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    I'm a hobbyist. I've no complaints about the Kemper whatsoever, but I'm looking for a distortion pedal to match an old solid-state practice amp at my parents' house. Two Electro Harmonix pedals have caught my eye: the EHX Tortion and the Operation Overlord, which is newer and cheaper but seems to have less tonal options. The JFET circuitry in both seems to produce great results on youtube, but does anyone have first-hand experience with either or both of them? I guess I'm interested in the overall differences in distortion/overdrive quality, responsivness and general opinions. Thanks in advance!

    Ps. My setup wouldn't be too complicated (isn't that how it always starts) - I'm thinking guitar -> distortion pedal -> reverb pedal -> amp (clean)

    To address your points, you cannot currently use the kemper usb inputs in the way you described, and to use the s/pdif output on the kemper you would need to buy an audio interface that supports it. I also haves an audio interface (focusrite saffire 6) without an s/pdif. I just plug the kemper's two main outs and my headphones into the focusrite. I know it's supposed to loose something in the extra digital-analog conversion but it sounds good enough to me.

    One thing they could do with the Kemper 2 is to allow profile makers to create 'mega' (for want of a better term) profiles that contains multiple profiles of an amp, each with different settings. So, instead of having 12 profiles for different gain and mic settings on a particular amp, you would just have one mega profile, and adjusting the gain dial would essentially morph between each sub-profile.

    I find the interface great, but, as previously stated, a new display wouldn't hurt. Also, a built in drum machine would be great!

    I have a Vox twin looper connected that I don't use enough. I've got a Boss Gt-8 that's stored away. I'm thinking I should connect it up since it's got some great effects, but I'd probably spend more time tweaking them than actually playing.

    Erm.... Sorry, I can't face going back and reading everything again for this one question!! <img src="" alt="?(" />

    Does anyone know if you can use just one expression pedal for wah on a rig and then on another rig for morphing?

    Cheers my dears.

    As far as I know, the pedal assignment can be either Volume, Wah, Pitch or Morph and that's set in the system menu, independent of whatever rig you're on. But because the Wah effects have a "Manual" parameter, you should be able to use the Morph assignment to alter that parameter only, and thus control only the wah on a given rig.

    I;ve just installed 3.5 and find the search bar on the top right to be very unresponsive now. It takes 2-3 seconds for it to register a key stroke when I first click on it, and then another 1-2 second delay every time a new character is inputted or deleted. I'm running Win 7 here, with the 64 bit Rig Manager Installation.