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    Grazie mile Maurizio!!!

    There are indeed literally thousands of rigs to try and so little time for many of us, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and end up feeling that "kemper time" is like a chore... I mean, you know you have to arrange your rigs, sort them, rename them properly, build your performances but you never seem to find the time... Your contribution is a real gem, you just flattened the learning curve to start enjoying the kemper.

    I sincerely thank you sir for your effort, generosity and commitment to this community.

    Keep up the great work!!!!


    I have a question I hope some of you DXR10 owners will help answer. I'm not currently in a band and basically play along backing tracks for practice and fun, the DXR has several inputs and I wonder if it would be possible to connect let's say an ipod with the backing tracks to the DXR using one input and the kemper to another and have both the BT and the Kemper mixed and sounding properly. Is this possible?

    Could the CLR do this also?.

    Maybe it's a lame question but never used a powered wedge before.



    I can pretty much subscribe everything the previous poster (imselin) said. I'm in the decission making process to purchase a FR solution and the CLR and DXR10 are on the short list. I also had an Axe Ultra and an atomic and it didn't click for me. Judging by the clips Mr. Ingolf kindly took the time to shoot and share with us, the CLR has a slight edge, but it is pointless to judge based on the sound you get from an internet clip with (most likely) crappy computer speakers. Nothing substitutes the "in the room" feeling when trying out gear, but is his opinion I value most, and provided the DXR10 is a big bang for your back, and the form factor is more convenient, I will probably go that route.

    Thank you again Ingolf for your time and thorough comparison, much appreciated!.

    Best Regards!!!


    Not in transit but I had recently a terrible mishap with a Gibson Joe Perry Boneyard Signature I sold to a guy in France, and the delivery company smashed similarly resulting in a neck break... I had to struggle for months to claim the insurance indemnification and finally had it repaired (+500€). The repair turned out great and I swapped the guitar for a killer custom shop telecaster... but it was a nightmare... I could defintely write a song about my experience with the delivery service....

    Hi ddivill,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your delivery, I received mine in Madrid (from the first batch) three days after I ordered it. You should conctact Xavier and let him know about this, I'm sure he'll do his best to trace the parcel or get you a new one if the first was lost.

    Good luck!.

    Hi, I have a 112-18 myself and I'm trying to get rid of it. 18 watts is respectable for a tube amp but if you push the amp to higher volumes with rigs of high gain amps (at rehearsal volume level) you'll find the amp breaking up too much and adding an unpleasant distortion to an already distorted (in a good sense) tone. It adds warmth to clean rigs but I'd stay away if you intend to play Harder Stuff as it will colour your tone too much.

    I'm in the process of selling the atomic and buying a DXR10 or DXR8....

    Just my 2 cents....

    Amazing stuff. I need to take a "Kemper vacation" soon, and just dig into the new effects for a week or so.

    A Kemper Vacation... I need that!! I Will have to fill in a vacation request form in my corporate website quoting that as reason for the absence....

    Unfortunately the Missus would defeat the purpose of the whole idea as she would embark me in multiple activities I couldn't be less interested in....

    So many rigs to try and so little time...!!! Sigh... :wacko:

    If I may add another term for comparison... Why not a DXR8?

    I'm looking for something light and portable, not necessarily too loud and as much within budget as possible... The DXR8 seems a good option.

    Has anyone compared the 8,10 and 12 versions of the dxr in a showroom?.



    This is an analog level matching issue. No need to adjust rig volumes for this. Adjust master volume.

    What do you mean by not being able decrease master level? Pushing the Output knob, there is a page with Main Volume and Monitor Volume (+ Direct and Headphones). These output levels can be adjusted separately or linked to the Master Volume button.

    That makes perfect sense... I just turned the knob and it didn't go below 0db, so I asked....

    Thanks for the heds up!!!

    Does that make any sense to you?

    Hahaha, not really, but turning the knob counterclockwise it stopped at 0.0db....

    I haven't had many time to dig into the countless features of the lunchbox, my sessions usually are turn on... plug in and play 15 minutes before the missus shouts and tells me to stop making noise...

    Damm I miss my rehearsal space...!!! :rolleyes:

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using an Atomic reactor FR tube amp to power my KPA and as many of you may know this is a modeller-only amplifier with no volume/tone knobs, the problem is that most rigs have a volume level that, when loaded while connected to the amp, rattle the whole house. I usually have to reduce at least 6db to make the Rig usable, and considering the amount of rigs we have available, adjusting this on a one by one basis is very time consuming.

    I wonder if it would be possible to somehow automate the process to have all the files set to a more civilized volume level ?. Maybe this feature could be included in a future editor/librarian software.

    Other option would be to allow the master volume to substract some dbs so it affects all the rigs, I only have been able to increase master level but not decrease...

    Any ideas on how to handle this?.



    Regarding the multiple PC via multiple channels I think not. As for using Exp.Pedals to control other parameters I recall reading that you can do so but on the KPA side. Will have to test some more to provide more insight. For my far from sophisticated needs the FCB does all I need.



    Just finished installing mine. 10 minutes and was done. There was glue in my FCB but removing it was really easy with a pair of tweezers. I couldn't be any happier, the Uno4Kemper is a game changer, I can't see any reason to purchase any other foot controller for the KPA, now the FCB caters to my every need.

    Thanks to Xavier and the nice folks of Kemper for making this possible!!!!


    Hola compi (Hi Mate) and welcome!.

    Another Spaniard and ex-fractal audio user here!. As for the yamaha I can't tell you I have a couple of HS50M monitors but these are useless for live usage. I can hoverer highly recommend the Matrix, I had a GT800 which is basically the same with lower wattage and it was totally awesome. However after quitting my band and playing live I don't need that kind of volume and besides I missed the warmth of the tubes, so an atomic tube FR solution looks they way to go.

    Have fun with your KPA!!!