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    And like my wife always says: RTFM :)

    Hahaha, It's usually accepted to say RTMF, but in this case is the [email protected]#ing Manual.... Jeez the chart was making me dizzy.

    I did it and works, although I will get a Uno4kemper as soon as they go on sale. I just read the manual and the feautures and it is just great how things turned out in this front... close cooperation between an independent developer serving the community to improve an already time-tested and affordable product, and Kemper being selfless (it may predate their future sales of the KFC-not Colonel's chicken...) and helping the user base to have all the options.

    My thanks to all the parties involved for making life easier for us users. :thumbsup:

    Not channel 1, but CC#1! That's a big difference! CC = continous controller. Your pedal on the FCB must send CC#1. I don't own a FCB, but there must be some advice inside the manual.

    Thanks for the heads up!, There's a chart with programming instructions in the manual that looks like an egyptian ieroglyph but I'll give it a try this evening.



    Hi folks,

    Yesterday I bought a used FCB1010 off eBay (stock w/o Uno chip) and had a brief test drive with the KPA. I've been able to assign program changes to some rigs and the volume pedal (exp pedal to the right) works alright: toe-max vol and heel - tuner (I'm on 2.0 beta). However, I haven't been able to use the wahwah in some rigs that incorporate this feature. I've entered into wah settings (orange screen lit) and selected [email protected] as someone suggested, but after activating the wah block and moving the left exp pedal nothing happens.

    I'm new to Midi and the FCB so the answer may be very obvious for most of you but after a while yesterday I could not figure it out.

    I don't have usb interface yet, and will need to make whatever adjustments on the FCB itself.

    Thanks in advance for your help and hopefully the new KPA UnO chip will make things a lot easier.


    Hi Folks!

    New member here reporting himself in front of the community.

    An ex-fractal user and on/off guitar player for several years I just got a white lunchbox a couple days ago and so far...... so good! I'm diggin the KPA!.

    After I quit my band six months ago I sold most of my gear including all the amps, cabs, the Axe Ultra, the few pedals I had not sold earlier and some nice guitars too... Now I'm down to 5 guitars including a Gibson Flying V, a Am. Std Fender Strat, R8 Les Paul, Fender Select Telecaster and an acoustic taylor.

    I guess I realized I can't live withouth playing guitar so I decided to buy a Kemper and a used atomic reactor and give it a shot.

    I hope to learn a lot from you guys and hopefully post some nice rigs in the future (I have access to some nice amps and cabs and might be able to profile some gear if the occasion presents).

    This is my "bedroom" setup for the moment... if I get back to performing I'll have to add a few things (again... :rolleyes: ).

    [Blocked Image:]

    See you around folks!!.