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    (This might be obvious and there might be a way for Rig Manager to do something similar, but I'm not an expert at Rig Manager.)

    As I set up a new set of rigs (Performance slots) for a new guitar (Strat with SD Little '59 in the rear, normal SCs in the front and middle) I'm always after the "best" clean, crunch, and soloing tones.

    I find it easier to set up a Performance with the top 5 clean (or crunch, or soloing) tones I can find. I'll then switch back and forth among the 5 to find the best one I can. I might save the winner and load 4 more to see if I can get better tones. I find this better than just going through Rig Manager and trying random rigs (although I might do that just to find some to load into my test Performance slots).

    Everything is doable of course, and I hope every user will eventually be happy with their Profiler.
    But, TBH, I don't agree with the idea that the Profiler should be empowered in its functions in order to take care of\fix other hardware's lacks. If you need a flat response, you should IMO buy flat monitors.

    The Profiler also has a Space parameter to make headphone listening a better experience.
    Adding a PEQ is not difficult to implement.

    Yes, there should have been the cable and manual. I really feel for you as I know what frustration you've been through....almost as if a rain cloud has been following you. Let the Kemper people know...I'm sure they'll get you the missing components.

    There must be some middle men with these remotes that are causing the problems we are seeing.

    Some powered monitors are too much or too little EQ wise. The QSC K10 is an example in which it has exaggerated low mids which need to be cut -3 @ 700Hz.

    The current EQ on the Monitor Output sections is graphic EQ and unable to fine tune these monitors or other monitors that need it. Currently, I have to add an outboard PEQ device to handle this.

    Just finished it tonight. I resurrected my old Pedaltrain Pro along with the semi-rigid travel bag. (I added another layer of cushion foam on top of the board during travel to help protect it even more.) The original hard, Anvil style case was ridiculously HEAVY and BIG. I'm just waiting for the firmware update to use the switches on the Mission pedals.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Well just got to the studio and I have an error flashing at me when I plugged up an fired her up. It went through some of the original sync stuff and I can switch but over the top of the screen is flashing "error, this unit has no mac address" shiiiiit" what's this???? Anybody know?

    Remember to go through the usual thing checklist....

    1) All firmware/software up to date?
    2) All cables functional and tested?

    Milano .... ha detto come un vero Italiano !! :thumbup:

    I feel the same way about not having to use my FCB1010 any more.

    GS an the team that handled my issue I want to thank you and tell what stand up guys you are. As stupid as I can be when I get my fur up I'm glad my first blurb was as far as I went before taking a friends advice and shutting my big mouth and letting good people do the best they can given the circumstances....and you did x1000

    Congrats on the new unit. I hope it grows up, makes you proud, and stays out of trouble. ;)

    I have learned over the years, as long as one is dealing with an intelligent group of people, the "WTF is going on.....I want to know YESTERDAY!!" approach is many times fruitless and a manifestation of the instant gratification mindset many of us (myself included) have developed over the years. This is made worse by the Internet and 24/7 news channel outlets.

    I think we can all rest assured that, if a problem occurs, the Kemper organization will take care of it. We have seen proof. :thumbsup:
    I know if something had happened with my unit when it arrived, I would have calmly alerted the Kemper people and the problem would be handled appropriately.

    I got my "Ready for delivery" email a few days back on March 20th.
    Order placed Jan 15th. (number 3447013).
    Waiting patiently and continuing to slum it with my FCB1010. ;)

    I received my "ready for shipping" notice on St. Pat's day (17th) and received the unit yesterday. Your notice 3 days later.....expect it few days maybe? As mentioned, it happens when you get the tracking number. :thumbup:

    If you don't want to spend the money, you can get the UNO4KEMPER chip for the FCB1010. I used it until I bought the Remote. I have ONLY ever used Performance mode.....I don't even know how to use Browse mode because I think I have to assign each rig in some manner which you describe(?). Much easier to take a rig I like and drop it into the Performance slot then step forward and backwards that way.

    I quit using this board a while ago because it was too big and my Remote was supposed to take up less space, but I was still having to hook up the talk box (A pain if the singer decided we weren't going to be doing those tunes at a gig and I still had set it up [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:] ) and tuner (the Polytune is faster than the KPA tuner).
    I figure the time saved setting up and connecting cables would make up for the size. I'm using the soft bag so I'm going to get a piece of foam to lay over the top to further protect the Remote during travel. I'm the only one transporting gear in my car so I can deal with a soft bag.

    Here's the layout but I have to find my Voodoo power supply and hook it to the bottom of the board before I start attaching the stuff. Once I get everything in place, then I'll remove the plastic protector from the display.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Congrats Carl, Glad to see another remote delivered intact, functional and to my home state no less. Now if mine would just move out of it's terminal state of "ready to ship"....two and 1/2 weeks now, I'd be ecstatic.

    Thank you! Just keep hatching that egg. :D


    Ok.....haters can hate, but being able to see IN FRONT OF ME my Performance Bank rigs, my effects and their current state (without having to run up to the KPA and/or using cheat sheets)'s SO worth the price of admission. This thing is built SOLIDLY too.

    I'm so glad to quit using the FCB1010 and to repurpose it for other units. My effect on/off misfiring days are over.

    BTW, the Quadraverb is only in the rack and sits between the KPA and my QSC K10 (which has a bid of low mid mud). for a PEQ preset to get rid of the mud and another monitor level control apart from the KPA. I use the KPA's Master Volume for the volume to the PA. just came. Karma was good to me as it arrived as it should with no packaging problems. :)

    I only took a video just in case something was wrong, but decided to upload it (as an unlisted link...only accessible here). This is just the unboxing. The photo shows it working fine along with the KPA.
    No screws loose, no dings and packaging was fine.

    Now.....when you get it, remember that it takes probably a FULL MINUTE from when I turned it on until it was ready to use. Af first I freaked as I saw nothing, then realized I needed to turn up the contrast knob on the back. It briefly had a display and then went dark which is normal, apparently, until the KPA updates the unit. It worked fine as expected, then I turned it off and back on again to see the response a second time.

    It more closely resembled the display of the KPA the next time I turned it on HOWEVER (and don't freak out), while the KPA showed the tuner on its display, it still took 10 seconds or so until it displayed on the Remote. The Remote is always behind the KPA during boot up while its trying to find the connection so don't panic.

    Anyhoo, the wait is over and arrived in great condition. It traveled from Colorado to Florida.
    Oh, the address on the label was formatted the U.S. way......number followed by street.

    [Blocked Image:]