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    How about you sell your KPA loaded with commercial profiles you bought and are entitled to use?. If you sell your KPA, even if you kept a copy of the profiles in a usb thumbdrive, since you don't have a KPA anymore you're not using them, and the profiles go to the new KPA owner, who is now granted a "propter rem" license of use, since he bought a KPA with legitimately acquired profiles. This questión is debatable... I would not condone re-selling profiles, much less re-selling duplicates while retaining the use of the original profiles bought... but I don't see a problem if the profiles go with the KPA they were uploaded to after purchase.

    Hi everyone,

    Last week I updated my kpa to current release FW, apparently everything went Ok. I went to rehearsal and for three times I got a DSP Error message, with a Reboot Soon (or something like that) warning. After rebooting it worked fine for a while, until the problem repeated itself. After 3 instances of this error I called it a day, and packed my gear quite frustrated for disrupting band practice.

    I don't know if this may be HW related or anyone else has experienced similar issues after FW 3.0 was released. I never had such an error before. I would appreciate instructions, or a link, on how to roll back to a previous stable firmware.

    Thank you in advance for your ideas.



    I currently have a FCB with uno4kemper which I'm quite happy with, but I would like to have a small 2 switch pedal to simply browse rigs (previous/next) . I've seen the Boss and Behringer pedals which apparently work fine and also this one in thomann: that I like because it is dirt cheap, does not use a battery, has a single cable and a small form factor.

    Do you think this would be suitable to switch rigs up/down? Any configuration on the KPA side to make it work?.

    Thank you for your ideas.


    Thank you buddies for your good wishes.

    This wedding was long overdue... I've been with my (now) wife for 18 years and the situation was becoming weird..not knowing whether to call her my girlfriend, fiancee, wife... the point is that as far as I was concerned I felt married, and this has been more like renewing our vows in front of the people we love.

    It was a nice day anyway, and getting to play guitar in front of my family and friends, most of whom would never attend one of my shows, was just the icing of the cake.

    Cheers!! :thumbsup:

    PS: one of the songs I played was this arrangement of the classic "fly me to the moon" by Mr. Paul Gilbert...

    A must play for any guitarist getting married IMHO.

    Hi folks...

    I got married last week and hired some Jazz musicians to create a nice ambience... what the bride (and people in attendance) ignored, is that the groom (myself) was going to play a couple tunes with the musicians... I'm not a Jazz guitarist by any measure and I had just gone through a couple standards but it turned out (surprisingly) quite well and people reacted very positively.

    [Blocked Image:]

    So, my KPA will be forever in my memories as it appears in many photos from my wedding party.

    Just wanted to share with you mates... :thumbsup:

    BTW: Several music-aware guests asked what that retro-looking, toaster-shaped white box was... and I was pleased to evangelize about KPA goodness... :D Also the DXR10, sounded especially good outdoors :thumbup:


    I have a 2008 R8 Vos in Iced Tea finish and I just love it!!! I've owned several custom shop les pauls including a Class 5, a Boneyard Signature and a custom, and my R8 is by far my favorite. This guitar has a particular story as it was stolen from my rehearsal space in one of the few ocassions I left my guitars there (we were off for some drinks after rehearsal). Against all odds I managed to find the guitar 10 months later when it resurfaced in the second hand section of a guitar forum. Long story short I used social engineering to meet with the seller and the police intervened... unfortunately the seller had acquired the guitar from other guy, and he could not be located as far as I know.

    By all means grab one if the ocassion presents itself, and stick to the Burstbuckers... killer tone!.


    The only issue with folders is that for some reason, everytime I reboot my laptop the folders go away, with all the rigs therein.... I had selected a fair number of rigs I liked and sorted them in folders according to style, guitar..etc... and the next time I opened RigManager I had to start over....

    Hi guys,

    Yesterday I sent an enquiry to the Kemper Support Team to clarify this issue. This is what they told me:

    "Dear Mattlocked,

    There is nothing wrong with your Profiler. The internal power supply has a safety switch that prevents the unit from powering on for about 10-15 minutes after an accidental power cut to avoid any damage."

    So this is indeed normal and due to a security feature to prevent damage to the unit.

    Much relieved that my KPA is alright and will not have to ship it for repair.

    Thanks for your ideas guys,

    Definitely not a regular feature IMO, but the capacitors storing some charge that needs to go before rebooting makes good sense. In any event do you think that opening a support ticket is really necessary? I don't think so (and don't want to be a long time without my lunchbox).

    I'm shopping for a portable/cheapish UPS solution to prevent future problems like these anyways.


    Hi guys,

    Last Saturday we played a gig and had a short power cut in the middle of a song. The power resumed shortly thereafter but although all the equipment booted back alright my Kemper head stayed dead for about 15 minutes... unplugged, plugged back, tried different cables and outlets and I was starting to sweat seeing we could not finish the set... but when I was about to plug straight into the dxr10 with a OCD pedal to add some "grit" to the sound... I checked one more time and the KPA booted just fine...

    Any explanation as to what happened, and why did it take so long for the lunchbox to "revive" after the crash?.

    [Blocked Image:]

    A pic from the gig....

    "End Of The Adventure" is my own noodle for my greatly missed 19 & 20 year old cats, Bill & Ted, who both finally succumbed to old age last year...

    I also lost my beloved 19yo cat "Nora" last year... I still feel grief about her loss and I've been wanting to write some piece of music as a commemoration. It's hard to believe to what point you can love those furry things, I had never cried about the loss of a relative but after Nora died I was a wreck for almost two weeks... totally inconsolable....

    Outstanding playing by the Way!.

    Welcome mate!

    If it serves as little consolation we haven't seen the sun in like two weeks down here in Madrid, and in northern Spain, where my family lives, it's even worse... two months pouring and still raining cats and dogs...

    The KPA definitely makes for a great companion, rain or shine...