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    Download the latest update and check out the changes since your unit's current version that are listed in the Addendum.pdf. If there's nothing there that is required by your bass player, there may not be a solid reason to update.

    On the other hand, if you have any kind of problem with the unit in the future, you may be expected to update the firmware to the latest version by support. Also, you may be required to update the firmware to be able to use the latest versions of the Rig Manager software on different platforms.

    If the current OS is from 2018, you will have to install two updates to get it up to date. As per the instructions:

    If current OS installed is older than 7.3.2, install 7.3.2 first.

    For what it's worth, I have a kemper since 2013, and have profiles on it from around that time that still work. I've also updated the firmware at least a dozen times without any damage to existing profiles. I consider installing via USB the safest option, since you don't have to worry about the connection to your computer going down during the process, for whatever reason.


    I know this is a low priority - but how in the world can this be taking so long?!

    I guess it was considered a lower priority than the delay, reverb and drive updates. Hopefully our cries have been heard and version 9 of the firmware will be here soon with an upgraded tremolo effect.

    As a bedroom player, I find myself enraged that Kemper has not yet acquiesced to my demands for a square tremolo... but then again, they have released 16 beta updates since this time last year, which is very active in my book.

    Another option would be to:

    1. find a forum user with similar taste in music, User X

    2. get them to send you a full backup of their kemper (minus any profiles)

    3. make a backup of your own kemper

    4. load up User X's backup, and load your profiles, and see if it makes a difference

    5 - You could also send them a full backup of your kemper (with profiles that you want checked) to compare

    I know what it's like to spend a lot of money on something and have it not perform as expected. Hopefully you'll find your ideal solution, one way or another.

    Yes, they could certainly claim that such an example falls under US law. I don't know how much effort the authorities would put into enforcement though. I could be wrong here, but attempts to extradite the offender to face US courts seems to be only for very high-profile, big-money cases (see Megaupload).

    For some cases, the accussed is apprehended when they set foot on US soil, but I don't know if TopJimi or whoever have that kind of sway!

    Yes, here's some text from a relatively recent EU document that seems to confirm that:

    "Under EU law, once a good protected by an intellectual property right has been put lawfully on the market within the European Union (i.e. by the right holder or with his or her consent), the rights conferred by that intellectual property right in relation to the commercial exploitation of the good become exhausted. In that case, the right holder can no longer invoke the intellectual property right in question to prevent the further resale, rental, lending or other forms of commercial exploitation of the good by third parties"…haustion-ip-rights_en.pdf

    That's as clear-cut an explanation as I've been able to find. However, a lot of the material covering this area is murky, with talk about physical copies, and, in the US, whether you've been presented with the license before buying or not. A lot of it has got to do with not just with sellers trying to prevent resellling or counterfeiting, but also buyers demanding support on resold goods.

    Some interesting (but old) links here:…ftware-licenses-be-resold…-for-first-sale-doctrine/

    Morally, I think you're fine. You bought something, so you can sell it on once, and you're not keeping any copies. Any stipulations you agreed to when buying the profiles may affect your moral standing in this regard. By this I mean: if you agreed to never sell on the profiles when you bought them, then it may or may not not be legally binding, but you'd still be breaking your word.

    Legally, I would say it depends on the country you're living in and the country of the entity you purchased the profiles from. In the US and EU, there have been laws that uphold the right of the purchaser to sell on goods (including digital). However, l don't know if more recent digital copyright laws have changed this. I'm not a lawyer, by the way.

    If I were you, the only way I'd be worried is if the profiles themselves contained metadata that could identify you as the original purchaser, (e.g. a unique ID). If the new owner (or a subsequent owner) decides to share the profiles with everyone, it might land you in trouble.

    Realistically though, I've seen quite a few Kempers for sale on the second-hand market that were loaded with 3rd party profiles, so you certainly won't be in a unique situation if you choose to do the same, and the chance of you winding up in Folsom prison or selling the family home is probably quite slim.

    Under the first sale doctrine, when a copyright owner sells a lawfully made copy of its work, it loses the power to restrict the purchaser’s right “to sell or otherwise dispose of . . . that copy"

    Silence regarding future updates is standard procedure. There have been times in the past where there have been significant gaps between updates: e.g. v6.0.0 (may 28th, 2019) -> v7.0.8 (sept 11th ,2019)

    It's very possible that work is being done on a new model, but we probably won't hear about it until it's released.

    There are still some features I'd like to see squeezed into the current models; hopefully we'll get a v9 beta soon. OS v8 is two years old now!