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    Be sure to read the unofficial WIKI, Lots of great suggestions. I got the BEST sounding clean tone by turning up the cabinet volume control. Made the sound extremely life like.....98% like a tube amp and warm.

    I just received my KPR a few days ago and not sure if this is common wasn't for me.
    (BTW, I can't believe you can't just pull up Wah Wah in the browser and have it have to construct it from scratch.
    How in the hell am I supposed to know where to set Peak, Manual, etc???!!!!!)

    Found these settings in a post at TGP. Apparently, they are from CK. They sound like a traditional Cry Baby to me.
    Pardon me if people already know this. I couldn't find it anywhere.

    Manual 3.4
    Peak 7.5
    Pedal Range 31%
    Peak Range -43%

    I run the wah output at 100%

    I just received my KPA today (rack version) and was setting it up with the date, time, and my name.

    When I got to the name part, I finished inputting my name but accidentally pushed the EXIT button instead of NEXT.

    I don't know if my name was can I go back and re-do the setup? ?( Thank you!