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    Hey OhG, saw all your posts about your "dullness" problem. I have a suggestion you might consider.

    1st thing, some good news: It's not your Kemper.

    2nd: One of the least expensive and high quality simple interfaces I know of is the Apogee Jam 96K USB Guitar Interface. Here in the USA you can buy 'em used all day long for around $60 plus shipping. They were made for Macs. Just plug your 1/4" guitar cable directly into the Jam and plug the Jam output into any USB port. Set your DAW to look for the Jam interface and you're done. Check out Reverb or other online music equipment sites-OR- if you prefer, for about $79 you can buy a factory refurb unit directly from Apogee (

    BTW, I'm not affiliatied with any manufacturer, I'm just another player. Best of luck to you!

    Stellar service as far as I'm concerned. Over the years I've only had two issues, LED's on my 2013 Toaster and loose rattling components in my 1st Remote. Both issues were taken care of quickly (7-10 days) and free of charge. I find Kemper's Customer Care to be simply amazing in this day and age. Highest recommendation!

    Hey Rocky!

    You're singing my song now. The good news is there are tons of good Fender profiles available to you for FREE in the Rig Exchange. Of course there's some variation in Fender sounds. Me? I like the '59 Bassman 5F6-A stuff, some guys prefer the clean AB763 "Deluxe style sounds and so forth.

    Some of my fave freebie Fender rigs are from LERNOULD Thierry. Just copy his name and put to in the Rig Exchange search field and you'll see his stuff. Also Micheal Britt, Amp Factory and lots of other guys make excellent Fender profiles. With a Kemper, the world is your sonic oyster! Best of luck on your tone quest.

    Fun to hear and really, really close overall. After further listening I hear a touch more definition with the Kemper. This nudges the guitar slightly forward in the track (which is good in my opinion). But let's remember: asking guitarists to comment on tone is like asking medieval monks "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?".

    Ain't this a fantastic time to be a guitar player?

    As you have some time, I suggest getting hold of a reasonable PA - you could hire a rehearsal room with a PA in it for example.

    The reason being is I think you need to hear it at volume and it will take out the uncertainty for you. You can also ensure your output ( which should be set around -12 to -18dB to avoid frying the desk) is all set up. Plus you can ensure your solo boosts and effects are set up correctly..

    I think V8 is right on the money. I'd also bring a backing track to play through the system and that should give you a good context to check your tones. I'd crank it to whatever level feels like your typical stage volume. That volume will help you avoid over-brightening your tones and playing to a track should help you avoid too much low end. Best of luck!

    I'm with Kriswylde if we're talking about the Beta releases and hearing a sonic difference. At least I thought so. The previous beta to did something funny to the gain structure on all my rigs. It was subtle but the transition into distortion was NOT the same. I felt like everything had less gain and not in a good way.

    But the new fixed all that and now, with all the new verbs and verb presets ... it is "most excellent" once again

    Wow! A Standel amp man! I used one myself for guitar way, way, way back in the day. When it worked it was great but it wasn't that roadworthy. Now it might have been that particular amp was a lemon ... who knows? Anyway I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and your profiles! Welcome to Kemperland.

    Before I start I want to say I love my Kemper. Greatest single piece of guitar gear I've ever owned and the company's ongoing (free) features development is, in this day and age, simply amazing.

    The KPA is an expensive and complex piece of gear. And bugs are bound to emerge as the unit capabilities keep expanding. I think most users know this and we hope we aren't affected. But when it happens to YOU and you try to logically diagnose the issue(s) and reach out for help from the company, only to have your efforts ignored or brushed aside ... that's really hard to swallow. Although his rhetoric is slightly intense, ultimately I have sympathy for stratology on this.

    In a previous life I was a Pro Audio rep and dealt with lots of Customer Service problems. Sometimes, even with great processes in place, a situation escalates into a "blow up". Usually the culprit is a personality conflict between the customer and the particular person working the issue. That can be hard to turn around. But what's worse is when a company's position is "dismissive". That's something Kemper's management should be concerned with and look at carefully.

    Bottom line and the potential silver lining is: acknowledging and fixing issues is what makes the device even better for the whole community. And with a little compassion on both sides, maybe Kemper and stratology can actually help each other and the rest of us.

    Let's work together, gentlemen.

    I've been checking out Evertune for a while now. I totally believe in their technology and my first thought was like Ashtweth's ... install one for rhythm work. Really like the idea of completely rock solid tuning. I'll definitely buy one in the near future.

    Beautifully evocative song. Listening to it was like going into a dream state. Very warm and soothing. Moved me. Wonderful work, Muddy!

    Ain't nothin' wrong with movin' on .... I've seen guys sell their Kemper only to come back a year later saying they were crazy to get rid of it. But some guys just disappear forever presumably back to amp land. There's no right or wrong. Whatever works for you.

    As for me I've always kept my amps which I play through almost daily. Keeps me grounded in some kind of sonic reality. The Kemper is something else. I don't see myself ever selling it.

    Just keep playing. You have your own musical journey ahead of you. Wherever it takes you is the right place to be.

    Good Luck!

    Hey Tonester88,

    If you can find a way to actually hook up with Michael Britt, that would be amazing.

    Michael brings so much to the table as a current working live and recording musician, amp aficionado and tone Meister, not to mention Profiler Extraordinaire. 5 mins with him and his rig will tell you everything you need to know. Keep us posted if you do.

    Best of luck!