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    Does it have crystals/shimmer yet? or is that coming in 5?

    Also I saw changed: Pure Cabinet activated at level 3.0 by default
    Originally the setting was 0 yes? Is this going to change the sound of existing profiles?

    Hey man,

    Not to be a bummer but these profiles aren't close to the original patches.
    I'm guessing you aren't using the original FW that they were done on ....this is an absolute must otherwise its pointless because the FW updates change the sounds that's one of the worst things about the axe-fx.
    They definitely won't sound like the creator intended them to otherwise.
    Believe me I spent a lot of time uploading the right FW, EQ comparisons with ozone to make sure they were as close as possible, even getting FX as close as possible.

    I've put up the Nolly patch again just so you can compare…m0Wz53pBWGj3nn71LJl?.kipr

    Most likely you loaded them up on a later FW which will mean it won't sound close to or anything like the original.

    First I matched up the FW when I profiled them and also checked with ozone for how close it was, not to mention match the effects as close as possible.....

    If you use high gain, play clubs with shitty power it's the way to go. The Kemper gate is good but if you use your volume knob a lot to clean up your tone (as I do) the Kemper gate can cut you high end where the ISP doesn't. I use the Kemper gate on "3" and feather in the ISP until the noise goes away. Works flawless between overdrive & clean profiles without killing your signal as it fades out.

    Do you run it in the front and in a loop? How do you set it up?

    Holy shit that's one big monitor!
    Yeah he "switched" awhile ago but still was using axe-fx in some capacity the last I read.

    He mentioned he wasn't 100% happy or something to that effect with the axe-fx as an amp and was partial to the Mesa's (used to be the 5150)
    So he did profiles of them AFAIK.
    He never truly matched his beloved Roland GP effects on the Axe-Fx either I read at the time.

    I seriously don't know how any touring pro musician could deal with the FW updates ruining their patches every time either :O

    The funny thing is, I've seen digs when artists (and I'm really stretching that word here believe me with this guy!!!!) like Robin Finck switch Fractal will throw in a barb.
    You never will see them say anything when the other way around happens! (Like Dino from Fear Factory/ Devin etc)

    Just wait till Metallica tries the kemper ;)

    Just an update if 4.0 has the shimmer effect that adds to a few more profiles that can be done which previously couldn't.
    Also the Brit Floyd guitar player released a bunch of presets

    I'm actually waiting to see the demo, I heard they will have video and audio clips that compare the AXE II models with the real amp that they claimed was modeled. Finally they're going to put to rest the accusations that all the modeling was based on Schematics. Holy S**ttt, we are finally going to see one of the amps that they claimed to have modeled modeled!!! I can't even type from the excitement! I await with bated breath 8o

    I personally couldn't find any pictures of the amps they claimed to have modeled when I was in the market for a modeler, but now I will be proven wrong when they show a video (no less) of one of the amps they modeled.(Sarcasm alert ) LOL

    Where did you read up on this? I've been saying that forever, especially the high gain amps don't match the real counterparts....if this was the case why have they been re tone matched/mimic'd or whatever the new catch phrase is this week?

    who? Scott?

    I dont believe he deletes negative axe posts. If he does, shame on him. I have a hard time believing that he does though. He seems like a solid dude.

    :S come one man....don't be so naive

    Since this is a NAMM thread, I will put out some speculation...

    Friends of friends have mentioned that Kemper IS in fact in development of a floorboard based KPA product...

    certainly hope so, if it had one expression pedal on it and if it had two inputs (so you could use a mag/piezo setup) would be a dream come true!
    I'm actually considering buying an Ax-8 and it would kill me to give them any $$.....

    I might be doing some amp profiles soon so might look at doing the pack then.
    What I'm thinking is the pack will have free updates from time to time with new amps and the axe-fx profiles will be a bonus (with new bonuses whenever I do more axe-fx profiles)
    Possibly people could request profiles as well which would be added in (depending on if requiring 3rd party IR's etc)

    Hi Guys,

    Just a question on making DI profiles.

    In the past I've used a two notes torpedo as a load and then just made the DI profile with the line out with no IR loaded....I can't remember where but I thought I saw someone say this wasn't as good as using a DI box.

    I won't be getting a cab anytime soon but if I had a DI box (kemper/behringer etc) would this be a better way to do it.

    Kemper >DI Box back to kemper>Two notes as a load?

    Or is the Two Notes itself not being a speaker why doing it this way wouldn't be as good as a cab !?!?


    Just bought them, only quickly flicked through but some great sounding profiles!
    Picked up a pack by Guido as well.

    As far as samples, I don't see what the big deal is....
    Its funny the same guy bitching about not getting free profiles is the same guy saying MW etc would never release a pack and has all these exclusive Andy Sneap profiles etc ......ROFL

    Good riddance...

    Funny thing I always thought the guys avi looked like a serial killer Ted Bundy type :O

    Helix is made in the USA and that's why we in the united states were waiting for the shipment from China 8o

    I buy what works, According to some I guess I made a mistake by buying the Kemper for $1600 from Musicians friend with a 20% discount and the amp models and effects, to boot, are in a much higher league than the AXE FX II at $2500 based on first hand trying and playing both. never mind the fact that with the Kemper I'm able to model my own amps and other modelers perfectly inside one box while the AXE FX II is an insult to my intelligence claiming tone match (decades old EQ matching) is the same as profiling.and still I haven't seen one video by line 6 or Fractal at their website to support their claim of accurate modeling by showing the actual amps,so because they can write code and they're my country men, I should take their word at face value, that their modeling is accurate and based on real world amps and not on schematics. ?(

    One could argue if this were the case why is there thousands of profiles on the rig exchange but near next to nothing on the tone match forum?
    Not to mention when you 'tone match' you have to find an amp model close to the original (which in reality just gives it an EQ curve to sound similar to the real source.....doesn't match distortion characteristics etc)

    If anyone remembers 'MIMIC' which was a sale point of being like a Kemper except turning the EQ/Gain matches the real thing only needs to look through the release notes of how many times amps had to be "reMIMICed' due to someone (never from the beta team of course) pointing out how far off they were IRL.

    And of course the FW updates will keep destroying your patches until the end of time thanks

    I actually had some interest in the Helix (if they did a floor based kemper with an expression pedal I'd be sold) and I'm not surprised about the AX-8 price being lower....that never would have been the case if the Helix didn't come along
    I don't think I'd ever touch another Fractal product again after the way they go about their business.