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    You mean tuner in the editor or a custom tuner with different settings ( for tuning compensation)?

    How about a tuner that doesn't take a couple of seconds to settle? Absolutely useless for live playing when you've only got a couple of measures to check tuning. If you look at Michael Britt's boards, he has an external tuner. I use the Polytune as the LEDs jump quickly to the note.

    Welcome! Florida native here. I have 2 Mission Kemper pedals. They are great for wah as the throw is identical to a standard wah pedal, but you may find it reacts too quickly as a volume or other expression pedal. I wish I had bought 1 pedal with a wider throw for volume.

    If you really want more of an amp feel, get the Kemper Kone. It's more $$$ to spend, but I put one in an open back cabinet with a DV Mark, Ciro Manna head as the power amp and love it. It is night and day difference from a powered FR cab. More natural sounding.

    To be fair - the profiles are already tweaked and sound o.k., but way too dark for me.

    And someone really has to remove the towel from the cab! Or stop - maybe it's the brown bag that is still slipped over :whistling:

    Are you playing at bedroom volume levels? Most profiles are created at (or close to stage volume).

    Are you using high output humbuckers? That could be killing your highs in combination with low volume playing.

    Of all the profiles I buy, Mike's are ready to go for me with minimal tweaking, but I use single coils 98% of the time.

    I use 10s on short scale Strat necks. 9.5s on standard scale Strats.

    If you play with distortion, thick strings might not make much of a difference. but I definitely hear a difference playing clean and there is definitely a volume difference between 8s or 9s and a 10 pack.

    That Beato video.....guess what.....they never play CLEANLY. Compare an .008 and a .010 using single coils with a totally clean tone. The difference in volume and tone is clear.

    If I were in your position, I would stick with one amp type that fits your music and get to know it. Maybe one that is profiled at different gain points at most. (Although I would pick *1* at the highest gain you would use and morph the gain downwards to clean up).

    If you use multiple profile types (amps), you're moving the goal posts as many different profiles (amps) react differently and need to be EQ'ed differently sometimes. You need to be happy with one before moving on.

    I MUCH prefer my QSC K10 for FR mode. FR mode with the Kone is lacking to my ears, but the Kone excels in Imprint mode. The entire reason I bought the Kone was for Imprint mode, so I have no use for FR mode.

    I had a Kabinet and didn’t like it at all. My previous experience with FRFR has been Tech21 Power Engine 60...

    I have the T21 PE 60 and is definitely NOT FR. It uses a standard guitar speaker. I never liked it for any application I tried to use it for. It was awful with both the Eleven Rack and the Kemper. It's the one piece of gear I'm sorry I bought without hearing it. You can't give them away now.

    I gave up on the electronics (which are extremely noisy) and put the Kone in it in conjunction with the Kemper powered by a DV Mark Ciro Manna mini head. It sounds great in Imprint mode with its open back.

    No, the license is not optional after 60 days. REAPER assumes people who evaluate their software

    will be honest and buy a license if they continue to use the software. Unfortunately, a lot people

    take advantage of this. This is the world we live in today. The following below is shown every time the software is run.



    It is a paid software product.

    If you use it more than 60 days you are required to purchase a license.

    Man, that 67 ProVerb is just soooo good. It's the best clean amp profile I have ever played since I got the Kemper. Seriously...

    I'll have to spend more time with that one. I feel the same about the Vibro.

    IMO, the 2020 is the one pack to get if you only buy one MBritt pack.....and we know none of us can eat just one.
    (I think I have all of them except 2 or 3.)

    I had an issue with one of the Performances though (I think it was EL84 Basic). preset 1 has a nice vibrato effect, but when I go to preset 2 and back to preset 1, the vibrato does not work anymore. Is it me only?

    I do remember I had the same didn't seem to engage. I don't remember which one, though.

    Okay, since there's so much Tele at the moment I'll ask a dumb question.

    I've been a Strat guy all my life, currently a plain old '89 American. I bought a new American Tele a year or so back, first one ever. Love the sound but with 10s on both guitars and same setup, the Strat plays easy, the Tele fights me.

    Do Teles just inherently have more string tension than Strats? I thought they were the same scale. Or is there just something about this particular critter that makes for such a tight feel?

    My '90 Tele Standard is also stiff. It all has to do with setup; saddle height and neck tilt.
    Shallower break angles over the saddles usually result in lower tension. YMMV.

    I usually have to drop 1/2 gauge to compensate. I've found a 9.5 set to be a good compromise.

    Sorry to hear...Didn't mean to come across the wrong way-just would have thought that would have been a must to include that at launch.

    I've found the Jen P12Q and EVM12L work for just about every amp profile I've tried.

    In particular, I would think the EVM is good for clean to heavy. Since I play clean to classic rock, the Jen P12Q is usually what I leave it at.

    The 2020 pack is the common denominator between the Grab 'n Go and Crank 'n Go packs. The Mars, Too Rocky, and CA amps are outstanding, but what really knocked me out are the Vibro profiles for my squeaky clean, Strat tones. I have a problem finding WARM, full sounding profiles that are clean. Most have a bit of thin sounding high end. The Vibro set is now in my Kemper as a Favorite and my go to for clean.

    Thanks, Michael! Another home run.

    shouldnt the FRFR be more 'extended' and brighter? :/

    An FR speaker SHOULD only put out what you put into it, but I don't believe there is a PERFECTLY FLAT speaker anywhere. I've never seen a frequency response chart for a speaker that was a flat line.