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    Meh. I'm a big IK Multimedia fan (mainly their soft synths and iLoud Micro speakers), but this sounds about the same as Amplitube.

    My Kemper and S-Gear plugin is safe. S-Gear sounds superior to Tonex.

    I agree about Logic Pro X on a Mac. It's the only way to go ESPECIALLY if you go with the Education Bundle.

    You get Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, MainStage, Motion, and Compressor.

    For $199. All of it.
    BTW, they don't ask for proof......anyone can download and buy at this discount.…apps-bundle-for-education

    I bought the bundle for the sole reason of getting Final Cut Pro as I do video, but still use Logic Pro.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I've already invested in the flagship, Ableton Live Suite and Push 2, I would have stayed with Logic. It's a great program and lots of YouTube help and tutorials everywhere.

    The only external effects I use are:
    1) Talk Box - can't get around that one.

    2) Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah

    3) Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe 2

    4) TC Electronics Polytune

    The real wah is more responsive compared to the expression pedal wah no matter what.
    The MDV is just easier to set and change settings on the fly. Plus, I spent a lot on the Fulltone gear and they're going to get used. :D
    The TC tuner is faster and EASIER TO SEE than the Remote's screen.

    But.......if there was a situation in which I had to use all Kemper equivalents, it wouldn't bug me too much.

    Works well for me!

    I finally moved my Profiler closer to my main Mac and not using an old Core2Duo Windoze laptop through WiFi.
    The Mac Mini is hard wired to Internet and running the most recent update to Catalina. This is the first time in a while I've updated KAOS over the Internet and had no problem.

    I'm also using the editor now. I could always use the Kemper's UI, but kicking back on the couch while editing is nice, too.

    Getting to know the overdrives and fuzz. Another winner for Kemper. Quad who?
    The Kemper still gets a WARM tone. I still haven't heard it in the others.

    What am I missing here? I'm trying to have an open mind and I realize that patches can be tweaked to taste, etc., but this sounds awful to me. Someone posted this clip over at TGP and it sounds buzzy, fizzy, and like a square wave distortion...somewhat like playing your guitar directly into a solid state mixing board and turning up the input gain.

    No Internet in the mid 70s so I took 5 years of guitar lessons from a jazz virtuoso (Robert Conti.....check him out on Youtube and his website). I'm not a jazz player (that takes a life of dedication), but I got up to speed quickly and learned a lot of jazz chords and improved my ear immensely so that I could figure even more things off recordings than what he showed me. My technique also improved a lot to the point where the jazz learning really helped my rock.

    A great teacher is invaluable.

    Played out from early 80s to '89 then stopped. Picked back up in 2009 and just quit playing out a few months before Covid hit. I'm too busy. I take care of a 98 year old mother and have other things going on.

    I may end up in a band again one day, but I got burned out on the effort it took to learn tunes, rehearse, play bars in which most people are on their phones/watching TV and for $100 a night. Not worth it.

    I'd rather work on music *I* like and get into some recording.....may write something.

    The Kemper is still there, though. Nothing touches it for killer sound at home (as well as stage).

    (Sigh). Once again, another beta release without a PEQ for the monitor out.

    All feature updates are GREATLY APPRECIATED, but how hard is it to add a PEQ to the monitor out?
    At this point, I would gladly pay for it.

    Listen closely to the gain strutcure and mids. Do you really think the profile sounds "IDENTICAL to the characteristic sound of the amp"? I think it is not close enough and the characteristics are not captured well.

    We'll have to disagree then. To me, It does sound identical to the CHARACTERISTIC sound. I only hear a difference in top end EQ which can be fixed.

    Do you think the Kemper can't be tweaked manually to achieve an indistinguishable copy?

    BTW, I think the new kid sounds really close to the amp characteristic, but like the Fractal and Helix units, the distortion sound is more like a jagged, square wave and cold, whereas the Kemper has a warmth to my ears. Which is why I went with Kemper instead of the Fractal years ago (and I came really close to buying the Fractal). I see why metal guys like the other units because a more raw tone tends to be a characteristic (there's that word again) of that genre.

    For me that video is a bit "disappointing". And it seems there are no profiling secrets to watch here?!

    It's not really disappointing, because I like many MBritt profiles. I love how they sound and not how authentic they are.

    But I am honest - I expected MBritt profiles to be much closer to the source amp (maybe others are?).

    So let's better call it: Watching the video is very demystifying. If you only focus on authenticity, I can CLEARY hear the differences. And in both examples the difference is more than 1% - let's be honest. They both do not sound identical to the source. At my first listen I was quite shocked, because I expected a video that shows how close the Kemper can come. Maybe (more) refining down the fretboard would helped here?

    Michael stated in the video this profile was "as-is"; no tweaking. I have 95% of his packs. I rarely tweak any of them, but when I do, it's usually just the top end and that depends on if I use SC or HB pickups. I bet his tweaks his packs before they're released.

    The most important point is no 2 amps sound identical either. Neither tubes nor electronic parts are consistent. You could take this profile and A/B with another Matchless on the showrooom floor and it could be identical or sound even better. How many plug into an amp and never turn the tone knobs?

    This profile sounded identical to the characteristic sound of the amp. There will always be tonal variations.

    Well... after watching all the vids I seriously feel that my wallet is safe.

    I'd take whatever a Kemper II offered, but I see no reason to jump ship.

    Jumping ship would mean I'd have to go through the whole FRFR thing again, and just when I got the pant flapping back with the Kabinet.

    Nope... I'm good.

    The Kone is THE game changer for achieving true amp tone live. Neither Fractal nor the QC have it. I don't see them as competition anymore. (Not that Fractal ever was.)

    Just purchased the Morgan Pack.

    Everybody......sing along!

    (Sung to Happy Birthday)

    Merry Christmas to me...

    Britt's new rig pack is key...

    For getting great toooooo-oooone.

    Crank it up and you'll see! :D