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    By "lift a finger" you mean "invest limited resources in obsolete products" right? ;)

    Ha, yes that's exactly what I mean! I didn't intend to imply that MS should provide perpetual support for win7. It is what it is. But just for the want of something better to say, I'll add that the product wouldn't be considered obsolete in the first place if they actually did continue to invest some of those limited resources in it :/ Anyway, kempers are great!

    I have a couple of backup machines with win7 on them (1 for kemper). Moved the latest laptop to linux after becoming annoyed with win10 accessing the hdd a lot. You can take steps to improve your security on win7 by disabling remote desktop connections, using a secure web browser and doing the usual things such as avoiding opening email attachments/websites that you're unsure of. You'll never be 100% secure no matter what OS you use. However, even though win7 isn't going to magically become less secure by itself, if existing exploits are found and published, MS won't lift a finger and your system might be at risk. Backup your data!

    Been having fun with the new reverbs... put a 100% wet, 33sec decay ionosphere in A, a pedal pitch in B, and another ionosphere (this time 100% wet, 8sec decay) in MOD. Ghostly stuff!

    Maybe the implementation of an "Undo All"/"Redo All" would work via either spare soft-button or long-press on the undo or redo buttons.

    For long-term comparisons, as the original post mentions, Id prefer to use the existing snapshots, so as to keep clear of the potential slowdown of autosaves to the profile with every setting change.

    So, what are people thinking for the OS6 Beta; May, June, July? Completely pointless to speculate, I know, but the new preset management will be fantastic to have, and the other goodies will be welcome too. I'm really glad they decided on a 3-tier menu, especially with the abundance of delay effect types.

    My win10 experience pushed me onto linux; the hdd seemed to be running a lot and I didn't appreciate the forced updates and, of course, the mandatory telemetry. Fortunately, I've got a little old netbook running win7 starter that handles the current version of the rig manager quite well.

    The preview of the editor looks great, though, and I'm glad that the people who wanted it are getting it. I'm more interested in the preset management, so will hopefully get that firmware update before the win7-supported rig manager version gets the heave-ho.

    The LED above each slot is colour-coded to hint at the type of the assigned effect. Originally, there was no need to have a light above reverb because the slot couldnt be anything other than a reverb effect in earlier firmware versions.

    While I'd appreciate support for a proper operating-system that isn't very likely. I'm running Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD and derivatives wherever I can and those few commercial packages that are truly multi-platform are a lot more reliable when running on a real operating-system. A Linux-version of RM with editing capabilities would be a great supplement to native linux-versions of Harrison Mixbus (DAW) and Midas mixing-console-tools that I already use.

    As a Linux user myself, it's somewhat disappointing to see the confirmation about the lack of interest in a rig manager for the OS. According to wikipedia though, global desktop Linux usage is running at 2% ( Mac OS is listed at 20% for comparison), which puts the situation in perspective. It seems unlikely that 2019 will be "The Year of the Linux Desktop".

    Not other words it does mean theres a 5.8 and 5.9 to come before 6.0. You can't infer that from the version number...

    It's also possible to go from 5.9 to 5.10 and above, if they so wish. There's a software versioning convention where an increase in the most significant number means a lot of changes, the 2nd number means some new improvements, and the 3rd number means bug fixes only. Of course software companies are known to skip numbers here and there for marketing reasons. Anyway, I'd say 6.0 is on the cards.

    On youtube you can find a video titled: "Kemper Evolution Reverb - First Look at all 10 Presets!! - Namm 2018".

    The 10 presets in the demo are: chorus. slow, bloom, strings, ice, breath, tender, formant1, formant2 and formant3.

    The latest beta includes presets with the same names as the first 7, but none titled "formant". So that could lead one to speculate that there's at least one reverb type yet to be released. There's 29 new presets though, so it's also possible that they've been renamed and maybe slightly changed to fit working models. NAMM is only a week away, so we might hear more about it. If I remember correctly, the new delays were released over 2 separate updates.

    Yeah, it's a shame that the preset management overhaul isn't ready yet. There's now 365 presets in total on my toaster, which is a lot to scroll through when going for a particular wah. And that's assuming that the preset management is what I think it is; i.e. limiting visible presets to the currently selected effect. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge problem; I'll just take an afternoon to sort my favourite presets to the front of the list with the name-change trick.

    But hey, it's nice to finally get to try the fabled reverbs. And they sound great to me. I was itching to get a stereo reverb unit for the last 4 years but held off. I should have just got one at the time, but I guess a lot of it was good old GAS from seeing the Strymon and Boss units emerge. The legacy Kemper reverb was fine, and the new ones are excellent.

    For these and more exciting thoughts, be sure to check out my memoirs, coming to a wordpress site near you soon!

    from the new addendum..

    To me the "reverb time and mix knobs are exclusively linked to the REV module" implies that, if you put a reverb in another module, the reverb "time" and "mix" knobs will not affect that reverb's parameters. However, those knobs should still work for the reverbs and other effects placed in the rev module (they do not).

    Also, it would be logical that a reverb effect placed in the MOD module should have its parameters affected by using the MOD knobs labelled "parameter" and "intensity" (it does not).

    Yep, seeing the same issues, reverb button works for long-press, but not short press, and the reverb dials don't work. Interesting that the mod dials dont work for me also, if I set a reverb in the MOD slot, but they do operate with other fx.

    Also, with reverb in MOD slot:

    - the MOD short-press enables and disables the reverb,.

    - If the slot is disabled, the MOD dials will enable the slot, but have no affect on the parameters.

    Thanks Sambrox, yeah, I've only tried the reverbs in the reverb slot, and the dials don't work for me for either the new reverbs, the spring, or even the legacy setting. If I can locate a copy of the kaos.bin for the previous beta, I might try to see if the issue persists.