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    I don't know if I did a quick format on computer for fat 32. All it said was format and Fat 32.
    I will bring in a flash drive and see if I am able to locate a full format tab.

    Doing it as described above, did not work after downloading the latest approved update.

    I got the screen on the Kemper that said import/export, et. al.
    This never happened before this latest update.

    I have to buy a brand new flash drive every time I update my Kemper. It formats o.k., but after getting the update loaded to the flash drive, the Kemper does not see it and no update question appears on the screen of the Kemper.

    Anyone got either a similar situation, or a fix, possibly, please?

    @ C-4: Why to choose the complex way? It is so easy to update the kpa via RM when the checkbox " search for beta.." under preferences is assigned and the kpa is in Connection with the pc or laptop.

    Next is to put the new delay presets on the kpa. Download them and follow the pdf description which you can find attached to the new presets.

    I do not own a home computer, so I have do things the old fashioned way. But I thank you for the info on how to do it with a computer. :)
    Having just uploaded 4.2, i am thankful for it, and will wait for 5 to be released in its finished form along with the delays for now.

    Question as this is confusing to me, please.
    Yesterday, I downloaded OS to my KPA
    Today with a newly formatted flash drive, I uploaded OS 5, which appears to be delays only.
    My question is: Is there a separate OS5 that I need to download to the OS file section of my flash drive, AND a section of delays which must be downloaded to the shared files section of the flash drive?
    This is confusing me.
    thank you in advance.

    I recently purchase from Matrix Amplification, their NL-12 cab and VB800 amp.
    I plug my Kemper into the effects return of the VB800, which is 400 watts, with a valve pre section and a Matrix SS power section. If my Kemper fails, all I have to do is take the lead from the Kemper Monitor out and plug in my guitar lead to the amp input on the VB800 and I'm set to continue.
    The Matrix amp and speaker combined weight is only 20 pounds.

    I just read this entire thread.
    I am waiting for my remote to arrive. All I want to do is load 5 rigs into Performance #1 with the effects it has attached to each rig, in one action. At this point, I don't even want to be able to turn effects off or on.

    I have no home computer, and cannot access Rig Manager, so I have no understanding of what the majority of you are going through.
    I will not update to 4.06 yet as I cannot update from 3.201 to 3.3 even after many attempts with a brand new flash drive.

    I just ordered a Matrix VB 800 amp and NL-12 cab to use with my Kemper. If you all are going through Kemper hell with what you are doing and know about computers, I know that I'm in BIG trouble already.

    I keep a Fly Rig in my gig bag, and until I read this thread, actually forgot that I did have it with me when I go to work!

    One thing has always baffled me and that is why do players report unloading all of their other gear just after purchasing a Kemper? I kept my valve amps, and may buy another one, or the new Bias thingy that looks like a Kemper. Obviously, I hope my Kemper never goes down, but better safe then sorry.

    <p>I don't know how everyone else is with their Kemper, but since I do not have a case yet for the toaster, which was ordered yesterday, I keep towels covering the unit until I am using it.</p>

    <p>Of course a bug could get inside th Kemper while I am using it but, at least it helps to keep the dust away from it when not in use.</p>


    Wow! Kemper powers-that-be give up a new OS which is safe to proceed with, and the bitching continues, regardless!
    I play live, and that is why I bought my Kemper. However, those of us who do play live and have been playing for a respectable period of time, should understand how delays and mishaps do occur at unexpected times during a live performance.

    Knowing that boot time is what it is, the correct thing is to bring another backup amp which can be set up almost in the blink of an eye and be prepared. I carry a Crate Power Block. All I have to do is switch out the cab and guitar cables and continue to play. No, it isn't going to be as good as using the Kemper, but that is how I deal with this problem.

    I find nothing wrong with making the powers-that-be aware of our needs, reasons, and feelings for a specific problem as we see it, but it would be more humane, or reasonable, to make the request, and ask for what reasons the particular fix has not yet been addressed, rather then get your bowels in an uproar and point the finger at those who have just given us another milestone with the release of 4.06!

    Maybe save the complaining until tomorrow, at least. For now we have something to be happy about.

    Sorry for the late reply, but I have no home computer.
    I have very little computer expertise. I plod along like a slow animal.
    I haven't used the power amp sag feature or any of those auxiliary features since I am getting desirable sounds in the simplest, and only way I am able, without being confused.

    I am not creating my own sounds, but only using Rig Exchange and other pre-created sound samples by M.Britt and a couple of others that I found on the Rig Exchange.

    I do so little tinkering with the sounds, that I forget how to operate the Kemper but for turning iti on, and so I have to constantly go back and search within the owner's manual. Pathetic, I know, but that is why I am afraid of this update. I tried going to 3.3 but the unit would not update, so I thought it best to leave it alone for now.

    Dayam! Those of you with computer and KPA knowledge have majorly big balls for trying out the 4.0 beta version.

    I'm scared that now, since I am unable to update to version 3.3, that when I do update to 4.0, I will lose all of my work.

    I'm going to have to be patient, and just wait until all the dust from 4.0 settles and see how it goes. I spent a lot of hours getting my presets to work without using the added sag, and other features. I actually forgot that they could be used! What a dumbass I am! Sheeeesh!

    It will be like starting from scratch for me all over again.

    After all the writing about this topic, in the end, whether you like it or not, selling profiles, copying your own amp or a friend's, or whatever, does appear to be legal.

    My suggestion is that if you find it reprehensible, sell your profiler, and go back to another form of amplification. Meanwhile, I have better things to clutter my mind with, like trying to understand how to use the profiler, being the computer illiterate that I am. :)

    What I do not like about the Kemper is really that I am not smart enough to navigate the Kemper in any reasonable manner, even though the Kemper is easy to navigate for most out there..

    I do NOT blame the Kemper for this, only that I have not had enough computer experience, so would somebody just beat me with a cat-o-nine tails and end my misery, please!

    Whipping me won't help me navigate the Kemper any better, but the pain will take my mind off the frustration I have when trying to understand what I am trying to do on the Kemper.

    However, I do love the little progress I have made, and few rigs I have been able to change around. I guess my way is the stupid way of doing what others are doing quite easily, and effortlessly. I still wouldn't sell the Kemper for anything else. Hell, it took me a long time to make the little progress I have made.

    I feel that Henning has missed the point of the Kemper, and used the wrong comparison to justify his feelings.
    However, and I respect his feelings, but sometimes he talks so much that he gets slightly off topic and this is where his logic becomes flawed. He needs to state his point first in a short concise way, then ramble about whatever he wants too.

    I can tell you that no matter what anyone says, there is no way I would either feel guilty or sell my Kemper because someone else's logic caused me to feel that I was stealing something from another company and using it on my Kemper without paying royalties.

    I look at it this way...if I was pirating a movie, that would be wrong. But if I repeated a saying from that movie, what, if anything, would I then be stealing, which would cause me to be arrested?

    I have taken a given profile, and it was clean to begin with. Then I added gain, effects as desired and when I got it to where I liked the sound, I saved it in my Favorites. It comes up right next to the original profile it was modeled from in Favorites.

    Question: when the morphing in 4.0 OS comes through, could I start with the clean version of a given patch, and then use the altered version I created as the "morph-to" part? Or, do I have to stay on the exact same clean profile, and dial what I want in from the beginning all over again?

    The actual profile would not be changed, only it's parameters and the effects, which it seems, are allowed for a morph to take place. All I would have to do is turn the Favorites dial to the next profile in line, which is the souped-up version of the clean profile preceding it.