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    I'm in the waiting list since March and wrote them an email recently but I've got no answer yet and you are going to order a second one? When did you order the first one?

    Hi Paco, I was on top of the list last monday and passed on the CLR, I'm so happy with the DXR10 that I didn't feel the CLR would give me any added value... If I knew you were interested I could have handed my ticket over to you. Bummer!

    Welcome, make yourself comfortable!!! :)

    I had an Ultra for two years and never was fully satisfied. Too many parameters and variables to get usable sounds.

    I find the lunchbox way friendlier and more intuititive to use. I admit I don't have such a discerning ear, as many other users do, nor have the patience to go through endless pages of parameters, but for me the KPA is a dream product and I like it more and more each day.

    I'm also glad to hear another positive review of the dxr10. I am considering using this as a floor monitor and also mixing my vocals in with the kpa through this speaker........... Have you used the dxr10 with vocals?

    Yes, I tried last week with my acoustic guitar and the results were quite satisfactory. I suck at singing but the guitar and the voice were perfectly mixed and at the same time separate and articulate, very clear on both departments. I think they would be very usable for a solo singer acomppanying his singing with a guitar.

    Hi folks,

    My FCB is doing some annoying noise or more precisely hum... I've done some googling and apparently it is related to the power tranny and tighning the bolts should fix the problem. I took the pedalboard apart yesterday and checked all the screws were tight and even inserted a piece of plastic between the transformer and the metal sheet to compensate for any slack that could allow the tranny to vibrate. After putting all back together the hum is still present and I don't know what else to do.

    The thing is that if you step on the pedalboard, the hum ceases momentarily, and after you remove your foot the hum kicks back....

    This is most annoying, any ideas or experiences dealing with this issue? There are many users with the FCB1010 so someone may have had similar problems.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.


    Dude I can relate so well with what you're going through... I went through the exact same situation when I was 23 (now I'm 40). Fed up with my bandmates sold everything and put down the guitar for 13 years. Fortunately I returned to my senses five years ago and I'll never put the guitar down again. Life is so much better with music in it... you realise that when you don't have it anymore (I guess it's a bit like good sex...)

    So... buy a squier affinity and plug it into your toaster (the real one) if you will, but don't put the guitar down!!!

    Keep Rocking :thumbup:

    Thanks a lot mate!!! That's a great starting point. I tried to download the rigs tweaked by Doux from the exchange but it does not work 8|

    I'll give them a try and maybe I'll purchase that 59 bassman profiles from the TAF.


    Rainy day, rain all day
    Ain't no use in gettin' uptight
    Just let it groove its own way

    Hi Folks,

    I'm a huge fan of Jimi and one of my most cherished guitar-dreams is to attain a really close recreation of his tone (or his tones to be more precise).

    I have tried some profiles from the exchange and none seems to do the trick for me.

    I'm using a US stratocaster with CS69 pickups and Fender Select Telecaster and a DXR10 as monitor.

    Maybe someone can recommend some rigs, free or commercial (I don't mind to pay if they're good) to fit this purpose and cover classics like Little wing, Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile, etc...

    I'd really appreciate your suggestions, as I intend to spend this rainy weekend locked up at home catching up with my lately neglected KPA , indulging in a Hendrix revival playing binge... :D



    Welcome Topher!

    Good for you!. I'm also loving my toaster+dxr10 combo !!!!.

    Best tone I've ever had without having to dig into infinitely granular setting pages (like I used to do with my ULTRA) or carrying a 4x12, head, pedals etc... from gig to gig.

    Also very happy :D

    Hi Marcus,

    I just got my DXR10 and have spent a few hours of quality time with it... first impression is extremely positive and I'm delighted with it.

    As for your concern about being "out-staged" by your band's other guitarist with his 2x12 V30's ABSOLUTELY NO WORRIES. 131db of sound pressure is extremely loud. If you need a chunky fat sound like when palm-muting or using low tunings, you may feel the dxr10 a bit lacking, in fact the dxr12 and dxr15 main difference with the dxr10 is that they are able to handle lower frequencies.

    For the price I think the DXR 10 is really hard to beat as the perfect KPA companion, I haven't tried the CLR yet (I'm on the wait list and may score one in the near future) but being almost twice as expensive and the difference not being dramatic, although sensible (according to Ingolf's extensive side by side review) , when compared to the DXR10, You can't go wrong with it.

    I advise you try to find some retailer or even a company that rents equipment, and test drive the different DXR's so you can find the right one for you.

    Good luck with your choices!!.


    This "fractalism" and "whateverproduct-ism" is quite ridiculous and reminds me of the long feud between Sega Megadrive and SuperNintendo console owners back in the early nineties... we didn't have internet forums back then (at least the general public) but endless diatribes were frequents while staying over with friends to play games... I'm 40 now and feel exactly the same feeling when I talk to Fractal owners I know, and have to remind them that I was a Fractal Owner myself and the reasons I jumped off that wagon.... ahhhhh the fanboys!!!

    I was going to suggest exactly the same approach, I used to do this with my Axe Ultra as I also played in a cover band,and we had several setlists depending on the kind of gig... it is actually more convenient with the KPA as you don't need a computer to restore a backup and can do so with a flash drive.

    I assumed such a feature would probably had been requested before. AS for the technical feasibility I guess that feature would require the implementation of usb browsing (not present yet) and some sort of buffer or temporary memory slot to load the profiles to, as well as the various operations with the profile: Save, delete, rename, edit... etc... I used to have an Axe FX ULTRA and while connected via midi to Axe Edit (LIbrarian SW) it was possible to load a preset on the Axe FX without actually sending it and storing it in the unit, you loaded the preset on the librarian and it would show up in your unit, being able then to save or discard it.

    I hope this gets implemented, it's so much better than having to load succesive batches of XXX profiles to your usb, import them all and then delete those you're not interested in....

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry if this has already been pointed out or suggested, but I think it would be a nice addition for future FW updates and in case it's technically feasible, to be able to browse profiles inside a folder in a usb drive and load them momentarily for evaluation (one by one at worst) so you can decide wether to store a profile on your kpa or send it to the ditch.

    Considering the ample and ever increasing offer of quality profiles, and also the limited (although generous) number of them we can store in our KPA at any given moment it would make things a lot easier being able to access a usb archive of profiles and test them before storing them in the internal memory.

    As I said sorry if this has been already put on the table, but I had to ask.