In ozone do an eq comparison of the amp and new profile.
    3.create a curve so they match with the EQ curve in the signal chain to make up for the difference. amp with new profile

    I know the frequencies that can sometimes be an issue get cut in mixes etc but would be nice

    Hi guys,

    Just ported over a couple of patches I was messing with on the Ultra and the AX8.
    These are more suited for hard rock.

    I found the hardest part so far with the AX8 is getting the right IR my ears they either have the blanket syndrome or have some mid spikes.
    The sole AX8 profile I barely messed with...ain't had much time with the unit but I thought it sounded fairly decent right off the bat.
    I'm excited to see what tones I can get...even if it is a PITA to edit! (well I'm sure it will get easier) profiles.rar?dl=0 profiles.rar?dl=0

    I did the same thing myself and the kempers profiling wasn't even close to the original AFX's tone and feel.

    This experience along with my profiling experience makes me question the Kempers ability to accurately capture a sound. :/

    That's odd...I have profiled both the ultra and the II and never had a problem getting the majority of mine close (basic amp/cab etc)
    Only issues I had was when there was a boost in front and with the gate off the noise would be too high therefore I'd have to approximate it with a boost in the kemper.

    I recently got an AX8 as well....can't say the initial presets were too inspiring but I haven't messed with the unit too much yet.

    I'm actually regretting not trying the Helix first, not knocking the AX8 but I've used fractal products in the past and I'm kinda keen to hear what Line 6 might have brought to the table.

    I just wish Kemper would put out a floor based unit :cursing: