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    More tremolo options, dimension chorus, feedback generator, synth effects are requests that have been mentioned a good bit in the past, and it would be great to have such features.

    As for UI improvements, I'd like the option to create categories in browse mode, and then add tags to profiles so they would appear under those categories. So you could have a particular profile appear under both 'marshall' and 'chorusey' categories, if you added those tags to it. The UI could be similar to the fx presets browser, but with 2 levels instead of 3.

    The first OS8 beta was released in October of last year, so the next whole-number version might be along soon enough.

    I'd recommend that you take another look at your guitar cables also. I had a cable from a well-known brand cause me hassle for ages, and only realised it a few weeks ago.

    Great to hear. Sorry for the confusion. I associated "system settings" with all the settings pages accessible via the "System" button.

    Progress is progress though. It's a good time to be a guitarist, that's for sure.

    I'm not pointing towards any deficiencies in the Kemper. Rather, I'm highlighting the fact that the competition is closing on, or has possibly even drawn level.

    I might try to score a second hand Fractal or Helix in the coming days. Worth checking out the grass on the other side. I figure it would be cool to pair with my tube amps as an FX unit at least.

    I can't argue with any of the above. Competition is indeed healthy for the market. As far as I'm concerned, rather than look at other multifx units, in the last number of years I've veered towards random effects pedals that did one thing well, and throw them in the Kemper's fx loop. But yes, you can't go far wrong with Fractal or Line6 these days.

    Whatever people say about 100% or 99% or 95% accuracy, the Kemper sounds just fantastic to me, and I'm not concerned about whether another device can get a 2-3% more accurate sound. I feel the same way about flashier interfaces, dual amps or whatever. New players venturing into the marketspace certainly have more choice at the top tier, and the Kemper remains competitive with regular updates. Looking forward to OS9!

    As for a new device, there's lots of suggestions for a smaller form-factor unit. I would certainly be interested in something like that, especially knowing that it won't become obsolete in 3 years.

    OS fragmentation isn't much of an issue. You can develop an Android app with a reasonable minimum API version, and it can be used by all the newer versions. Furthermore, the variances in screen resolution and pixel density can be handled dynamically for most cases.

    Try the Green Scream OD in front of a Metal DS for metal tones. No toys required.

    Good advice! I bought a used Ibanez TS Mini some years back, and it's a great little machine, but after following advice on here about setting the Green Scream mix parameter to 80-ish percent, I couldn't discern a difference.

    Great thread! I've got the DT770 Pro 250 Ohms and the Sennheiser 598 (50 Ohm). I find the Sennheisers to be more forgiving when it comes to some of the high-gain profiles I have (all free, for what it's worth). They cut out some harshness that the DT770's do not and therefore sound more pleasing.

    With respect to the hardware interface, I prefix my personal presets with an underscore, and they appear in the menu before any factory presets of the same type. This makes them easy to find and differentiate.

    If there was to be a new feature to show only user presets on the hardware, I'd prefer it to be in a new view, with the existing menu being kept as it is.

    I've also got the Freqout, and it's great fun. I put some synthy pedals out in front every so often. Sometimes I hook up a multi-mod and a delay to the fx loop; the multi-mod for square-wave trem, and the delay because I have it, and it's fun to have the external controls. Using a Roland EV5 expression pedal.

    I wouldn't mind getting a lo-fi pedal; SolidGoldFX have a Vinyl Engine that sounds good to me. However, it's likely to find its way into the drawer of pedals that I think are fantastic but never get around to using.

    ...., who is to keep other companies from stealing the profiling part and use that to create the sounds for their devices or plug-ins

    If a company released a product that copies the Kemper profiling process, it would be very obvious that that they were stealing intellectual property as soon as the "ufo sounds" start up.

    It might be possible to create something that plays existing profiles and wrap it in a plugin. Maybe some plugin makers are doing this already? Or maybe there are too many technical pitfalls with reverse-engineering, or latency. Pure conjecture here.

    And if there isn’t anything that makes the use of already made profiles only accessible through a physical device, isn’t the Kemper partly obsolete? Isn’t the Kemper sound just us holding on to something not real, when everyone else are doing the same thing? Ain’t we then fooling ourselves?

    I love my Kemper and have had it since they released the green/black toaster.

    It's inevitable that technology will advance, that the budget units will continue to improve and software plugins will become more realistic. I don't believe that that makes the Kemper obsolete. The fidelity of the Kemper is at a level where, for me, tube amp emulation is a solved problem.

    I'm like you in that I don't gig either. However, I appreciate the physical device because I find the front panel interface very intuitive and convenient. I like being able to plug into an amp sometimes, using headphones other times, and not having to turn on a laptop to play guitar.

    So I'm not suggesting that it would be impossible to build a piece of software that gets the same level of tones as a Kemper, but if such a piece of software were available, I'd still prefer the physical unit.

    If you are using the Toaster or Rack you can already browse and save and load presets of the Stomps and Effects sections.

    Long-press the Stomps or Effects buttons and use the browse knob to see existing presets, or the Store button to save a new one.

    It would be best to not limit a 2nd morph. Why not give it all the same options as the existing morph to maximise the possibilities for the user.

    I think it would add unneeded complication to split the existing functionality between 2 morphs, i.e. morph1 can no longer control delay/reverb mix, for example.

    There would only be one rule:

    IF a parameter is morph controlled by both Morph 1 and 2, Morph 2 overrides Morph 1.

    Would it not be more intuitive to have the last used morph (expression pedal or switch) as the dominant one (unless both are used at the same time) ? I know this might be in the context of having a global morph, but I'm just thinking in terms on individual rigs.